T-tops and Sunroof on the '05 Stang

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  1. Long Live the King :flag:
  2. I had t-top in my 85 GT no leak in them and they where great have in the summer when you have a black car to get heat out of the car. :flag:
  3. Uhh yeah and this is a chevy forum. oh wait no. The camaro is dead. And when was the last timeyou heard of a large write in campaign to Ford for t-tops.

  4. A lot of people hear want them, THe point of showing you the stats on those 2 Chevys was to show that there is a lot of demand for removeable roof panels.

    Just like the 4th Gen Camaro, the current Mustang will be dead too. The next Gen Mustang should give Ford a good oportunity to steal some Camaro fans away from Chevy before the new Camaro is out in late 2006, T-tops/Targa would help do this.
  5. But there are other issues involved than just simply cutting the roof out. Crash tests and such. And yes the 4th gen mustang will be dead sort of. Actually more retired than put out of everyones misery. Which is exactly what happened to the outdated camaro. Don't get me wrong. I respect the f-bodies. But Chevy killed them. The f-body hadn't had a redesign since 93. That was way too long. And sure they might bring them back. But Chevy doesn't have the guts to do anything exciting. Just look at all the concepts that it creates. And then what happens when the car gets into production.
  6. Your right about the crash test stuff, but a Targa Stang should be able to handle anything a Vert can. Hopfully Ford can make a business case for some sort of open roof Mustang coupe.

    THe current gen Mustang has been around for 11 years, The Camaro was around for 10yrs. before Chevy ended production. The only difference is Ford will have a new lower cost RWD platform ready to put the Mustang on by 2005, Chevys lower cost RWD platform won't be ready until sometime in 2006.

    A 400HP base Corvette and 500HP Z06 aren't exciting????? How about the 625HP Vette that is said to be coming out in a few years? '05 will also see a 400HP+ Silverado SS and 5.3L V8 Monte Carlos and Impala SS. There will even be a turbo or s/c version of the new Cavalier replacement (Cobalt SS) to compete with the SRT-4. Lets not for get the stuff coming from Caddy, 400HP CTSv and V12 Escalade-V.

    THere is lots of fun stuff coming out in the next 3 years, not just from GM, but all of the big 3.
  7. Sorry when I think of the prices that the corvette sells for. I don't find the hp that exciting. They are pricing the base corvette around here for $50k. Think about what couldbe done on nearly anycar for that price. And as long as we are talking the silverado SS. Did you happen to see the awesome concept they had for it? But the reality was it didn't even come close to the lightning. And not to be mean but the monte and the impala will then compete against the GTO. Which means chevy will be doing something similar to the f-body. Why does Chevy need 3 cars to compete against Ford?

  8. THe Monte and Impala SS will still be FWD but have V8s, The GTO is RWD They won't compete. Ford gave up on it's FWD V8 car back in 2000 (Taurus SHO). Ford won't have a SRT-4 like car in 2004 but Chevy will. For the '05 Model year the only thing Ford will have is a 300HP Mustang and a 500HP $150,000 car going up against a 500HP and lighter $55,000-$59K Z06.

    I'm not going argue Ford vs. Chevy, we could do it all day. Both Companies will have some great performance products out in the next few years. Both Ford and Chevy fans should be happy. Don't forget Chevy and Ford aren't only competing against each other, but Dodge and the Imports.

    THe point of this thread is that a lot of people do like having open roof cars, One complaint that GTO buyers have is that you can't get the '04 with a sunroof, but you can on the Holden Monaros. I personally know a lot of Stang owners that wish the current Gen came with a sunroof. Just because you don't want a sunfoof/moonroof/t-tops/targa top on your Mustang doesn't mean no one does. I wouldn't buy a convertable Stang but that doesn't mean I think Ford shouldn't offer one.
  9. Part of any business case, would be a study on available resources (like people). With the '05 convertible development lagging the coupe by almost 6 months, I would venture a guess that Team Mustang is out of resources. In other words, there is no one free to spend any time working on a t-top design. :(
  10. I have a Vert, but I'd love to have a Targa Top. They look so good on the Porsche, Supra, and Vettes. :nice:
  11. The new car craft shows the impala ss will be a supercharged V6. And it will berated 240 hp.

  12. THe current Impala SS has a 240HP/280tq V6 and does the 1/4mi. in 14.7

    THe 2005 Impala SS will get a 5.3L V8
  13. Can I ask where you found the confirmation on that? All I have found is rumor. And the 2004 seems to be a new interpretation of the impala (from everything i am reading). Car craft also mentions chevy is working to replace most of the cars in it's size class with rwd. Which again would make it a competitor with the gto.
  14. My vote is on a Targa top!

    I love the T-tops and I would definately get t-tops on my stang, but I would rather be cruising down the road with the whole top open... Targa Top all the way. Best of both worlds (hard top or convertible).

  15. That is 100% how I feel

    SVTdriver - technically you are right, the 2005 Impalla SS hasn't been released to the public yet, but neither has the next Lightning and we all know what engine that will probably get. There was a Grand Prix Concept at SEMA that had a 5.3L. A few people over in the 5th gen section of CamaroZ28.com have a lot of inside knowledge of whats coming from GM and they all say the 5.3L is going into the Monte and Impala http://web.camaross.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=202302
  16. Yeah if she's standard equipement on a 2005 mustang. I'm buying the first day they take orders
  17. Here's a red one and a black one...

  18. Or how about a white Cobra II???

  19. What the hell, here's a black Cobra II as well! :D