TCP power R&P now only 2500

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  1. How about new spindles that convert to front-steer?

  2. There are several available racks that rear steer (Taurus for example), so I doubt the trouble of front steer is worth it. It would require redoing half the suspension (sway bars, strut rods) and different oil pans... and probably more. Rear steer works fine, and I think the only advantage of front steer is that it generates understeer in some conditions.

  3. why? personally i prefer a nice rear steer system to a front steer system. i can feel the ragged edge of traction a lot better with a rear steer setup. front steer always seems to want to jerk the wheel out of my hands in hard corners
  4. Is there seriously a difference between front and rear steering arms on the spindles/knuckles? How?
  5. I'm sure that different people will have different preferences. I would prefer a front-steer setup. I think putting the rack up front would clear up a lot space for headers.

  6. Well... is it worth the work relocating the other stuff so you get more room for headers? Move one or the other, i guess it's your pick.
  7. I have the Randalls rack. Works great with the Corvette P.S. pump he also sells. I notice a big difference in the turning circle and it can be a p.i.t.a.
    Hey Bnickle, Wouldn't the bump steer kit cause a wheel interference issue??
  8. So the turning circle is a lot wider?
  9. the turning circle is also larger witht he tcp power rack. it's only bad if you park in really tight spots all the time, and yes people, i live in san diego, its crowded!. i can do a 3 point turn just like any other car.
    i just don't believe there is enough room under there to put a rack gear shaft that can swing the distance needed to grt the origional circle, i haven't seen 1 yet.
  10. I'm ignorant regarding the turning radius issue with rack and pinion setups. Is this true of new cars with rack and pinion or is there some engineering issue regarding the installation of a rack and pinion in an early Mustang that causes this problem? How much of an increased turning radius are we talking about here?
  11. There is room enough, neither of the r&p installs I have done have had any problems with an increased turning radius.

  12. a standard parralellogram type suspension is always going to have a better turning radius because of increased ackerman than a rack and pinion system. you can decrease it some with the pro-motorsport bumpsteer kit since the tie rod is moved closer to the centerline of the spindle but how much exactly i'm not sure. bot sure if it will cause tire/rim clearance issues or not but shouldn't be any more than what the pro-motorsports kit has with the standard system
  13. The decreased radius is what, less than 5%? That will not be evident in anything other than parking lots and U-turns. Having driven an F150 for almost 20 years, you sorta learn to plan ahead in the parking lots anyhow :D

    If you move to a front-steer rack you will get the additional benefit of a rear-sump pan, better under high acceleration than a front-sump unless you already have an improved pan. But I'm not convinced that getting the rack out of the way of the headers will help since your steering linkage (input) will have to be plumbed though there now. FWIW my TCP rack had no clearance issues with long tube headers in my 67 with 351W. See a couple of pics here:
  14. There are two problems with that logic

    I have the Randall's Rack in my '66. It works very well sans the turning radius (43', same as a club cab ranger).

    First issue with using the Pro-M kit is that you are making a very quick steering car even quicker. The Randall's rack has a lock to lock of 40 degrees less than 3 turns. That is fast even with the deminished turning radius (2.2" rack movement per turn). Move the steer points in and you quicken the steering, especially just off center. After 1,500 miles driving with this rack, on everything from fast twisties to open highway, I would suggest not using anything that shortens the throw, and to stay away from any steering wheels less than 15" in diameter.

    Second issue with the Pro-M kit is that you lower the mount point by 1". Randalls Rack is all ready set up for a car that has a 1" Shelby drop and 1" cut springs. Unless you plan to radically lower your car you will induce bump steer. I did the 1" Shelby drop, and have the car lowered a total of 1.5" from stock. The bump steer is negligable, until you get the front end lifted about 3" from ride height.

    So I would accept the rack for what it is. If you radically lower the car, then I would suggest using an adjustable bump steer kit like a Baer Tracker.
    I'm very happy with the rack. It performs great. I would like to see the lock to lock slightly higher than 3 turns, and a 7" rack throw instead of the 6 3/8". But that would take a custom R&P.
  16. Uh... I'm not sure what you're talking about exactly, but if it's about the price of the TCP rack being $2500, you're way way way late... check the age of the first post of this thread... from March 2002...
  17. Its never to late. Keep doing it gets results
  18. It is too late. TCP doesn't even really exist anymore. Aliston's Chasis Works or what ever the name is bought TCP out a while ago and no longer has any affiliation with the original owners.
  19. IF the prices are as high then we send Emails to them
  20. ummm the manual is 1299 and the power is 1999