Test drove a 05 GT for about 20 miles!

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  1. Remember also that "pull" is a combination of nose lift, noise, SOTP, AND elapsed time in each gear (i.e. pulling to 7k vs 6k)... talking as a matter of perception, like an optical illusion. Each of those in my opinion enhances the perception of the power of the car. I haven't driven an 05 GT, but I have driven a Mach. I like the Mach as is, even better than the 03/04 cobra. The Mach has much more character with the shaker and ball shift knob, seats, etc.

    I think the new GT will bring in a lot of people and make the competition fear/respect it. Think about it, it should match any stock Z28 out there.
  2. Guys, I'm not even talking about 'pull' or 'sotp feel'. I'm talking about the technicals of the '05. Like I've said again and again, its a 300hp 3500lb car. vs a 390 hp 3600lb car. That's a 30% power difference versus a 3% weight difference. I just can't see how a less aerodynamic 05 with a better chassis would be right on the heels of a Cobra (.02-.03 per Motor Trend).

    If its true, then great! I just don't see it..
  3. If you are talking 0-60 times it is REAL easy to explain why the '05 GT will be almost as fast as a 03 - 04 Cobra.

    TR-3650 ratios are: 3.38, 2.00, 1.32, 1.00, 0.62
    T-56 Gear Ratios: 2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1.00, .80, .63

    You can see that 1st and 2nd gears in the T3650 are a lot lower.
    Both cars have 3.55 rear ends, but you have to multiply the '05 GT x .95 to correct for its larger diamter tires so it's effective rear end gear is 3.35:1

    05 GT 1st gear: 3.38 x 3.34 x 330 lb ft = 3,725 lb ft
    04 Cobra 1st: 2.66 x 3.55 x 410 lb ft = 3,861 lb ft.

    So you can see that when multipled through the gears, in 1st gear the 04 Cobra only puts out 4% more torque to the wheels. (I'm using the generally accepted torqe #s not the factory ratings. AND off the line torque is the ONLY thing that matters, HP is meaningless.)

    Now add in that the '05 GT has much better F/R weight balance of 53/47% vs. 57/43% for the Cobra. The more weight in the rear, the easier and better a car will launch off the line.

    Finally factor in that the '05 GT with its solid axle will be much easier to launch without wheel hop than the compromised design IRS that the Cobra has and it is apparant how the '05 GT will be able to post 0-60 times that are just a tick or two slower than the 03-04 Cobra.

  4. and the 1/4 times?
  5. The 05 GT will have to shift to 3rd at 70 MPH, the Cobra @ 80 MPH.

    Both the '05 GT MTX and 03-04 Cobra are able to finish the 1/4 in 3rd gear. 3rd gear is essentually the same ratio, but the Cobra has more torque.

    So the end of the 1/4 (>70 MPH) is where the Cobra will pull away from the '05 GT.
  6. In other words.. The Mach has no chance... Period. :D
  7. Actually the 390hp Cobra is very underrated, they average 420+hp. So ya, I love the '05 too but those numbers are a little suspicious.
    Also the Cobra is good for 53 mph in 1st and 78 in 2nd so it is applying the torque much longer.
  8. Look at my calculations above. I used 410 lb ft of torque for the Cobra.

    And once again, HP does not mean much of anything as far as acceleration goes. Torque is the only thing that matters. HP is simply a mathmatical expression of torque. Dynos to not measure HP, they measure torque. Think of it this way. Torque is what makes your car accelerate. HP is what makes your car run at a steady speed.
  9. Sounds to me that someone in front of you bought the last MACH!
    All you replies are negatives in the MACH direction
    GET off it man!
  10. plus the one motor trend tested was an auto

  11. New cars are always dogs at first.... When I first got my car it was pretty panzy. I broke her in as I should and DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she finally grew balls. That note aside, the 05 DOES NOT have ram air induction which is what it SHOULD have. Those 2 points answer the why.
  12. your MACH is broken in, the GT is not, this will account for the tightness in the new GT motor
  13. ..

    My Mach pulled harder than the 05 right out of the showroom

    Not to mention my Mach only has 2300 miles on the odometer!
  14. That certinaly gave her the break in nessary. I know some people who baby their cars after 2000 miles which is where you start your TRUE/hard break in of the motor, so that the car has never been pushed enough to understand that it is a sports car.... so the ECU thinks its a caddi. Whereas someone whom gives her a good stomp after the gentle breakin to BREAK THAT HORSE IN!
  15. I went up to the local dealer last night and saw a loaded Windveil Blue GT . Somebody was taking it out for a test drive, overall the car is really nice. I saw one parked next to an '04 and it's noticebly larger. I really liked the forward tilt of the front grille, very pissed looking. I was dissapointed with the exhaust though, really not much louder then a SN95 GT, but that's what the aftermarket is for I guess. I actually think I like the look of the V6s with no foglights and spoiler delete more then the GT. Overall this new Stang is awesome.
  16. i think we all know that on some days the 05 GT will win and on other days the mach 1 will win.......its basically all gonna depend who gets the quicker jump their numbers are to close to really call....personally i would be prone to put my money on the mach...but i wouldnt put to much because like i said it all depends on who found the lucky penny that day.
  17. Why the hell are you guys comapring the $25K 05 GT to a $35K Cobra, or even the more expensive Mach? The 05 GT is the FASTEST car you can buy for the price period, what more do you want? Plus, the Cobra and Mach have the ugly ass last gen look that will never look as good as the 05.
  18. To be fair, I picked my Mach up new for a couple thou less then 25k so I can see why there is a comparison. I mean the cars are close with similar hp/tq, rear gears, tranny and weight so it's only natural to compare. The Cobra comparison is a little rediculous though. Soon enough I'm sure we'll be seeing comparsons with the GTO, Charger and other RWD V8s, probably some imports too. Everytimg a new car is introduced they compare it to the last gen, but that's just the way it is. :flag:

    Looks are subjective, I've talked to many people who actually don't like the looks of the '05 believe it or not. :shrug:
  19. only time would tell if this car would come close to a mach 1 or beat the mach 1.
    in the meantime i have some questions:
    where are the owners 1/4 mile times???
    where are the owners dyno's????
    where are the 14's 05 GT's that were tested on private sessions???, i guess those cars should be fully broken in by know, and thus running less that 14's.
    there are 05 GT's out there, come on, where are the freaking times :)
    i think we should stop this thing about smooth power excuses for know, i mean is a mustang, it should deliver raw power, if you want smooth power get a bmw, i won't buy a mustang knowing it would give me smooth power, so, why everybody that ACTUALLY HAVE the car on their hands is just talking about the "smooth power" on this baby, i mean is the new toy on the block, everybody should be bragging about POWER, everybody especially the guys coming from lighthly moded previous generation gt's or less powerful cars???
    why are we helping to keep the secret ????, where are the dam times.... ????
    so much guess is just killing us and making us fight, WE ARE MUSTANG OWNERS FOR BAD OR FOR GOOD,
    so, 05 GT guys, i think is time to prove this car is really fast, is not that we doubt it is, but we are wonder for some times :flag:
  20. Well to be fair, it's all new and just hitting the lots, my local dealer had 3 V6s for a week, until 2 days ago when it finally got a GT, give it some time before we get some numbers from the track.