(Texas) DMV question?? can anyone help?

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  1. Is anyone here from Texas? I am looking to help a friend of mine in Texas buy a NY registered 1969 Mustang. The problem is that in NY state cars older than 1972 have what are known as "transferable registrations," not titles. In the case of a transferable registration, the registration, when signed by the owner of the vehicle, acts at the title. The registration has "TRANSFERABLE" printed on the front indicating the car has a transferable reg and not a title.

    Can anyone help tell me about titling a car in Texas that has a transferable registration? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    Chris :nice:
  2. i can tell you about airzona, and i would imagine that texas is similar.

    here when you buy a car out of state, you take the car to the dmv and they do a safety check, and then an ncic title check. if both come back clean you can then title and register the car in arizona.
  3. Okay, that's interesting, thanks for the info. I'm hoping Texas has a similar setup going on. The car has a free and clear transferable registration, and it's in great shape, so there shouldn't be a problem titling it. Anyone else out there have any help/info? Thanks!
  4. I moved to TX acouple of years ago and had to register my 65 fastback and 70 911.They have all they the rules on the website about title transfer. I didn't have a problem but I did get hit with a $90 welcome to TX tax.
  5. I live in Austin and I have bought several cars and pieces of equipment from out of state and not had a problem. In addition to the title I always get a bill of sale that has been signed buy the seller in front of a state authorized notary from the state where he lives and the notary has signed and sealed. The sellers home address and phone numbers in case you need to contact them. If the seller isn’t willing to do 15 minutes worth of work to help you out I would pass and find another car. It took me almost 3 months to get a trailer I bought in from out state to get it legal in Texas. Never made that mistake again and never had the problem again with all that documentation. Good luck
  6. One of the first things they will tell you is to get a 'green' inspection. That is where you will take it in for an inspection and they will do a safety inspection and issue a green card for the card. Basically it is a check on the car to make sure all the VIN's, etc match. To get inspection, you will need insurance for that and registration. Take that green card to register and all will be good. As for the title, etc... that I dont know, but let us know where in TX you are going to be.