The Reenmachine DOHC '67 Shelby Clone Convertible Progress

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by reenmachine, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. Thanks! Now if it'll only stop raining every day maybe I can actually get some more miles on it...:nonono:

    The good news is that I've been really cranking away on the fastbacks. They're almost ready to fire up! The green one goes to the exhaust shop tomorrow, weather permitting of course.
  2. i think.. once they're all done, a three car photo shoot is in order :nice:
  3. I second this, and some action videos. :D :stick:
  4. I voulanteer myself to help in the acting and driving in aforementioned video :p
  5. Um, Pete, my arm is getting a little itchy from the feinding for more pictures and videos. Um, you think you can help a brotha out?

  6. any updates on the sound deadning?
  7. Seems like all sounds out of Pete's shop are dead, on here. Working pretty good, huh? :jester:
  8. :lol:
    That's some good stuff... :hail2:

    Seriously though, I would love to have more videos of any of the vehicles at Pete's shop.
  9. Regarding 2.5 inch exhaust tubes in the tunnel on a 67 vert...mine worked, and that is with a 3" driveshaft.


    Sorta embarassing to post a pic of my jalopy in the thread with the OP's car. I'm just illustrating the question that was asked as Pete's out enjoying his handywork.

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  10. Edbert, that's far from a Jalopy you've got there!
  11. oh, I see what you did . . . (NON-REENMACHINE PICS)

    (sorry, this probably belongs in the Magnaflow 2.5 convertible kit thread, and I'll crosspost and we can continue over there)

    I have the Magnaflow kit and still have the X-pipe issue, but these pics are what I was more interested in: (hope you don't mind me going to the root directory of your link there)




    where did you get that flexible exhaust tubing from? That's some inspired work there. What would have to happen with the Magnaflow kit is that the X happens just before the center plate, but you could angle it up, put that flexible tubing after it (maybe even before it too) and get it up and over the plate, and then you'd be good to go.

    Great pics and great idea!

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  12. Hah!

    I was at SEMA for most of a week and then we left for Hawaii (Oahu) where I still am! I am actually under a palm tree on the laptop right now. Telecommuting rules!!! :nice: :nice: :nice:

    We're splitting tomorrow unfortunately and I will be back in the shop soon.

    The exhaust does run up above the convertible support brace, even with a large aluminum driveshaft. You can't see any exhaust from the side of the car -- it's really tucked up in there. The exhaust shop I use is just really good! They made custom hangers to mount everything really rigidly as well so there's no rattling against the cross brace or anywhere else.

    Updates soon when I get back!
  13. I feel like some sort of convertible center plate pervert - I'm obsessed and always asking people for pics of how their dual exhaust routes around the center plate. Kind of a personal question, I know. ;)
  14. You could consider a flattened x pipe from dr gas. We wedged it in between the belly of a tko, the tcp center section front cross brace and the driveline. The tolerances are a joke. But it does not touch. We've got a great exhaust guy around the corner. They're hard to find these days. If it can fit in there, I'm confident it could fit in a vert!

    Here's some new handy work he did with the rear side exhaust a few weeks ago...

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  15. sorry double post!
  16. Hi Pete,

    Sounds like we are living the same life in some kind of bizarre alternate universe.

    After spending a few days at SEMA, my wife and I took off for Aruba. There is nothing quite as nice as sitting under a thatched hut, on the beach, drinking some random tropical concoction out of a coconut carved to resemble Blackbeard the pirate while watching the topless ladies walk by.

    AAAHHHHH..... :cheers: Here’s to the good life.

    OBTW, it was great to finally meet you face to face. I only wish we had had more time to spend together. We have received a lot of attention in regard to our current project. Hope that SEMA was good for you and that you saw and found everything you were looking for.
  17. Hi Pete,

    I noticed that you used sub-frame connectors on your ride.

    Did you know....

    Sub-frame connectors have little to no effect on improving torsional stability. They do help improve “beam” deflection, but do nothing to reduce torsional deflection or "twist".
  18. Yes, I do realize this, and convertibles need all of the help they can get. Regarding beam deflection, simply jacking a stock convertible up from various points causes the door gaps to change very obviously. The SFCs reduced this significantly. To accommodate the IRS, I also had to place three rigid crossmembers -- one in the middle, one under the rear seat, and one above the axle. These, along with the masive welded-in MII front crossmember have essentially made this a ladder-type frame and the chassis feels a lot stiffer when you're going down the road. For a car with more horsepower that was going to be driven very aggressively I'd probably want to address the front frame/firewall area, but for this car everything feels great.