The SN65 project car

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  1. No laugh from me, I always loved the vintage "American Racing Westerns" which resemble them closely.
  2. bnickel. No need to justify your statement. I am sorry if you felt it was directed towards you because I meant no disrespect by it. Just offering my humble opinion.
  3. It's ashame the Cobra's didnt come with the same rims the 03 Mach1's came with. I think this car would look pretty slick with a set of those late model Magnum 500 style rims which the new Mach1's came with. Kinda a nice tribute to the old, yet new style of this car.

    Everything looks to be coming along nicely..... good luck with it.
  4. Yeah, I was gonna mention the Wheel Vintiques 17" Billet Magnums -- you custom order them in whatever rim width and backspacing you want. I think Magnums would look great on this car, and they did appear on 1st gen Mustangs if you include Shelbys. On that note, maybe the new 17" Shelby 10-spokes?
  5. They make Cragar S/S mags in 17" now as well, but I'm partial to that kind of stuff as well as a tear drop hood scoop and sidepipes.

  6. no problem and i wasn't offended or anything. i just think that the 3 spoke wheel has a more classic look than the cobra wheel but is still modern enough that it wouldn't look out of place and hopefully will complement the rest of the interior while still being able to retain the airbag, therby keeping with that part of the theme, keeping all of the Cobra's safety features intact.

    so basically, the whole point is something that will complement the classic looks of the 65 and keep the safety portion of the airbags from the cobra functional. as far as i know the 05 stang wheel is the only 3 spoke wheel ford makes that utilizes an airbag.

    i do agree with Edbert on the fact that the 05 v6 wheel would probably work better with the cobra interior since it doesn't have the silver "stainless" trim piece

  7. hey Bob, no problem. i just hope it works as well i think it will and that you guys like the look of it. i'm just trying to help in any way i can, even if it's something as small as suggesting an alternate steering wheel. anyway i hope it works for you guys.
  8. Not just the airbag functionality but also the cruise control, there are no audio controls on the 05 steering wheel I have though, looks like the Cobra wheel does not have them though.

    This is a small pic of my 05's interior and wheel.


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  9. IIRC the airbags will not be connected, as he will be using 4-point restraints instead.
  10. Not only do the lines not match up, but there may be different shades of gray. Now, what would be really cool would be a wood steering wheel, maybe a modern version of the old Shelby ones. It would be cool if you put the sn197 interior into sn65, but the sn95 will look good too. Maybe another project?
  11. Better register it as a 65 if you are going to disable the air bag. hehe
  12. Hi All,

    New update at the site.

    Also, Forgeline heard we were having wheel fitment issues and have decided to help us out with a cusom set of their 3 piece competition wheels. I just sent them off the dimensional data and they are going to create a wheel that has the proper offsets and backspacing. The neet thing is that I will be able to use the SVT centers on the new rims.

  13. Hi E,

    Can you do me a favor and measure the dash. What is the overall width (from where the dash meets the door to door).

    Just currious. :)

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  14. The damn thing isn't even on the road yet, and already he's thinking what to do to it next...:D
  15. That's awesome about the wheels, do you have any pics of them?
  16. Sure Bob, it is exactly 55 inches accross, measured along the lower edge of the upper aluminum dash part...right accross the top of the steering module (it is not really a column in my book).
  17. Bob's next post:

    "For Sale: '03 Cobra chassis with IRS stretched to fit '65-'66 Mustang, just cut the floor out of yours and weld this one in, base color, Screaming Yellow. Will trade for '05+ Mustang GT chassis or preferably, '07 Shelby Cobra chassis. Located in Chicago area."

  18. Ya know...he could mass-produce these and sell them on ebay along with Reen and Degins and MustangSteve! Just have a few large bolts that hold the body to the chassis like the bed of my pickup truck has...WOOOT!
  19. That's the advantage to cars with real frames. Several people have been known to take Caprices and Crown Vic's dump the bodies and make the necessary changes to drop on a 50 Mercury or other lead sled.
  20. Bob, are you still planning on the open house in 2 weeks? I am definatley coming as long as it is still planned. I had to buy a 1GB memory card for my camera!! Do you have any idea of how many people are coming to the open house? You can write me in for 2!