The thread of the nicest FOXES!

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  1. Simple shot but one of my favorites
  2. :lol: crapmobile!

    j/k that thing is a beast. Welcome back.:flag:
  3. needs cobra grill *cough*
  4. Cobra grills are ghey
  5. You're ghey.
  6. I got a number of photos of my LX from the PO and have to give him credit (for both the condition of the car and the photos).

    Alan - if you still got your ears on, thanks for the photos and I hope you don't mind me sharing on Stangnet.


  7. ^ Beautiful car.
  8. it really is. so simple and clean
  9. Beut!!
  10. Some more recent pics of my 86 Capri, put some ROH Snypers on it late summer





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  11. Capriman gets the award for most obsessive compulsive, anal retentive engine bay on Stangnet, with Ozz and AlmostStock tied for second. :D
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  12. DAMN!
  13. I really like those rims!
  14. is almost stock still around here? lol, i remember that dudes engine bay
  15. LMAO Thanks!
    My bay is pretty clean but it still has a long way to go, it photographs well though. I need to pull the motor and actually paint the bay to complete my analness LOL

    AlmostStock's bay is like not other though, that took a lot of work and well worth it. I just woudn't want to keep it maintainted LOL

    Thanks! I love these wheels now that I got them, I wasn't sure before but am sure now :nice:
  16. My god that car is beautiful!!!!!!!! :jaw: