The Truth about FOX FRONT BRAKES!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by custom89stang, Feb 17, 2004.

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  1. Your right except that theres more load on the drilled ones.......

    The brake pad delivers whatever force the piston produces no matter what. With the drilled rotors you have less contact area with the rotor so lets say the Distributed load on the solid one is 50N/mm and the drilled one is 61N/mm
    multiply that time surface area to get equivelant loading. So lets say the Suface area of the drilled is 984mm^2 and the SA. of the nondrilled rotor is 1200mm^2. When you multiply 50N/mm^2*1200mm^2 you get 60,000N. When you multiply 984mm^2*61mm^2 you still get 60,000N. Conservation of engery. When you calculate friction, you have to use the equivelant loading. So its the same Ffr no matter what. All less SA. is doing is increasing the pressure on the rotors. Does that make sense Mustang5L5?
  2. Yes they will heat up faster b/c of the increased pressure per mm^2 or in^2 whichever you like. All drilling holes in it is doing is increasing distributed loading.
  3. It's all about drum breaks... They have the most surface area.
  4. I think it's time we give this thread a break and move on.

    I'm doing way too much thinking and not getting paid for any of it ;)

  5. i know what your saying but that isnt really an apples to apples comparison. like mentioned earlier the friction caused by braking is dynamic. whereas in your example, would be static.
  6. Same here. Time to think about all the projects that are piling up :(
  7. I didn't want to bother with the angular acceleration yet. Figured it would have just added more confusion. But this thread is done.

  8. Wow! This thread is hilarious! :rlaugh: I also love how Custom89Stang ignores all the good points people are proving about the NON slotted/drilled rotors. And about the "holes" making the pad grab the disc better? Gimme a friggin break! Thats some major bull crap your spewing out there :nonono:

    One more point - If slottled/drilled rotors are so much better than why don't all the high performance cars have them? Have you ever seen the discs on an Audi S8? 14 inches, NON slottled/drilled.
  9. You can't use that argument around here Maverick, because it will be countered with, "Drilled/slotted is obviously better because Porsche uses them..." :nonono:
  10. I'm aware of that. And I do agree that they stop better/faster after normal non slotted drilled would start to fade (as in race applications) But if you take the same size rotors, non slotted vs. slotted/drilled and do a braking test from say 60 or 100-0 mph you would find the non-slotted will actually brake in less distance.
  11. :flame: :doh: Ok guys, this can be dragged out forever becuase of two simple facts. 1) people have their own independant opinions. 2) some people disagree with others just to disagree. I am taking no sides on this issue. It is simply user preferance, if you think they will be better than stock, then do it, if your conscience tells you no, then dont do it. Plain and simple, and quite frankly that is more than likely how it is going to end up happening anyways.
  12. cuz ur a dumb'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' is why u spent it. i dont know enough about the mechanics/physics of a flywheel to tell u
  13. Wow You Guys. Love The Controversy. I Am Reading Some Of The Points. Glad You Guys Think You Know Everything. I Actually Think Its Hilarious, But Alas I Think Everyone Is Right. Screw This Thread.
  14. And screw you too. I've only managed to make it three pages in, but you've come across as arrogant and a know-it-all. I believe the title of this thread should be: "My opinion about FOX brakes".

    I'll :lock: this thread for now, just to give me a chance to catch up on the reading. If I actually find some valuable tech in here, I'll leave it up, but thus far, I've only seen a combative stance from most...


    Well, I'm leaving it locked. I liked all this friction / stopping force talk, but it all comes down this:

    Stock fox brakes do indeed suck. Upgrade them.

    Slotted or cross-drilled do not provide any performance benefit whatsoever on the street. All they do is generate more brake dust.

    Why do people add slotted or cross-drilled? Because they look sweet. At least that's why I put them on. :D
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