Thinking about getting a new gun.

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  1. Definitely get your License to carry.. i carry about everywhere now, I am retired you know.
    Bought a S&W mp 9mm and love it, has eaten everything I have put in it without a jam.. The sheriff's here carry it also.
  2. I can't carry. Stupid Illinois and it's CCW ban... :nonono:

    I did pick up my Glock 22 this evening, however. Promptly put 100 rounds through it. Shoots nice... :nice:
  3. Can't stand Glock's and why the FBI switched from Sig's to a non-safety gun is not smart. My buddy had the 17 compact. Still have the scar from it. Love the H&K 9mm, .40, .45 and Walther .40.
  4. I think you and I are the only two people in the world that cannot stand Glocks. Everything about them feels wrong to me and I couldn't hit Rosie O'Donnell from 10 feet away with one.

  5. I'm the same way glocks just have too sloppy of tolerances for me.
    but on another note I just bought a Browning Gold Hunter Series 12 gauge shotgun. :D
  6. I don't like glocks either. I'm very fond of my 70 series colt combat commander (chambered in .38 super:nice: ). My ruger MkIII competition is also single action. THe only SA/DA gun I own is an HK USP tactical in .45 (I'm with ya vib but I like the bigger usp's better) and I have the choice of carring it DA or cocked and locked since the safety is frame mounted.:nice: Too bad I cant carry in illinois:( .

    My brother is CPD and has a P226 in light double action...still:notnice: And glcoks and XD's have that annoying safety thingy in the trigger on top of being DA only...extra:notnice: .

    If I could carry and find a way to conceal the full size USP Tactical:rolleyes: I would carry it cocked and locked.

    Theres just nothing like a sexy, tight single action trigger. Reminds me of my younger days.:p

  7. How rediculous...:mad: UnAmerican:mad: Sure leave the lawbiding citizens unarmed...while the Bad Guys carry whatever they want. :bs:
  8. It's alright, I'm going to get my Florida non-resident CCW permit. I vacation there at least annually, and Indiana recognizes the Florida permit. I happen to spend a decent amount of time in Indiana, so I'll be able to carry while I'm there. If I'm in Illinois, I'll just have to stick to shooting bad guys only inside my house until I get on a police department somewhere. :D
  9. Technically its illegal when me and my friends drive thru chicago to go to indiana to the outdoor shooting range. Granted between us theres 8 guns and several thousand rounds of ammo...mainly cuz of the ammo and the fact that our guns arent disassembeled. But what the ****, we shoulden't have to disassemble our guns and buy ammo in indiana just to drive thru the city. Luckily my brother works for CPD so I could call in a favor, but if we got pulled over by a state trooper we'd be screwed.:notnice: You can't have a single bullet in the city w/o getting shafted.:jaw:
  10. You don't have to disassemble your gun. It only needs to be unloaded and in a separate case from the ammo, so that the ammo isn't readily accessible. Just be careful in Cook County because high capacity magazines are banned. If you have more than a 10 round mag, you're screwed.
  11. In chicago cannot have ammo whatsoever. The rest of cook county is ok. Hi-caps are legal also in cook county. I order them off the web all the time no probs...and my local gun range sells 33 rnd. mags for the glock 17's so there plenty legal. Until of course they start a new assault weapons ban. But even then its illegal to buy hi-cap mags but if you have them you can keep them at least if its any thing like the last ban. You cant have mags marked L.E. (law enforcement) thats all.
  12. Nice man, Browning Gold's are great guns. I learned to hunt from a guy that shoots one. Length of pull is a little long for me. My field gun is a Beretta Xtrema 2 with the kick off system. Took me 4 months to save up for it but it shoots silly accurate. I actually use an improved cylinder in the field where I used to use modified or improved modified with my Mossberg / Remington pump guns because it groups so tight.

    But when I went to buy my big dollar brush gun, it was between a Browning Gold (length of pull too long), Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 (just feel weird, funny angles) or the Beretta (which was just right).

  13. Sig Sauers do not have a safety either, just a decocker.
  14. Either way, Glocks like mentioned just don't seem comfortable to me and look cheap. I guess I have to talk smack about them since I was injured by one. Friggin short stock! I was trying to get it comfortable in my hand and during a shot the slide came back an took a chunk out of hand.

    My H&K has the ability to switch the safety lever to whatever side I choose depending on if your a lefty or righty. I like options. I like a safety as well.
  15. The thing that bothers me about people talking crap about Glocks is that they always compare them to guns that cost twice as much.
    I don't compare Mustangs to Corvettes, so why do the same with guns?

    Just 2 years ago I bought my Gen 3 Glock 17 brand new for $433 and that included tax. IMO, you'd be hard pressed to find a better gun for the money.

    For a broke college kid $800 for a USP or Sig Sauer just wasn't feasible at the time. Twice as much money, and somehow I highly doubt they're near twice as good as the Glock. They may be A LITTLE better, but they cost A LOT more.
  16. I love the glock I had. Awesome gun.
  17. Glocks for one reason or another are the standard that other guns are compared to. They'll usually eat any crap ammo you throw at them, take a ton of abuse, and keep on ticking. I think that's where the comparison with guns that cost more comes in. Sigs are also great guns, and I do plan on picking one up sometime. Just don't have $700+ to drop on one. Same with H&K, although I've never had the opportunity to shoot one. I was just fortunate to find this G22 for $415 and jumped on it.
  18. Sorry dude but there's about a $225 price difference between the Glock 21 .45 vs. H&K USP .45. It doesn't cost twice as much. My H&K cost was cheaper than buying a new Glock since I picked it up from a friend. However comparing the two I clearly would have paid the extra $225 for the H&K. There is nothing plastic about the H&K. It comes apart so much easier than the Glock. Can't stand that little trigger on the trigger of the Glock. The arch on the grip should be straighter with the Glock. Oh, and do people from Austria have small hands? I'm not looking for a bulky gun, just one that fits my big hands. Don't get me started on their compact handhelds. I guess they made them for Austria 5 year old hands. Either way I'm not dissin the Glock. It's a cheaper gun obviously and many people can afford them. As long as people like them then that's all that matters. For me I would buy a Sig, H&K and even a S&W over a Glock. Just my opinion though.
  19. This sounds VERY familiar for a Mustang forum.:D
  20. That wasn't the story at the local gun shop when I was shopping around(for a 9mm handgun mind you). Glocks were all in the $400-$500 range, while anything H&K was around $700-800. I did have a chance at a nice USP compact for $600, but that was used.

    Either way, $225 may not seem like a lot, but that's more than half of what I paid for my Glock. Percentage-wise it's a lot. If you weren't so set against Glocks then you'd probably admit they're a great value. But it seems like a there always has to be those people that hate anything that's hyped up, even when the hype is warranted.