Tire pressure warning light?

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  1. On my 2007 GT I quickly removed the ugliest wheels ever to come out on a production mustang (17'') and put on 18 inch Steeda ultalites. Tire size is 275/35/18. Now the tire pressure warning light stays on? Dealer is unsure how to fix this? Help!
  2. Did you unplug anything when you removed the stockers?

    The only thing I can really think of is maybe getting a tuner? My fuel cap light came on and after many times of unscrewing it and screwing it back on to no avail, I used my tuner to clear it. I just clicked the option of "Clear all trouble codes" and it went away and hasn't been back since.
  3. sensors

    Did you have your sensors installed with your new wheels?
  4. there will either be a valve stem pressure sensor installed instead of the rubber valve stem, a band mounted sensor that is inside the tire and wrapped around the barrel of the wheel, or it uses the inputs from the wheel speed sensors to determin if one tire has more revolutions per mile(low tires roll more per mile than properly inflated tires.) if you have 2 different size tires front to rear that may be a cause, also the new pressure senor systems are very tempermental to temperature changes. nitrogen reacts best with the sensors to give correct readings in the cold.

    i believe that all new fords use the band mounted sensor, which, to the tech would look like a factory wheel/tire combination but its missing the sensor from inside. the only way to find out if its there is to dismount the tire or break the bead of the tire and look inside of it.

    who mounted and balanced you wheels and tires? (did they replace sensors) and what size tire combo is on right now?

    the first thing i would do is check pressure and reset the tire pressure monitoring system
  5. tpms.gif

    this is what came off of fords tech website.. it should look the same (i got it right out of the mustang "tpms" service section in the workshop manual)

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  6. its exactly what mustangmike said, ford's TPS sensor is mounted to the wheel unlike other systems. My winter wheels don't have the sensors mounted to the wheels so I get the error every so often, but I still go and check my tire pressure every so often.
  7. Is that on the 05's as well? I want to upgrade my 17's to 18's next year. Thanks.:hail2:
  8. I think so but I'm not a 100%, ford has done the wheel mounted tps for a while.
  9. TPM (tire pressure monitoring) was mandated by the federal government after the Ford Explorer / Firestone Tire incident. Starting in 2007 all new vehicles sold needed to be equiped with this capability.

    The 20005 - 2006 models did not have it.
  10. I apologize, thank you for correcting me on them. I should have looked it up.
  11. Hmmm, must not have that option on my 06 GT. Since I have changed out the wheels.

    But i am glad cuz the tire pressure warning on my exploere goes off whenever the weather drops 10 or so degrees. It gets annoying!

  12. The scheduled release of the TPM for the Mustang was 2006. For "unknown" reasons, the launch of TPM was postponed until 2007 though. So in the insturment clusters of the 06 Mustangs you can see the indicator symbol. However, it's not hooked up and never illuminates when you first switch the ignition into the on postion (initiating all of the active idiot lights to show up.)

    So the time line goes like this:

    2005 - no TPM
    2006 - idiot light in cluster housing (deactivated / no sensors installed in the wheels)
    2007 - functioning TPM system (now a fedral requirement for all new vehicle sales)
  13. Thanks.

    I ordered the wheels from Steeda already mounted and sold the old wheels and tires together not realizing the sensor was inside. Can they be removed from the factory wheels and placed on new wheels and if so what else has to be done. Factory wheels are 17 and steeda are 18? Thanks for everyones help.
  14. From what I have heard / read: The sensor itself is mounted to the rim with a metal strap. That strap needs to be cut to remove the sensor from the rim and transfer it. The straps are not reusable so you would need to order new ones, but the sensors themselves can be moved.

    Ford sells the straps in the sizes of wheels they sell on the Mustang. 17 & 18" (anymore 16's these days? - I don't know.)

    I'd reckon, the sensors themselves can also be orded through the service department but I have no clue about price.
  15. Warning light on my nerves.

    Yeah, sounds expensive. Any way to get warning from coming on? Disabling it?
  16. +1 I am wondering this too, since I get the error every time I start my stang
  17. How is the clamp tightened

    If the band has to be cut off and is not reusable, how is band tightened?

    My guess is it needs a expensive FORD special tool to crimp ends.
  18. The replacement band uses a worm type fastener. The factory installed band uses a buckle.
  19. Is the TPS an option or is it standard?
  20. Standard for all Mustang models starting in 2007.