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  1. Hey, I am new here, and new toMustangs. My wife and I just bought our first and its a 1966 coupe. the first thing I would like to dois put wheelsand tires on it but I dont know what size to go with. I like big side wall and wide width, but not to big. I like old looking mag wheels and was thinking American Racing with Good Year Eagles. Any help would be appreciated. Oh and the little reading I have done so far brings up spacing. At this point I want be able tobolt them on with out having todoanything difficult.

    1966 coupe 289

    Thanks Andy
  2. personally i would go with something like a 15x7 wheel, and a 205/65-15 tire, brand is up to you. that will make for a really nice wheel and tire package for your stang.
  3. Depends on the back spacing of the wheel but I did 215/60/15 on 15 x 7 rims. They fill the wheel well just about perfect and no rubbing issues. If you want o go bigger try 17 x 8 rims with 4.75 BS then 235/45/17 tires fit perfect with no rubbing. That's about max without body or suspension mods.
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  5. I have 15x7 Magnum 500's and 215 60 15 Yokohama tires. They fit perfect.
  6. One thing to consider: If you think you will upgrade the brakes to a 12" or 13" disc, then you should take that into consideration now. A 12" disc will require a min. of 16" wheel; the 13" brake needs a 17" wheel. I have 16"x7" up front with 205/55-16s and 16"x8" on the rear with 225/50-16. These tires have different widths, but the same diameter, which simplifies the spare tire issue. If will you never upgrade the brakes, then just get whatever you think looks best.
  7. with the right backspacing u can fit upwards of a 255 or 265 width tire

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  8. I am using 16x8 American Racing rims with 4.5 inch back spacing on the front and back with no rubs or issues. Tires are 225VR16.
    +1 on the Dodgestang site for what will work. Nick put a lot of work into the spreadsheet.
  9. Thanks for all of the feedback. Looks like 15x7 is the way to go. I was thinking 14x7 but it does not look like cragar or torque thrust come in that size. I like a nice fat black sidewall and so I haven't decided what tire size to go with. I'm going to go check that spreadsheet if I can find it.
  10. I found Torq Thrus D comesina 14x6. Has anyone tried a 225/70 R14 tire. I found the spreadsheet and see somehave used sizes close but not exactly.
  11. I think that 225 is a bit wide for a 6 inch wheel.