To much for this King??

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    It took a minute.
  3. Yes, they were available...but probably not likely to be factory installed on the King Cobra, unless specifically requested and allowed. I'm pretty sure, some if not all Ghias got them however... and were required on V8 models that didn't otherwise come standard with the RWL tires.
    It's got me wondering now, if Ghias could have been ordered with RWL 195/70 tires...(something that would seem to have been a more common request than WSW tires on a King), but something I can't say I ever saw, before the owners replaced the factory originals.

  4. Isn't that the hell of it. Unlike today where virtually all options are offered but only in package deals, back then if the item was in the factory it could be optioned.

    No accounting for taste.

    I wonder who made the tires on this KC.

    They would have to be either Firestones or GoodYears.
  5. Or Generals, Goodrich, or Uniroyals. Unfortunatly, the info I have is vague in regard to whether all five tire makers supplied all the various tires sizes these cars used, or if only certain ones made certain types (like the RWL or WWSW). I know that I've never seen (in person or pics) a factory installed Goodrich or Uniroyal version of the RWL on a II. I'm not certain either, if the Goodrich radial TA's were even around then.

    Some other material I have (just for '76) indicates that all models with rallye package or competition suspension got the 195/70 RWL tires. So, its conceivable that some Ghias may have the RWL's. However, without the build sheet or dealer order form (and a 70's vintage date code on the tire), there is no way to know about the WWSW tires installed on the King as being original or not.

    One notation that seems repeated on my sheets however, indicates that if the standard tire (on any II) is to be WSW or RWL, the car will come thru as such even if the dealer orders a BSW. So, that implies there may have been some hard and fast restrictions the other way too.

  6. This is one I would have to see for myself, Harvey and Henry went back to the beginning, and in the II era what Harve couldn't supply went to GoodYear. Or so went the rumor in the day.

    It would have been a very sad day in the plant if they installed a General Uni-Roy-or-Als.
  7. Well, I do basically agree with you that the vast majority of II's did get the Firestones or the Goodyears. But, I'm certain that I've seen factory photos of the RWL Generals as well. I'll have to look and see if I can find one.

    Regardless, the listing of the other tire manufacturers appears in several charts within a looseleaf pamphlet I have, (possibly a reprint) titled Mustang II 1976 Specifications Guide, which is also states on its cover: Specifications Unit, District Operations Section, Distribution Dept-FDGO April 30, 1975.

    There are numerous charts in it, that show availability of standard and some optional items, along with the corresponding ordering codes the dealers were to use. While it may not be proof positve about this matter, it certainly points to the distinct possibility that old Henry didn't put all his eggs in one basket.
  8. Beautiful KC! If I had the money I'd buy it! I think its worth every penny! :cheers: