1. Woo.....alot of mods to the car lately, working on all the touches to make it look very very sexy, the set of ponys i had on her We're painted White with a Black Running Pony in the centercap looks absolutely fantastic! Ordering some black Carpet next week to go with the factory Blue Interior im pretty sure it will turn out awsome, then tommorrow i get my exauhst done!!!!!!! its nothing spectacular going from the CAT we're branching it off into Turbo Mufflers and 2 or 2 1/2 inch Pipes angled out the back, should look really nice, looking to summer to get a TC to get my baby Turbo'd I have to say the car looks absolutely fantasic now Saturday i might be able to put up some pics of her for everyone! heres a few pics of it now for you guys to compare (god i hope this works sorry about quality had to compress..):

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