trade v6 for wrx?

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  1. might have a chance to do this, my parents want me to have a more practical car, and ide like sumthin thats a bit easier to get around in the winter with. think its a good trade?
  2. are you getting the STI Version?
  3. no, going to college, dont think i convince parents to drop 20 extra on me, i was lookin at used wrx's for like 17-19
  4. STI or not those subaru's are badass. expecially the standard tranny ones. if i had a choice of a v6 stang and a new subaru then i would go with the subaru. i had a 91 legacy and at first i was like i can't belive i have this thing. then i started driving it more and that thing would run and it was a 2wd auto 2.2 boxer engine
  5. If you bought your current Mustang brand new, I would keep it if it doesn't have any problems or if it's not been in any accidents. If you buy a used Subaru, you might inherit other people's problems. I would never buy a used car, but that's just me. If you really want a Subaru, trade-in your Mustang and buy a brand new one.
  6. but he would still have to be seen in a wrx, and that is never good
  7. Hello! First of all, let me say that I am ready to get flamed for my answer.

    I own a '02 WRX Wagon and it is THE best vehicle I have ever owned. It does it all. I live in Michigan and this thing is a dream to drive in bad weather. Plus it is quite fast for a bonestock 4-cylinder. I have messed with a few Mustang buddies of mine and had no problem hanging with them. We were doing 70+ mph roll-ons and they couldn't lose me (of course I couldn't beat them either, but one has a mildly modified '02 GT and the other a stock '03 Mach 1). Needless to say, it is a great vehicle to have, especially if you can only have one vehicle. I guess I'm lucky in that I can have one for my daily driver and still keep my '96 GT.

    Good luck on your decision. :)
  8. To cut around all the crap, yes.
  9. Should I keep the 1979 Schwin 3-speed bicycle or upgrade to a Honda CBR600RR?
  10. Ok the schwin is a classic....keep it :). Btw, get the subaru. Its a better car. It has 4 doors so its more pratical. It has more trunk room. Its AWD so your offroad adventures won't kill you and, its just as fast as a mustang gt. But then again, they are about the same price. Personally I would get the subaru over a mustang gt also because of.
    1. gas mileage
    2. four wheel drive
    3. 4 doors
    4. bigger trunk
    5. easy to add a chip and gain another 30 hp.
    6. not everyone owns one, everyone has a mustang

    And since ur disputing between a wrx and keeping ur 6, i would say there is no contest unless you don't like the way subarus look. Which i like a little better.
  11. well im wondering on insurance, plus im not sure if my parents will do it. i also got a find one for a reasnable price around here, some sellers dont seem to understand price depreciation.
  12. Get it if you can... the Subaru will make one hell of a good daily driver and when you finish school and get a good job - buy an 05 GT :D
  13. I can't hold back anymore.


    Are you ****ing kidding me? How can you possibly have to ponder over this very much? A base Mustang.. I hope at least you have a 99-02.. vs. a WRX. Are you out of your mind? What is there to think about?

    AWD, more interior room, faster than a GT from the get go and the $$ it takes to make it even faster is minimal.

    I can't take it.
  14. better response than i though i would get lol. expected to get hated on
  15. id get the wrx, but at our age, turbo on any car will be asking for your insurance company to cut your balls off
  16. Unless were talking about a STI its not faster then a gt stock for stock dont believe whatever you read in the latest import tuner mag. But of course I dont see why you wouldnt trade a v6 for it particularly if you arent paying for it. But if you have some deal where there paying for car and you pay for the insurance, your gonna get raped by the insurance company in that wrx. The other guy is right, insurance is very high on turbo cars, especially when your young. I used to have a turbo eclipse when i was 18. In cali my insurance was about 330+ per month this was 9 years ago. Insurance on my lil turbo eclipse was more then insurance on a camaro or a mustang.
  17. well our agent is cool enough to set it up so that im insured under out old toyota, and the stang is an occasional driver for me, even though i only drive it. would be the same for a wrx. i an believe they are faster than the gt out of the hole, but then the gt will quickly pass them
  18. Hard to say on insurance. I'm 35, so my rates are probably alot tamer than yours would be, but it was only $60 more every six months than the PT Cruiser I had :rlaugh:

    Performance-wise, these honestly ARE as quick as a bone stock GT (if not quicker). Out of the hole they are quick because of AWD, but you still don't have your turbo "spooled" up. At higher speeds or roll-ons, you the turbo is pretty much kicking in hard around 3000-3500 rpm, so you have an advantage there as well. Of course, we are on a Mustang board, so it is only natural for every other type of car to be slow and :owned: . Overall, I was pretty surprised by the responses on this thread. I don't think the 5.0 or the 4.6 guys would have been too kind (which is really pretty my eyes, ANY vehicle that is fast is respectible to me).
  19. i wonder what the response would have been if i had said i was thinkin bout an srt-4
  20. Hard to say. Personally, I've never been a big fan of the Neon, but I have to say I fully respect the SRT-4 and it's capabilities.....especially for the price tag.