Trick Flow 2V N/A 408hp on Horse Power T.V.

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  1. Yea....I agree with that wanted to comment on the 5.4 way in hell the 5.4 is going to make more power than the 4.6.......but from the looks of the TQ curve from the TFS could have a real healthy TQ cruve N/A! Looking at wha is available out on the market......a 5.0 ford racing block would be a great start for a build.....the numbers I was crunching and with a completely ported TFS head that would bennifit from a larger would be easy to get 425hp out of that set up with an 11.5 cr won't be long now until we start to get some results.....can't wait to see what combos are going to hit first....I still think it is possible to hit 400 RWHP N/A on the stock will depend weather or not it is pump gas friendly for E85 friendly for the CR.....but we shall see!

  2. Did summit drop the price of these heads to $997? Is this for real? I think I just saw it but I do not believe it. Can someone else verify, please?
  3. Ahh soo. I didnt read far enough into the ad. Thanks for the correction.
  4. Its still good though, no? I never checked but didnt people expect them to be $2400 or something like that?
  5. So if I am reading this right, if you are a non PI guy and you want to buy the Stage II ported heads it would cost you $2295 because you would not have a set of PI heads for the core charge right? And you can have the TF for a hair under $2000 and they flow way more?

    But it also seems you can have a set of 3v heads in Stage I for $1795 cause again, you have no core. They also seem to flow more then the TF heads on the intake so the 3V seems more economical. But what about exhaust flow? Is there anything else that needs to be changed to run the 3V heads? I realize cam but if you are swapping heads id imagine you would do cams anyway with the 2v heads, no? :shrug:
  6. Poor Bill....I know you caannot speel wel, but I didn't realize you couldn't add either? :D
    $1795 + $300 = $2095....not $2295

    Also, if the Trick Flow heads actually do flow 236cfm (I) & 180cfm (E) as previously stated, then they only slightly outflow the Stage II PI Livernois heads on the intake side and flow considerably less on the exhaust Livernois advertised flow rates = 230cfm (I) & 197cfm (E) :shrug:

    Finally, keep in mind that this advertisement I posted if from 2006. I'm sure prices have fluctuated slightly since and the core charge has gone down to $200 for both the 2V and 3V heads. :)
  7. Yeah, and I can read.... ass crack. :p

    I only was looking at the $500 core charge for the 3V assuming it was for the 2v as well since I failed to see the other smaller charge for the 2v :shrug:

  8. I guess things have changed since that add. From their web site.

    CNC Ported Stage 2 4.6L 2-Valve P.I. Cylinder Heads

    Available in Romeo or Windsor Casting
    5 axis CNC machined
    Fully assembled w/o camshafts
    Intake flow rate 207 CFM
    Exhaust flow rate 195 CFM

    CNC Ported Stage 3 4.6L 2-Valve P.I. Cylinder Heads

    Available in Romeo or Windsor Casting
    5 axis CNC machined
    Fully assembled w/o camshafts
    Intake flow rate 225 CFM
    Exhaust flow rate 205 CFM

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  9. Trickflow and CFM

    I can't wait to tear into one of these 2V/4.6 kits. This is the reason I joined this forum and am ready to build up a 99-04 stang. Project #2 here I come! I think the CNC ported versions and a stage II cam would be the way I would go because I wouldn't be driving the car on a regular basis...maybe once a week for "street-legal" or Friday night madness drag racing.

    The link below is a 306 SBF motor we built with one of the Trick Flow Top End kits. I found out over the weekend the site info is outdated and they are not building for other people. The motor at the link below now has stage-2 cams and the Trick Flow R intake, which added a great deal of power for the money. The down side is the higher RPM range but who cares...the car was driven less than 20 times last year.

    The pics are hi-res and take a while to load.

    Don't be intimidated by the SOHC/DOHC engines unless you have no clue were to begin. This forum has a good deal of reference but I'm not a forum person...I like hands-on experience but the forum here has some good info. Sean Hyland has a great DVD and some books to help you out. I bet you can find a ford guy near you to help with the timing and valve clearance if that is what intimidates you from thrashing one of these cars.