Trick Flow 2V N/A 408hp on Horse Power T.V.

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  1. Anyone watch the Power Block on Spike? I have to DVR it because of work but man todays episode was killer cause I finally got to see the Trick Flow heads in action. :nice:
    I have been a 4V guy for a long time now but those heads and intake would be enough for me to buy a GT again.
    They made 408HP on a stock block 4.6 with the TF heads/plenum/cam combo and I think 358 lbs torque! :eek: :hail2: The setup looks like it screams for a blower too. I am glad that this will allow 500+ GTs to become more common :nice: The cars have the looks and sound and just general sex appeal, now it just got a whole lot easier to get the power to back it. :banana:

    The show will be on again tomorrow for anyone that missed it. They show it next to a stock head and I cant believe how much larger the valves are :eek: And the way they changed the valves seated position it very nice. You can see why they are so much better then everything out there.

    Good show, check it out on Spike. :nice:

    They also modified a Charger cop car. Headers, cat-back, intake, tune.... thing picked up 19 hp :nonono:
    Bet they are gonna get some flak when the cop said "at a 115 mph it still plants you into the seat" and they were just on a regular highway playing with the car :rlaugh: :nonono:
  2. SWEET! I love that show but like you I can never watch it because of work. Sadly I dont have tvo or dvr as well... I want those heads so bad. 500+ GTs ftw!:nice:
  3. great post! :drool:

    do we have a price for this combo??

    i cant wait till i start making some $$. i will definitely want to do this.
  4. mind you this was on an engine dyno with an electric water pump and no other accesories. had the trickflow stage 1 cams also.
  5. That is so sick. I want some bad
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  6. I saw that a new eposide of HPTV was coming on. I forgot to tivo it. I had new tires installed on my truck this morning. I had a feeling the show would have something about Mustangs. I have my tivo set up tomorrow episode. Thanks for the info. Pearl02.
  7. Ive been toying with the idea of going with a tork tech for now but I may just have to pick up a set of heads and an intake now w/ some decent cams. N/A power is just wicked.
  8. Holy ****! Even if you assume an 17% loss through the drivetrain (typical 5 speed figure), that's still roughly 338 rwhp from a stock-displacement 4.6... **** yes, sign me up, except with a 5.4 bottom end!!!
  9. I am building a motor in my garage now and I swear I want a set of these heads.

    I have seen the heads for sale, but haven't looked into the cams yet. Wonder if they have something for forced induction.
  10. Not to rain on anyones parade but if you look at it from a cost standpoint (yes cost not costed :rolleyes:) its still probably more effective just to slap a blower on. I mean if you include the drivetrain loss your looking at 338hp probably MAX N/A, i cant imagine pushing it much more than that without some nitrous or of course a blower. With a blower alone your at 350rwhp minimum with the capabilities to be in the 500+ range assuming your using a basic vortech sq trim...

    For example:
    Vortech SQ mongoose kit = 3900$
    dyno tune = 450$

    Total: 4350$

    Trickflow heads = 1500$ +???
    trickflow intake = 700$
    Cams = 700$
    dyno tune = 450$

    Total: 3350$

    So for 1k more you can have a supercharger with more potential power (smaller pulley = more hp), less headache, less labor to install and stock driveability (which means a lot, especially if your cars a DD)....

    now THOSE heads + Supercharger would be tits :jaw:
  11. +1. Drive ability, just depends on what you want. NA power is nice, but these cars take a lot of gear, head, cam and intake work to get them moving down the track. With a blower, you retain much of the daily driver qualities without sacrificing drive ability.

    I have no experience or real knowledge of these heads. It just seems to me, TrickFlow is a little late to the party. Even though no other heads have been built for 2v's besides SVO heads, I don't understand why it took so long. Since the late 90's, the 2v crowd has been dying for a set of Trickflow, Edlebrock, or other after market head. Now, 5-6 years out of production, they release one?

    I think the cost is just not worth it. 98cobra281 has proven what can be done from a set of NPI heads. For NA, I just think it's a lot of money for the average joe instead of a blower. For a die hard NA 2v racer, it's probably worth it.

  12. Ballpark pricing:

    Twisted Wedge Heads $1800
    Track Heat Cams $500
    Trach Heat Manifold $750
    Total = $3050

    The you should consider that you are going to need a tune (just like the supercharger combo) which will run you another few hundred IF you already own a chip/tuner (which you get with the blower). So its probably about a grand cheaper than forced induction, but its also going to be a harder install than the average blower too (as mentioned above). On the other hand reliability may be better than the FI route - you certainly at less risk of blowing up the motor.

    As others have also mentioned, the peak power is good, but you simply dont get the massive torque increase you see from a blower (especially twin screw etc.). But this is true of all heads.... You simply cannot expect NA engines to make the same power as a FI engine that has the same displacement.

    They are however the best 2V heads on the market by a mile, and are a really well made product. I'm certainly interested in buying some. If you do go with this route and use blower cams, then when you and add the blower the results should be amazing.:hail2:

    Oh yeah, they can be hand-ported to flow 260cfm!! People will no doubt get even more with better port jobs.

    I looked on Spike channel and couldnt find the show... What time is it in on?????????

  13. With pricing it out, a believe that they ran it through the dyno without the TF Intake Manifold.

    So the..

    $600=Cam/Valvesprings etc.

    $3000 after some little installation.

    The TF intake would definitely increase the torque with the much longer runners too!

    I wish I could have seen it!
  14. it seems that spike posts their full episodes a week after the air time that it shows
  15. to extend sort of on what winters said(no bashing:D) the reason no one has come out with a good aftermarket head for the 2v is because of the mentality of the 2v crowd. just as stated in this is way easier to make 400+ horespower(which is all any street car needs....really) by just slapping your choice of blower on and maybe a set of cams. unless you are looking to make a TON of power for the track...these heads really dont make much sense. their cost to hp ratio is not as great as other options. so the aftermarket brands didn't really see a huge market for heads and didnt want to put the r&d into it. you see how long it took trickflow to come out with this head. they will need to sell a lot of these to make it worth their while. when you really think about it....3,000-3,500 is a lot of money for heads and cams on a street car. not that they arent' friggin sweet though. if i was rich i would have a set for my car along with a forged motor to really use these heads the way they were meant to be used. lots of boost would really make these things shine!!
  16. thats exactly why i wish i had a job right now so i could pick up a set before they take them off the shelf after they realize theyre not selling like they thought they would...

    for everyone's sake, i hope i am wrong.
  17. x1000

    I hope there's going to be a set for sale whenever I get the money for them.
  18. We can expect the prices to drop. The MSRP is 2k for the heads, 500 for the cams and 800 for the intake. Everyone is currently selling at those prices because there arent many available. As supply starts to exceed demand we should see pricing lower than MSRP.
  19. I saw the episode and I am very curious. I would like to know how it would effect the driveability. Does anyone have these heads?

    A lot of people say it would be better to get a blower and if your goal is upwards of 400Hp than probably so, but they forget one thing. A car with a blower is one detonation away from blowing the stock engine. If you don't have the money for a new engine or for forging your engine, than I wouldn't play with forced induction. I would love to s/c my stang, and while I could afford the $4k for the s/c, I can't afford a new engine or a forged engine. I already know that a s/c car can be very safe, but it still can blow the engine, nothing is %100. Yes, I have heard of all the people that say they have s/c and they have been fine for years, but for how many miles. Mine is a daily driver and I put roughly 18,000 miles/year on my car and currently have 136,000 on my 02. I put more miles on my car in one year than some people have on their cars. N/A is a great way to go for those of us that use our cars as dd and don't need 400Hp. Sorry to rant, but people often forget to add the cost of a new engine or rebuilding one when comparing s/c to n/a.
  20. Actually if you talk to ANYONE in the cylinder head business you will find out that there hasnt been a 2v cylinder head for all these years because of the close tolerances required in manufacturing not to mention the fact that they have to be cast under near perfect conditions in order to maintain those tolerances which in tern up till recently drove up manufacturing costs. If it all came down to mentality TF wouldnt have wasted years on R&D in order to bring these heads to us. The same reasons I just listed is exactly why AFR never developed a 2v head and why edelbrock wont even consider it.