Trick Flow 2V N/A 408hp on Horse Power T.V.

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  1. They did the run with the TF intake.
    Here are some shots from the show:
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    I am thinking now of a GT for DD cause I can find low mile 02-04 GTs for under 7 grand. Figure another $2500 (if I shop and be patient) for the H/C/I and I can have a powerful reliable DD for well under 10K that has the good looks of a Stang :nice:
  2. yea, it way late. many of us already bought ported head set ups. now i have to fork over another 3000 bucks if i want an extra 40-50 rwhp!!!! also have to go through taking the whole set up off and apart and doing it over again. labor costs. only reason i would consider this is if i want to make more power without raising the boost.

    i am looking to get bigger cams though so maybe these will be in my future anyways. i just really wonder if they will even be that much better then my stage 2 ported fox lake heads. with a more aggresive cam and and aftermarket intake......those heads might not even make more power in the end. :shrug:

    id have to get some proven cases from guys who made the switch
  3. Just out of curiosity, how long after the Fox stopped being made was it before TF, Edelbrock, AFR all came out with their really good heads? Was the car still in production or was it a few years latter?
    I really dont know and am not being a smartass :shrug:
  4. i hate to say it but my head cam intake 2v with stock bottom end did 310rwhp with just stock ported heads and stage 2 cams with the trickflow intake.. so the trickflow heads did not make that much more then mine did.Oh and i see in the pic a elec water pump and no pulleys on the motor... that makes up some power.. i still have a stock water pump and all the pulleys on the front of my motor.

    Vt stage 2 cams 600.00
    heads used 500.00
    trickflow intake 750.00
  5. I agree with roundboy. You can get up to 310 rwhp with the stock heads, stage II cams, LTs and dyno tune. Yes 408hp is nice but that is just an engine dyno. Add accessories and drive train loss, your looking at around 320-330 rwhp. I don't think it's worth it to get heads on the 2v.

    Just think with stock heads you can get

    Stage II cams = 600
    LTs = 400
    Dyno tune = 400

    So for $1400 you are looking at 300+ rwhp (around 350 crank hp) and you save a lot of money on getting new heads, that's not bad if you ask me.
  6. anyone know what kind of power these would make on a non PI motor by any chance? It should be quite a bit more right? Im looking at doing a similar set-up on my car, cuz I dont want to go the forced induction route. looking to do heads, cams, P-51 intake manifold, and the Kooks long tube header and X-pipe. Gonna try for around 350 at the wheels.
  7. A non PI should see another 10 horses or so. @420hp - acc. - driveline should have you at 345-355 rwhp :nice:
  8. Actually, thats a great point. These heads are an absolute no-brainer purchase for folks with non-PI gts. The difference will be staggering compared to the crappy stock heads.
  9. Anyone know which size combustion chamber they were usin.
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  10. 38cc

  11. Aha...I was going by what you posted on your first post "Heads, plenum, cams" and thought that they didn't run the intake.

    This test was still slightly unspecific because we do not know the specs on the shortblock, or the cams, valvetrain, throttle body size etc.

    I really don't think that $2000 for some true aftermarket cylinder heads, I don't see them going for more than $2400 at the most for the small combustion chamber heads is too much.

    Hell, ported stockers are between $1200 and $2000.
  12. ^ Well that certainly trumps the TF. Unless they have a different bottom end.
    The TF rating was supposedly on a stock bottom end :shrug:
  13. You can hand port the trick flows to 260cfm.

    They built the whole motor from scratch! Not exactly the same.
  14. Some of you guys are missing the point. The heads are total redesigns! Lots of upgrades over the factory heads. These heads have soooo much potential.
  15. the question how much better are they then actual ported pi heads.

    of course they are going to blow away any unported nonpi or pi heads....but haow do they stack up to the ported pi that i have.

    thats the data that will let you know if the heads are worth it. also when the throw them on a stock caar and do a dyno will tell us really where these heads are in comparison.

    yeas, they can be ported too....but tf should just sell them ported then!
  16. Not only do you have to factor in drivetrain loss, but accessory loss as well.
  17. can these heads accept any cams? could i reuse my comp cams? my blown gt is to the max other than heads/intake
  18. I don't see why not.
  19. In the episode they say the valves are repositiond and fliped to the other side :shru: Not sure how that works but it sounds like new cams are needed :shrug: