Tuned KB - New #'s!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Dig-It, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. I got a custum tune done on the Stang today at Dyno Tuned Performance in Chesapeake, VA.

    Old #'s (right after KB install 0n Sep 5th):
    392rwhp / 434rwtq

    New #'s (after oil change, new plugs, KB CAI, & dyno tune):
    420rwhp / 460rwtq

    I'm still very happy! :banana:

    (Once again, I could use an assist with posting the dyno sheet pic.)
  2. Great numbers Dig :nice: Does the car feel any different after teh tune? such as power, drivability, engine smoothness?
  3. :drool: ...I'm still waiting for my mechanic to install my KB S/C.
  4. Oh yeah! Driveability is still the same but I can definitely feel the power increase once I get into it. She's still pretty smooth even though the tune is a little more aggressive.
  5. May be this is dumb question but I'm trying to learn here, how is the tune done? I know that it's done on a dyno, but did you have to re-burn your KB chip? If so, did you sent the chip back to KB for the re-burn? One more question, are you running the 9psi intercooled kit?
  6. Kid:

    No. The shop has the software and a chip burner. They start with a baseline program and then tweak the program by adding or subtracting fuel & timing (and I'm sure other things that I'm uneducated in). Then they throw the chip back in the car, dyno it, evaluate, and tweak again if need be.
  7. Nice. KB = :drool:

    I'm torn between getting a KB, and the T & J up comming single turbo kits. KB I'd get to keep my current exhaust that I absolutely love. In the meantime I'll just be jealous of everyone else. :(

  8. Oh OK, thanks for the quick reply and the info. I'm having my KB Kit installed this weekend. I only know of two dynos here in PR, but I'm not quite sure if they have the equipment/computer/knowledge to tweak my KB mono-chip. What options do you think I have to get the most Hp out of my KB kit? I guess my only option is to have the car dynoed and send the graphs to KB for a re-burn of my chip...is this about right?
  9. Sounds like it. :(
  10. Sweet numbers!

    Good tunes can do wonders!!!
    Only 9psi right????
  11. the guys over at Dyno Tuned Performance are real good, i have known frank for a while. work at a detail shop where he has his mustang and vette done. drool...once i have something worth takign to him i will, lol. way to go on the numbers. thats some serious power right there. how long did it take them to do it? once again awesome numbers. :nice:
  12. 420 rwhp/460 rwtq.... :jaw: teh Kenne Bell is just a damn monster. any doubters shoudl be silenced now. thats on a fairly stock car too( going by sig). any LS1's pull beside him now, he'll be like :nono: then he'll smoke em and they'll be like :crazy: cause they just got :owned: and he'll be like :nonono: . then at the next light he'll be like bow down before me :worship:
  13. Your nutz :rlaugh:
  14. Heck, He'll smoke alot of cars with those numbers. I wouldn't want to race him for money....

    Great numbers. That torque is crazy on those KB's. I was at a dyno today and a viper with a KB made 750hp/950ft-lbs of torque...... Crazy
  15. Those are crazy numbers....makes me think a lot harder about getting a KB
  16. The sig is up to date (even the 9lb part)!
  17. Anyone interested in a intercooled novi 2000 with the steeda package for a good price? I need a KB now! :nice:
  18. I could possibly be. PM me with all of the details. Price, # of miles, numbers, etc. Thanks.
  19. Here's his dyno graph:


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