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  1. I'm not so certain, that appears to be a gauge only. The controller is what is needed to datalog and provide the signal to the gauge. To 94coupe, go to the Zeitronix site I referenced in post #34 to see what all the components needed are. The gauge is not necessary but you will need a laptop to run the WB software and see the AFR readings.
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  3. Do you have any way of managing the AFR or are you only planning on reading the AFR using the stock ECU?
    I hope you are correct. The instructions are for
    a 2 1/16 " WIDE BAND AIR /FUEL RATIO MONITOR (This is the gauge) I would like to see the parts/component list.
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  4. well I plan on getting quarter horse soon as I can

  5. I had to look at that for little bit. Initially, it looked like just a gauge that accepts input from a wide band. I see that it does have the lambda wide band sensor with it and will feed the ECU if necessary. Looks like you're good. :nice:

    I do not see a way to data-log with that piece, unless you're planning to data-log with another piece of equipment.
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  6. A cool way to make this happen without any extra hardware (assuming you have Quarterhorse and Binary Editor) is to feed the analog output (blue wire) through an unused sensor input (if you've deleted the EGR for example). You can then map the voltage curve ("transfer function") in BE and you have a wideband datalog ready to go -- mapped right along with the other data you're logging which is actually cooler than an independent datalog without the context.

    But you're absolutely right, I definitely wouldn't have gone with this setup. You can get an Innovate LC1 for about half the price and it has digital output for data-logging direct to laptop along with software. I don't see that on the autometer unit.
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  7. Yeeeep... Everything he just said.
  8. Thats how ive got mine setup as well
  9. ya well instead of screwing around with cross border stuff i got this same day with warranty that doesnt take weeks or even months....ill pay the extra...quarter horse is on the way already have the software.....im impatient....therfor i pay extra....lol..
    lesson learned
    thanks too everyone and there comments.....one more question i got 2 wires that supposed to go to data logger....or eec im not sure. instuctions are vauge to this
  10. Binary Editor has a nice built-in function where it can datalog and display your AFR from one of two sources -- the first is a supported digital (serial/usb) output from the wideband (Innovate and a few others) which won't pertain to yours. In that configuration you enable it on the hardware tab of BE and select the com port, setting the tag option to "AFR." Now you can datalog the AFR and also make it available on an open spot in your dashboard. This doesn't pertain to you since your wideband doesn't have a digital output.

    The second way to do it (works just as well -- probably easier since you never have to hook the wideband output to your laptop -- and will work with your wideband) is to disable EGR in BE and disconnect the EVP sensor plug from the EGR. Then, wire your WB analog output (blue wire, don't think you need to wire the blue&black ground anywhere so you can probably cap that off) to the EVP wire.

    You can wire directly them together right at the plug you pulled off of the EGR valve (if I remember right of the 3 it's the brown wire with green stripe you want to connect to). Or you can run a wire directly to the ECU and wire into pin 27 (don't take my word for exactly which pin as I didn't hook mine up this way but the diagram link says it is... I'd make sure it's a brown wire with green stripe at minimum). http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/engine/images/94-95_5.0_EEC_Wiring_Diagram.gif

    Whether you wire in at the plug from the EGR or wire directly to the ECU is up to you - no real difference in function, just the convenience factor of whichever is closest to your wideband controller.

    The last step is then to set up BE to use the EVP input as AFR. On the hardware tab under Moates select AFR from the drop-down. Enter the transfer function which maps your specific WB analog output in Volts to an AFR. Your manual provides information on how to do this.

    You'll now have access to the AFR tag for both the datalog and dashboard functions.
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  11. Watch the output on the analog out... 0-4v.
    Most others run 0-5v...

    Do they provide a Transfer function?

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  12. It looks like (in the owner's manual Madspeed included) that the "BGD Range Setting Mode" determines your transfer function. 0V=Low Set Point of the BGD Range you select, 4V=High Set Point, linear between. So your voltage for datalogging would always match your gauge display (and is set using your gauge). It's maybe not as flexible as what you can do with an Innovate (configurable transfer functions on 2 analog outs) but I think it will work just fine.
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  13. I've been reading through this entire discussion. I'm thinking of tuning for the 1st time, and jozsefsz has been helping me think through things on another post, this has all been very helpful. Thanks for these discussions guys.

  14. Myself as well as quite a few others that I can think of do so all the time
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