Turbo Time Performance(Has anybody used their turbo kits before?)

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  1. I was looking around at turbo kits for my silver coupe and came across this company in a MM&FF. The kit looks nice and the good thing about their kits are they are completely hidden under the frame rail. They said they have entered cars into stock classes in car shows and nobody noticed they were turbo cars. I would just like to know if anybody has done business with this company. I heard of people getting burnt by turbo companies that go out of business or dont send them anything.

  2. Not a technical issue

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  3. I dont know about that kit. I like the style of the turbo time kit. It is under the frame rail so you can't see it and also the heat stays away from everything. I dont like how close the turbo is to everything and I want to keep all my acessories.
  4. Id rather keep my turbo up in the engine bay where its safe... instead of near the ground where is got the potentional of being hit, sumersed in water, or picking up rocks.. but thats just me.
  5. I think its better out of the engine bay just put a metal heat shield around the turbo. How many turbos actually look show quality anyway? If you don't drive your stang but, on the weekends when its nice then I don't see a problem.