V6 convertible rattles and vibration

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  1. Hey Black,

    Was this a "used" vert you picked up? Or was it new? Did you check the Oasis report for any damage during transit. I am starting to wonder if you, did, perhaps get a bad fruit from the bunch. Tell the freakin' dealer that you want them to check the Gosh Darn pinion angle on that freakin' driveshaft already. I do not buy into the tire balancing act at all, and let's just assume for a moment that it is...why does it keep going out of balance? I had this exact problem with my 98 V-6 and it was a driveshaft balance issue. If the pinion angle is fine, ask them- NO WAIT - TELL THEM to check the driveshaft balance. Get the print out of the tire balance machine. What are we talking here? Have they run the car on a alignment machine to check caster/camber/toe, etc? Grrrr.....

    Who is this dealership BTW? Make sure that they know you are part of a public forum that openly shares this kind of information and that if they are unable to give you a concusive resolution to the problem then you will sing like a canary and we will make sure that their business is cut to a trickle. I know it sounds bad, but, sometimes you need to give them that little seed. I did it and also got VIP treatment on all 4 TSBs for the pony. Public opinion goes a long way. You are not just blk05vert, you are an army of 1,000s strong! :flag:

  2. LOL!!! It was a new vert. I got it from Ernie Haire Ford in Tampa, FL. I haven't checked the Oasis report - I'll be sure to do that though, thanks! I have a service appointment scheduled for Wednesday and will insist that they check the driveshaft. I asked the same last weekend when I took it in but they swore it was a tire balance problem. I *could* go to another dealer but at this point I want to have a consistent record of repair attempts just in case I do have to use the lemon law.

    I will say I love the car otherwise. Top down driving is great, it looks beautiful, gets lots of compliments (more than any car I've ever owned), and I'm sure there's more performance to be had from the V6 with some mods. I just want it to ride the way a new car should! :)

  3. Are the tires balanced from the inside out? Do you have weights on both sides of the rims? Also, it might look better by putting the white walls on the inside.
  4. Hey David,

    I have been looking into this Ernie Harie Ford and...well.... they had balls enough to try to screw the Police Department of Tampa, they have sued Ford Motor Company, Mr. Ernie appears to have his hand in a tad bit of everything in Hillsborough Co. and keeps his back covered with some large Professional Law Firms and nice donations to worthwhile causes, like lobbying groups and the legislature, probably judges as well... LoL... wonderful, Man. Keep that Consumer Litigation Atty # handy, just in case, eh?



    Here is a news story where some, obviously high quality pot was found in a rental car from the delareship and the manager didn't bother to apologize to the lady who rented the car. He didn't have to apologize and equate that to responsibility, the manager could have just said " I am truly apologetic that you have had to go through this ma'am." (care to spark one up? Hahahahahaha LOL )


    Class Action Issue Legal Opinion involving Dealership

    http://www.2dca.org/opinion/February 18, 2005/2D04-109 co.pdf

    Unsolicitied VIN etching in windows... Not to mention this dealership has some obvious legislative and legal clout. (see above legal opinion on "quick close on class action without due process and fact finding"....


    Ernest Harie's Political Contributions to the Democratic Elections... LOL


    Planning Commission Rezoning meeting in which said dealership doesn't care if they are located in a split zoned community and if people drive like nuts through the residential part. That's so sweet. LOL


    The Corp. Atty...


    Well, if I keep going I will probably get his underwear preference and blood type... So, I will conclude here.... In a hand basket... Sure you don't want that 05 GT Vert we talked about? JUST GET IT FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE... LOL

    Geez, you know, there is a reason I pay a little more for my cars at a Ford dealership that has a Blue Oval Certification from Ford. Recourse.... and a way to achieve it through Ford Corporate....

    Good Luck Bud.
  5. I had no idea! Nice work on your fact finding adventure :nice: As said, I'm dropping the car off tomorrow morning and we'll have to wait and see what they say/do about the vibration problems. I've been talking to other dealers in the area about trading for a GT but the $2000-$2500 markup over MSRP coupled with a low trade-in value for my current ride is cost prohibitive (no thanks on being $10k+ upside down!). In hindsight I would recommend against buying from Ernie Haire, however I was not aware of what it means for a dealer to be Blue Oval certified (assuming that they are not?). The only reason I choose to do business with them is that they are close to my work, had a car that matched what I was looking for, and gave me a better price than other dealers in the area. I guess you get what you pay for...

    Again, thanks so much for you help Jennifer!

  6. Hey David,

    Good News...They are Blue Oval Certified.. Type in Tampa, Florida in here and they come up third or fourth...


    You have recourse through Ford Corporate.... :)

    See what they say about the car, let me know and then PM me from here if you are not happy.....

    Weeeeee.. I love it when a plan comes together!


    P.S. Sure you don't need Ernest Harie, IIIs underwear size? LOL....
  7. Good luck

    We have had our V6 'vert (a deluxe with factory wheels and tires) at nearly all speeds and it is smooth and fairly quiet. I only get cross-wind buffering with the top material on occasion. I hope your dealership will get you straight - best of luck to you.
  8. I dropped my car off at the dealer yesterday morning around 8:00am and they called me at 4:30pm to tell me that they think I have two bad tires :nonono:. I asked them if they are going to look into the underlying cause of all these tire problems and they keep saying that they start with the tires when dealing with vibration problems. As said I suspect that the tires are a symptom, not the source of the issue.

    I may have my car back today or tomorrow. I asked them once again to check the driveshaft balanace and pinion angle and they continue to ignore my request. When I dropped the car off it was still shaking at 60-70mph and I also discovered in traffic on Tuesday that the car shimmies slowly from left to right at 15mph.

    So Jenn... know of any reputable consumer lawyers practicing in Florida??? ;) And what do you propose we do with the underwear size of Ernie Haire III?

    As for wind buffetting on the ragtop - I experience this in cross winds too. It kind of rattles when it happens. Both of my doors rattle too and as an added fun sound my drivers side door creaks when I accelerate or corner.

    Man I sound like a broken record... sorry to fill up this thread with my complaining!

  9. Hey David,

    What do I propose we do with Mr. Harie's underwear size? Ask him how much **** he can fill it with when we start making his business life hell.... :fuss: ....

    No need to contact an attorney yet... Current course of action for you to take:

    1. Contact Ford Corporate, in writing advise them of the problem and cc: Mr. Harie and the General Manager of the delaership.

    2. Advise them that if the problem happens again, you are going to picket (YES I SAID PICKET) their facility on a weekend and ensure that individuals interested in the Mustangs are aware of the service issues and to buy their car from somewhere else (make sure you have business cards from another dealership...)

    3. Speak to the service manager and be patient. Advise him of your issues with the car. Let him know about the Forums you are on, advise him that you are advising Ford Corporate of this issue and you do sincerely hope that it will not affect their Blue Oval Certified standing.

    4. Make sure you remain calm, courteous and businesslike; however, make sure that they realize the severity of their lack of service and the implications of what their lack of upholding those service standards will be.

    5. Get a second opinion from an independent tire and wheel shop.

    I am about ready to call these f*&%#RS...... and be nice and polite of course... :owned:

  10. I just got a call from the service rep, Chad, saying that my car might be ready today and that they replaced two tires (but the guy didn't know which ones - wtf?). Anyhow, he said the service manager wants to drive my car first and make sure the problem is gone before I pick it up... My guess is that sure it will be gone for a few days - it has gone away for about a day each time I bring it in and they f**k with the tires. The service dept. closes at 7:00pm today so perhaps I'll have more info in a few hours.

    I like your proposed action plan - I'm going to keep patient until I drive the car again. I am going to be so pissed off if I have to put up with another rough ride home today though!!!

    Ok enough venting for now :)
  11. Oh one more thing to add... my current tires/rims are actually from tirerack.com. I got them to replace the 19" rims the dealer originally instaled on the car. I highly doubt they sent me bad tires but I guess you never know... ? See, the car was shaking with the 19s just as it is now with the 17" Bullitts. Two different sets of rims/tires and the same exact symptoms? I think not!
  12. This is obsurd... They just called me and said the problem is better but there is still vibration and I wouldn't be happy with it so they are going to keep looking into the problem. I was polite with the service guy because honestly there's nothing to gain in being rude with any of their employees. However I am going straight to the dealer when I leave work today and I am going to try to find a manager to talk to about this...

  13. David,

    Ask them to do a quick shuffle with some stock rims from a V-6 on the lot and see if that makes everything all better.

    I have another ?. I think someone ask earlier in the thread...did you PAY for these rims that came with the car? If you did, I would ask for a refund of that portion of the purchase price if they were indeed the onsetting issue to the vibration.... You know what Bud.... Just PM me.... we are taking up all this valuable thread space, with our one-on-one love fest over this damn "tire" problem... LOL

  14. DOUBLE POST.... SORRY... :rolleyes:
  15. Well, long story short... the problem = fixed. Better than fixed! The GM was actually great to work with. I was able to trade my V6 black vert for a GT black/tan vert without taking any kind of hit on depreciation. That works for me!!! I just had a frank talk with him mentioning that I was prepared to lemon law the car and also talked to my credit union about a substitution of collaterral on the loan. The GM didn't want to deal with any of this so he made me a great offer that I couldn't refuse. Needless to say I am much happier! Talk about a world of difference in ride quality. The new 'vert doesn't vibrate, shake, or rattle at all.

    As an added bonus I get to keep my blk05vert username :)

    I'm bringing the 19" wheels back to the dealer and they're going to credit me for them. They also offered to sell my Bullitts for me if I don't want them. The GT I picked up tonight has the factory 17" wheels. They're actually not too shabby, but even better is that the ride is perfect at any speed now. I'm also enjoying the symphony from the exhaust... wonderful stuff!

    Again, thank you so much for your help and interest in this issue Jenn. I'll try really hard not to become one of the GT drivers that knocks the V6 (okay after ONE post on the GT forum :rolleyes:). I just had a lemon of one and I'm glad to hopefully be putting this all behind me so I can finally enjoy driving a car that feels as good as it looks.
  16. Well my friend....Patience is a virture and all is well, that ends well! :nice:

    I cannot tell you how happy I am that this worked out for you. You handled this VERY well. It is amazing what a little intelligence and patience will do for you.

    Enjoy that new GT vert. All I ask is that if you ever encounter someone in need of help and advice, you help in return. As silly as it sounds, it is a matter of helping of fellow humans, even if it is something as tangible as a car.

    Mission accomplished and another happy ending in the Ford Family of Fun!

  17. I saw that one post.. glad you were able to get it all worked out!
    Its a Stang no matter what!! Woo-hoo for you :banana: :banana: :banana:
  18. Thanks everyone! I could barely sleep last night - I'm actually excited to commute to work this morning in my new car. It sure was a long 45 days going back and forth with these issues. I really appreciate everyone's encouraging and supportive words. I don't think I would have taken the same angle without the great advice I got from this forum! Stangnet is def. the coolest car enthusiast community around. :flag:
  19. I'm glad it all ended well.
    Congrats Blk05vert! :nice:
  20. I've just changed my '05 Coupe to a vert. No such problems as yours. I've had all sorts of convertibles over the past 12 years (mainly MG's, old & new) & none had this kind of issue. For sure you can expect a noticeable difference in the chassis stiffness (or at least you should be able to) but no way on this earth is what you're experiencing acceptable.

    It may be different on this side of the pond but in the UK it didn't matter which dealer you took the car to for warranty work. Any reason why you can't get another Ford dealer to look into this problem for you?

    Hope you get it sorted.