V6 goes 11's!

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  1. Some test & tune tonight yield us 11.87, 11.83, 11.81 all at 117 MPH at Milan Dragway.:D Stock longblock and a 12 PSI Single Turbo System.
  2. Very Cool Pwrhws!!! The bar has been raised yet again! Runnin the 4.0L in the 11's is sure to make ripples across this board! Milan is a pretty cool track to run on too eh? I have been there a few times myself. I thought you were doing your testing and tuning in another state than Michigan. Are you collaberating with Livernois Motorsports by-the-way?

    11's ROCK
  3. :Teh-Win:
    Wow! Guess that V6 is holding up much better than anyone thought, eh?
  4. 11s? damn and i was all proud i ran a 14.9 tonight at the track lol. granted i have no bolt ons:)
  5. No, We usually do our dyno testing at our shop in NW PA, and our track testing in NE OH, But we opt to get our posted DynoJet results from "3rd parties" (Livernois, Alternative Auto etc), As I believe that it authenticates the results.
    So our affiliation with other shops is limited, and all our products are r&d in house and typically done local to us.
    Not to mention, we had a few meetings in the Detroit area this weekend, the weather was nice and our local track closes next weekend, and you never know what the weather brings this time of year, it could very well be the last weekend of the season.
  6. Hey Mike, you said those numbers were with a "stock" longblock, does that also mean that the heads are as they came from the factory?

    The reason why I am asking is that I believe I read on your website that it was stated that one of the weak points on this engine was the heads when applying boost.

    I guess what I am asking is, did you reinforce the heads in any way with better gaskets? I am still learning about the 4.0L, but I know on the 5.0L there was some type of head gasket that could be used to prevent them from blowing and I think it was called something like Wire-Locs or something like that and you actually had to have them embedded into the head and allowed you to run boost without too many worries of blowing the head gaskets.

    Also, do you take the motor apart at some point and see what (if any) damage there is? I would be real interested in finding out where the weak points on these motors are. I heard the connecting rods are forged and the crank sounds healthy, but am wondering about things like pistons and bearings and head integrity.

    I am curious as to how much these little monsters will take? I do appreciate the time and effort you are taking in pioneering this motor to new heights! :hail2:
  7. stock longblock should equate to stock heads/gaskets.
  8. Did you have to upgrade the fuel pump and injectors? What about when you ran the 150 shot of NOS?
  9. wonder if you're thinking about the supersix article about the 4.0L...

  10. Great Job, Mike!!!

  11. Would you people stop doing that?! I need to pay for school, not a turbo! :Damnit: :D
  12. Stock longblock in some views could be stock internals but more heavy duty head gaskets. I guess if the heads were machined in any way that might not equate to stock. But by adding say a heavy-duty waterpump where a standard-duty waterpump was in my book would still equate to a stock longblock or lets say changing the valve cover gaskets from rubber to cork (is it still stock?). Just a thot.
  13. water pump is on the accessory side, and not included when your purchase a longblock. changing headgaskets can change performance, as to where i doubt valve cover gaskets can.. just a thought :)
  14. "changing headgaskets can change performance, as to where i doubt valve cover gaskets can"

    I guess if you install the valve cover gaskets wrong and they leak oil all underneath and then you don't get traction off the line WOULD change performance :rlaugh:
  15. Seriously, I doubt a head gasket change would change the "performance" of a motor in any way as it would not increase hp or torque. But as I was saying if you put on the "locking" type of gaskets which then would prevent the heads from blowing it could possibly still be considered stock. Though some might argue that machining the grooves that are required to be placed in the head is not considered stock.

    I know, I know, if the head gasket blows then the performance has changed.
  16. Stock means stock. The heads have not been removed, the gaskets have not been replaced.
  17. Different headgaskets can raise/lower compression so yes they can change the performance of a motor.
  18. but like he said, its stock :) nothings been changed
  19. Thanks for the input pwrhws :) :D :)
  20. That's awesome. What about the fuel pump and injectors? Did you have to upgrade them to get enough fuel for the turbo?