V8's are better than V6's (Right?)

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Which do you prefer and why?

  1. V8

  2. V6

  3. 4 Cly

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  1. Edit: A lot of people have said this was a dumb idea and asked why i would post this and this is why, The whole reason for starting this whole thread was my quest to get Mustang drivers to stop classifying each other as V8 drivers and V6 drivers and prove that there are reasons for owning both and have every one come together and tell how much they love their car and why.

    Lets take a poll and hear some opinions, no arguing please just state your opinion as to why you voted the way you did. (I doubt every one can do this it's a little hard for most people to just listen to others opinons without bashing them for stateing them)

    My opinion is that V8's are better engines for a Mustang, (thats why it cost more) sure it may not get as good gas mileage as a V6 or 4 cly and yes you can make a V6 or 4 cly just as fast as a V8 but nothing beats that V8 sound and torque. I own a V6 and i love my car very much, i even like the sound that it makes with the flowmasters and dual, but i would also love to have a V8 in it (even with gas at $2 a gallon.

    A Mustang is a Mustang no matter what is under the hood, as long as it's a Ford engine :jester:

    PLEASE DON'T TURN THIS THREAD INTO A FLAME FEST, just vote and give your opnion

    Thanks, faststang_728 :flag:
  2. i have no problem with V6'ers as long as they are cool and not jealous little queers.
  3. Dear Lord please don't let this thread turn into a bashfest...

    I'm going to say the V8, because I agree with you about the torque and especially the SOUND. The sound of a V8 Mustang with a good exhaust is literally music to my ears. In a vert it's even better, that's one downfall of owning a coupe. I think most GM V8's sound really chitty, and it's not because I'm Ford-biased. I could literally count on one hand the number of Camaros or Firebirds that I thought sounded decent, but even the best of those doesn't compare to the way most V8 Mustangs sound.

    So believe it or not, my decision is based more on sound than power. I mean, I've heard of some pretty quick V6 Mustangs...there are a bunch in the 13's and some extremely modded ones in the 12's, but I'd take a 12 second V8 Mustang over a 12 second V6 Mustang any day, even if the 12-sec V6 was more rare (although a 12 second V6 would be one HELL of a sleeper!). Hell, I'd probably take a 13 second V8 Mustang over a 12 second V6. :)

    Not hating on the V6's though, they are our brethren too. And although the 3.8 will never sound as good as a 5.0 or 4.6 with a nice exhaust, I've heard a few V6 Stangs that didn't sound too bad.

    I will say that there seems to be a lot more assholish GT & Cobra owners than V6 owners. Some V6 owners are cocky simply because their car says "Mustang" and therefore they think it's the fastest thing on the road, but most are pretty cool and just try to do the best that they can with their V6's (and I can respect that). I bet a lot of stock 94-98 GT's have been surprised by modded 99+ V6's!! :D
  4. V8, look at the sig


  5. Good point :flag:
  6. i prefer a 4 cly :rolleyes:
  7. Then vote for it and tell why you like it instead of taking up space being a [email protected]$$
  8. Because Hondas pwn Mustangs Silly :p
  9. Some do, two of my good friends run 12.2's and under in daily drivin Hondas. Total street cars except for a turbo.
  10. A Mustang by any other name...

    I don't care what you use to get to the finish...
  11. FYI, Ford put a 4cly into the Mustang in 1974- 1993, this would be the 4 clys that are in discusion, not a Honda 4cly, seeing as this is a Musang website and all.
  12. Can I touch your car!

  13. I can do that in my 6 :rolleyes:

    Anyways, the question are 8's better than 6's?? That is such a broad and general question, how do you answer it. It depends at what the challenge is, autocross, probably not you'd be own'd, quater mile, we'd be own'd daily driver, take your pic, if you blow a bit more money and want to be a bit more flashy ok, go with the 8, or go that one step further and get a hemi. Whatever :spot: Or are we talking how long before the car dies, I don't know what will last longer, what kind of oil, whos taking care of it?
  14. I dont think a V6 would beat a V8 in autocross.
  15. It has been done. Why do you think kenny brown uses a 6??Because it is better for auto x.
  16. I say V8 but that is only because of the power that is readily available from the showroom floor, if a person wants a snappy car and doesnt want to have anything to do with moding it then the V8 is perfect. Although I would prefer to have a 350 HP 4cyl over a 350 HP V6 or V8 just because it is something that you could be VERY proud of building. I only mean this for in a mustang though, any other 4 cyl cars I dont really care for.
  17. well i guess were talking about ford motors, I would take a supra I6(t) over over v8 ...for the obvious reasons, but i love V8 cars. Right now i choose the Inline4 2.3T ..it will make v8's cry, and v6's jealous of insurance prices and power output (generally speaking). It will never sound the same as a v8, and it will never have the displacment of a v6. Every motor has its benifits and draw backs, the v6 is picked on more than anyother ford motor currently...its the circle of life :)
  18. Not going to flame but I have a V6 and obviously the V8 is better. This poll makes no sense :|.
  19. "......and on the seventh day GOD was going to rest, but he suprised us when he came back with an internal combustion engine that had two banks of four cylinders each, opposing each other at a ninety degree angle. We asked " behold, our Lord, what hath you brought us?" And the Lord spoketh "this my children is teh V8, let it run free and dispatch all evils, for Lucifer has sent demons of four and six to havok us" And so it was then that God said "V8's are teh win and all who are not equal shall be pwned!" :hail2:

    Oh, I voted V8, but I have owned all three in a Mustang, the V8 is my fav, but they all had equal love as a Mustang.
  20. V-8.

    If you cannot afford a GT or the increased insurance, then a V-6 is ok. Not trying to flame, but in 1993 I was an E-4 in the Army and going to college. I purchased a 4 cyl Ranger. I could not afford a V-6.
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