Viper wants to play!!!

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  1. I wasn't aware he was using nitrous:p
  2. You have no clue what you are talking about. Vipers shine in the 1/4. My good friend has one and I have watched that car run stock and modded in its current form. Low 12's high 11's stock and when modded they get sick fast.
    He has the stock 3.08 gearing and still cut a 1.48 60ft with completely stock suspension. They have so much torque they dont need much gear.

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  3. vipers arent no joke..We had a srt10 at work and damn did that thing move i never drove it but had a ride in it..
  4. awesome. I have always wanted to kill a viper. That was my main goal when i started building my stang. I guess i could kill the one you raced. I wish someone in my town had one and broughjt it to the local drag for a woopin.
  5. I guess the guys around here just can't drive then? There are a few in the 12's (which is pretty fast at around a mile high), but the majority of the drivers aren't getting traction, or maybe they are just babying their cars. I dunno.

    Looking at the Vipers numbers at the track, it appears I was correct... a low 12 would be a high 13 in CO. And that guy has racing suspension (though I'm going to assume its for auto-x and not for the track) and exhaust right? So that means a stock viper with an inexperianced driver would be running mid-high 12's at best. Making the numbers I previously gave ACCURATE.

  6. so did he beat the Viper or... never get to run it ... I'm lost.
  7. Yeah, those are great numbers, but were those against the Viper...and if so, what did the Viper run? I always love these threads comparing two cars...its a classic my dick is bigger than yours. Or more accurately....that other guys dick is bigger than this other guys dick. Why can't everyone just figure out that most cars are built stock for a particular purpose, and its hard to compare cars built for different purposes. Now you want to compare two cars built for the same purpose...Mustang v. Camaro. We all know how that one ends.
  8. beat the viper, and i wish i had a damn vid camra there was a s10 pickup truck there that was running 9's lol funniest damn thing i ever saw
  9. Doc, I think building your car up with asparations of meeting or exceeding certain qualities of another stock car is a good thing. If there weren't Vettes and other low priced sport/exotics the Mustang and Camaro both would have been limmited to each other (yes I know there were other slightly comparable cars, but we want to go after the big guy).

    The way I read it is that he won against the Viper?
  10. Nah, I understand building it up to beat better cars. Guess I just don't get trying to do full-on comparisons. Its ok to stick with comparing 1/4 times, but not a fair comparison to say one car is "better" than another just because of a 1/4 time. I just see a difference between a logical comparison and those that are mustang fanatics and just can't handle thinking the mustang could be beat by anything.

    Great job beating that viper.
  11. Consolation

    Hey if nothin' else dude, as close as you will probably make this, you only spent a 1/10 what that jackass did on your ride!
  12. Catsup, or get a lot more with the price than straight line performance. And he spent more than 1/10th I'm sure.
  13. You wanna talk funny, Ive seen an orange bronco running 10's and a Chrysler mini van doing 12's! Everyone laughed as the van pulled up then it did its front wheel burn out then followed the blow off valve and every1 got quiet. lol