Who would you vote for in the upcoming MOD election?

  1. DMAN302

  2. President Bush

  3. Martha Stewart

  4. Charles Manson

  5. No point to this vote. Daggs is gonna smack it down

  6. I vote we give Strype a Wedgie!

  7. StangNet is not a Republic or Democracy

  1. yeah but in act of stunts that i have to pull to become a member of the possie.. you dont think a ct is infact a reasonable trade ?
  2. The deal is for entrance into the Posse... What happens after that will b e determined by other means. :D
  3. ill even consider taking leghumper as a Ct!!!
  4. i mean think about it.... no one has been sent to construct pics like these such as be requested!! im not only entering the posse im makeing history!

    this will be talked about for centerys to come!!! when cars are floating
  5. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  6. That's pretty arrogant of you to think. You do not know the inner workings of the Posse... yet.:p
  7. ok but when i do, do this and i will.... anyone that ever wants to be in the posse has to do somthing crazyer then me and the next guy has to go crazyer then that and so on and so forth!
  8. Well just think.. you'll then have a voice within the Posse and can be part of the process in deciding those things. :)
  9. Don't forget... since we let the dress go... you must AT LEAST swap shirts with one of the hooters girls.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. *** hugs Daggar Strype dman and 90coupe *** and starts his journy in witch that has to take place... and will not return on stang-net until the quest has been completed!
  12. Yep... pics. He's gotta post em in order to become Posse.
  13. Keep your powder and your pants dry pledge! *salute*
  14. im makeing the sign now.... what should it read ?...

    and the pic might be taken on a camera phone... low quality but what am i gonna do ?
  15. Stangnet Talk Posse

    will do just fine unless someon knows of something else.
  16. what the hell did i miss in 2 hours?
  17. Dman ran for mod... failed... strype almost got banned.....im gonna be in the talk posse, 1st i gotta goto hotters and get 5 hootergirls to hold a sign.. witch reads stangnet talk posse...

    almost for got... strype was sleeping with the enemy and i almost stab'd everyone... After locking the door... but i put the blade away and im on a mission... dont try to stop me rust.. i no what i have to do!

    ***Rodger that LT daggar!****
  18. :Word:

    Going home- long day at :SNSign:
  19. Just a normal day in Posse here. :D
  20. You gotta be in the pic too 90! Sawp tshirts with one of the hooters girz. :D