Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. AC would be cool to have but too much turbo, intercooler and such in the way.

    Those tires are fine, I have driven my car 110+ miles in the rain on those tires with no wipers.

    My recaros are cloth too :)
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  2. I'll agree that a good coat or two of Rain-X works wonders for us No wiper fair weather Mustang drivers that seem to get caught in a passing shower on an otherwise sunny day... usually right after a fresh detailing....:doh:
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  3. It would have made 1000 hp if it wasn't so tired from that long drive ;)
  5. It rained on the way home, not the way there.
  6. I don't care if it has wipers,a/c or slippery-when-wet tires. This thing is a f'ing beast!! I will never have a car as nice as this:nice: And I'd never drive it! Jk I'd drive the sh it out of it!!
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  7. agreed there!
  8. I run nitto 555r's on my DD with little issues and I also have about 59 coats of rain x on all my windows. I buy in bulk.
  9. So I now have working headlights, front and rear parking lights, and a working horn (it's loud). The high beams also work. The turn signals also work. It was a little tricky understanding the multifunction switch circuits, but after staring at the diagrams and drinking a few beers, I figured it all out.

    I ordered a pigtail for the fog lights online because mine was melted. I'll be powering the fogs off their own relay that gets its signal from the parking lights. The relay will also keep me from melting another switch. I love the look of a GT with the parking lights and fog lights on at the same time, especially right before sunset.

    Next up should be wiring in the other end of the gauge panel pigtail. I have just about all of the wires ran for it except for some of the sensors. I bought LED backlights for all the Autometer gauges. I'm curious to see how they look.

    Pictures to follow soon.
  10. Here are the pictures from the lighting progress.

    Got the switch wired in. No fog lights yet.

    The RJM headlight relays. One for high beam, and one for low beam.

    Passenger side all loomed up and pretty.

    Parking lights.

    Low beams.

    High beams.

    All that light and nothing started on fire. I'd call that a success. Next up will be the tails.
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  11. You might consider a Greddy or Innovate analog AFR gauge to go with the others. Would be a shame (to me anyway) to ruin all that work with a digital gauge in the cockpit.
  12. Mine is similar looking to that. It does have provisions for an I-POD or other player though. It's a modern rendition of an old radio.
  13. Sorry to break your heart Noobz, but the digital AFR gauge is already in my possession. Any pictures I take of the gauges will be with them turned off, as to not offend you. :p
  14. :cry:

  15. When do start looking for a receiver, I'll also be looking for somewhat of a vintage looking one with a clean and simple design, but with an SD slot or USB input. I dislike about 95% of the receivers out there. Too many tacky designs.
  16. Lights in the back all work now.

    You wouldn't believe the amount of wires required to make the hazard switch work. Took quite some time just to get a couple of lights to blink at the same time.

    I also received my gauge plates. They came out amazing. The quality and feel of these things is impressive. They are extremely well built. I'm very happy with them.

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  17. plates look great!
  18. Thanks madspeed.

    Here's the receiver I'm probably going with.

    Keeping it old school. Like I mentioned, I dislike the cheesy, futuristic look of most aftermarket head units. This one by RetroSound has all the typical modern features. USB, SD, 3.5mm jack, equalizer, 4 channel external amplifier outputs, etc. It's all I would need and I love the look. Had I known I would have been going with something like this, I would have had the gauge plate cut specifically for the head unit and knobs. It will still look nice with the back plate though.
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