Want to get an H, X, or Pro Chamber pipe but can't decide...Help me out!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by astronut1885, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Hey guys. I am going to be getting some kind of cat free pipe after Christmas, but I can't decide what I want. I have had O/R h pipes before, and they were great, nice power, nice loud sound. I have heard alot about X pipes and pro chambers, but I can't decide what to get. If I get an H, it'll probably be like a Mac or BBK, if I get the X it'll be Pace Setter, and obviously if I splurge and get the prochamber it'll be Mac. Let me know what you think of those, my exhaust is currently Mac 1 5/8 shorty headers, stock H, and Flowmaster dual chambers.
    Thanks guys! :nice:
    Also, if anyone has any experience with Pace Setter, post it, because I can't find much on them, but their prices are good.
  2. IMO H-pipes sound the best. I have a BBK o/r h-pipe with 2 chamber flowmasters. The quality and fit were excellent. Don't buy MAC. My friend bought a MAC o/r h-pipe and it fit like ****. X-pipes also sound good. My friend has a BBK o/r x-pipe on his GT with 2 chamber flowmasters. Almost sounds the same as my car just mine is a little louder down low and his is a little louder in the upper rpms. If you get an x-pipe, I recommend either BBK or Bassani. I have no experience with the pro-chamber, but I heard good things about it. People say it is loud, but not as loud as an h-pipe or x-pipe. They say its more mellow, but still sounds great.
  3. I definitely can't afford a Bassani, although I hear great things about them. Pro chambers are supposedly the best for performance, but I can't find any comparison tests. I listened to the H and X pipes on a website last night, and I seem to like the X better, sounds a little different than the norm. Any more opinions and or suggestions are welcome!
  4. Go with a BBK Xpipe, sounds good, get some long tubes, sounds even better
  5. After going through the same dilemna trying to decide which pipe to go with I bought a Bassani x pipe w/ 2 chamber flows and I am very happy with it . Most stangs I hear in my town are runnin an H pipe which also sounds good. Be different, go with the X. :nice:
  6. UPR x-pipe

    I got a UPR x-pipe w/o cats on my 89 5.0 lx and it sounds really good. Also running flowmasters with cats. UPR x-pipes are about $180 after shipping and handling..I paid nothing for isntall though b/c my friends dad has a shop =-)Gl with deciding..
  7. I am gonna stick with my shorty headers. Pace Setter x pipes run about 150 shipped. I am going to go without cats, becuase I will still have my stock pipe for the emissions testing every other year. Keep going guys.
  8. i got the upr x-pipe for 129 and i went and picked it up... simply awesome quality and easy as hell to install your self(30 min if you have some sort of intellegence)
  9. Well I'll chip in with my Prochamber. Easy as hell to install and sounds great. Only thing is I'm not running flows. Borla cat-back. Sounds nice and mellow at idle but really wakes up when you step on it. Not as loud as most stangs because of the borlas but still meaty.
  10. any performance increase from an X or H with the prochamber? They are twice the price, there must be a reason for it...
  11. I love my ProChamber also. Makes great power and sounds different than all the other H/X combos out there. No problems with fit, either.

    The ProChamber does produce more power than an H or an X pipe, but be aware the PC isn't necessarily twice the price of other pipes. I can name a few pipes by other manufacturers that are more expensive than the PC and make less power. I got my PC for less than $230 shipped from Mustang Warehouse.
  12. I say go with the X-Pipe, but not the cheap ass pace setter. Magnaflow or Bassani :nice:
  13. Is there something wrong with the Pace Setter piece? I can't afford a Bassani right now, plus I think they are a little over priced.
  14. Bassani isn't overpriced.....it's just built ten times better then some of the junk exhaust pieces on the market today. And let's face it, you get what you pay for. It's 100% stainless steel right down to the exhaust flanges. Given the amount of water/steam that builds up in your exhaust system, why wouldn't want a S/S piece??? Would you rather buy a new H/X Pipe every few years or have a S/S piece that will outlive every other component on your car. In addition, you made a point about swapping the H/X Pipe every other year for MA emissions correct? Think about how much fun you're going to have pulling off and reinstalling a brittle, corroded, rusted pipe every other year. Been there....done that. I've been swaping my S/S Bassani Off Road X for the last 4 years without so much a hint of any kind of rust (inside or out) or warped misalignment problems. Got some S/S bolts for the exhaust flanges...add a touch of anti-sieze to the threads and swap the pipe in and out in less than 30 mins. Save your money a buy either the Bassani or the Magnaflow. You won't regret it down the road.
  15. Looks like I am getting a Pro Chamber pipe. I found one for 100.00 used but in great shape. WOOT!