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  1. Hahahha nice one!
  2. yet another car from Cro's personal collection
  3. I would love to have a 2.3L Stang as a beater !
  4. I wish I coulda gotten another 2.3L Mustang as a beater! I had to replace the water pump on my tempo today and I wanted to just push it over a hill and say hell with it.
  5. I'm lost...you wished you had a 2.3L instead of a 2.3L to work on :scratch:

    J/K I know, what a crapy joke it was but I couldn't help it :D I bet thats one of those cars that removing the side fender makes it easier to work on :eek:
  6. Daymn Pro-Hawk you know that the 2.3L is easier to work on than the 2.3L where have you been???????

  7. Let me put it this way, the 2.3 HSC just plain sucks. I spent 8 hours yesterday replacing the WATER PUMP and still didn't get completley done. I had to remove the upper and lower intake and tie the fuel rail out of the way just to get at the water pump.

    Whereas, replacing the water pump on a 2.3L OHC takes 3 hours at MOST.

    By the way, I also hate FWD cars. Those guys that actually work on FWD cars must really have some patience...

  8. LMFAO!
    I LOVE THIS POST! Damn, did you have to ban him?

    Not only do these crappy 2.3s get 27 mpg, they run high 11's in the quarter! Eat that you 5.0 tard!

    And the fact that he recommended a piece of S#!T 5.0 instead of a 351 makes him that much more of a retard!
    Just reading his post makes you almost see the retardation oozing from his lower lip.

    Thanks tard, you made my day. :rlaugh:
  9. :rlaugh: got rice
  10. Did he spray paint chrome hub caps with blue paint?
  11. Ah well - maybe it's better that the little pest is banned. It would have been like having a battle of wits with an unarmed person anyway...

    As you can see from my sig - I've got 'one of each' and the old 2.3L (with 185,000 miles on it) just keeps on running and it only cost me $550!

    ...you'll learn young grasshopper - but not anytime soon...
  12. And yet most all FWD owners swear that they are easier to work on. maybe one just has to know how to work on them. I have done a coupell escorts, and they are alright as long as you dont have to get to the front of the motor.
    The worst but the coolest I have dealt with is Camaros {SP} they are so nice, but damn them for making some of the tightest closest tolerant items. The exausht is even a pain in the rear!

  13. fwd....yuck....*pisses on fwd*
  14. I know Red, I was just messing with ya :crazy:

    Ya I spent a few hours on my mom Pontiac once just to change the belt ( water pump, AC etc). I sware you need to have VERY thin hands to work on them cars.
  15. I bought a 93 Gand Am Quad 4 at an auction thinking the water pump job would be a few hours. I had to remove the exhaust to get to it. :nonono:
  16. That Sucks totally! :notnice:
  17. No he taped Al foil on there with blue tape.
  18. Thats gotta suck.

    I love FWD cars like I do Vettes but I want own one since I'm not going to work on one :nonono: I don't mind paying people to do minor stuff when I'm in a jam but these people think I'm rich. I'm really, a shop wanted to charge me 120.00 to change plugs on my LX :eek: I bet you can guess what I was doing that following weekend ;) OMG, the worst one was when my heater core went out. They wanted 750.00 to swap in a 20.00 core from AutoZone :bang: Now granted this is not a easy job but I still can't see spending almost a grand :nonono:

  19. 98 Gran DAMN GT Removed entire engine to replace the oil pan :notnice: