#*^%!#*(%@#!* Weedwackers

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  1. First long drive with my newly purchased '03 Cobra without a mark on it and I have to pass by some idiot edging his driveway near the street, oblivious to anyone around him or coming down the road, and wouldn't you know I get blasted with a load of thrown off pebbles. Now I have some pin hole size chips in my previously untouched perfect paint as well as a small scuff in the windshield.
    Is this reason enough to kill? I was so mad but one look at the guy and his house told me he could not afford the touch up paint so why confront him with my anger and do something I would regret later. Any way the damage was done.
    Any suggestions for the best touch up procedure are appreciated. I will not repaint the entire area but do want to touch it up as best as possible.
    Everyone should beware of weedwackers and lawn mowers/tractors. Landscapers and homeowners are responsible for thousands of nicked up paint jobs due to there own negligence and lack of concern for others property.
  2. Man, that sucks to hear that. I hate when that happens. I just found a chip mark on my bumper that was flawless(since it was repainted in december) and I got pissed, but what can you do. Try going here and looking under chip and scratch repair. I have a small scratch on my door from a drunk friend opening their door into mine. I'm going to use this same procedure on my car to repair it. I don't know how soon your going to repair yours, but if you could wait a while, I'll do mine and tell you how it comes out. I just gotta buy the touch-up paint...
    Anyways, here's the link. http://store.yahoo.com/autopia/paintclinic.html
  3. Here is a good site for getting touch-up paint. They also have instructions on how to apply. The nice thing is you can get the paint in several forms like a touch-up pen, traditional brush, spray cans, etc...

  4. Man that sucks. I can relate -- I had some nitwit turn on his snowblower just as I went by his driveway last winter. it sounded like someone threw a bucket of pebbles at my car. The thing that really pissed me off was that he WAITED for the car ahead of me to go by, then turned on the auger as I came up to him. I was "this close" to turning around and ripping him a new one.....