Well...its official: "Ford Shelby GT for the Masses"

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  1. I intend to order my Mustang Romeo - whichever model I decide to go with. If shelby, I should say Ford, doesn't decide to price gouge I could really see myself buying Shelby GT. I think that $32k-34k is a reasonable price given the modifications of the Shelby GT, and of course who is putting the mods on. What would tip the scales in favor of the Shelby GT: 325hp became 350+ hp.

    Bottomline is this, It'll more than likely go for aoa $35k, and for $5k more...I'd rather save for 6 more months and buy a Cobra GT500 at MSRP (which I know you will be able to get at within a year).
  2. This is in Albuquerque NM, I don't live there but its about the only decently stocked area in the state.

    Coupe! They had these wonderful handwritten stickers beside each MSRP "Limited production model collectors!" Yea, same reason given for the deluxe GT with appearance pkg...you want me to buy a car with cloth seats for how much? Well it DOES have that nifty nonfunctional hood scoop!

    And as for the Shelby GT...I would compare this to the 03-04 Mach 1's in terms of availability and pricing - with the Mach 1 being the higher priced option! What did you get in 03-04?

    Mach 1 = $5500ish option
    Retro wheels, new heads, graphics, new hood, new seat upholstery, shaker insert, emblems, chin spoiler, some custom colors specific to model, blacked out spoiler, lowered suspension and different springs ++++ I'm sure I'm missing more.

    Shelby GT = $ ??
    Standard GT wheels (assume same as Hertz), custom stripe graphics, few emblems, a FRPP combo for a few horses, maybe custom tuning to suspension? New grill and front fascia, new hood.

    Yea, MSRP (adjusted for inflation) better be less than $5000 for a Shelby GT option.
  3. I agree 100%.

    Is the GT500 confirmed as a production model for next year as of yet? I know for sometime I kept seeing that it may be an '07 model only - again thats only been rumor/speculation, but I haven't seen solid evidence it will be out for '08.

    I'd agree on the pricing as well. For reference, this what I've read the Shelby GT will have over a standard GT:

    • Ford Racing Handling Pack
    • New coil springs drop the overall ride height by an inch-and-a-half
    • Stiffer dampers and front swaybar
    • A front strut-tower brace and P235/55ZR18 high-performance tires
    • Ford Racing Power Pack increases the output of the naturally aspirated, three-valve, 4.6-liter V-8 to 325-horsepower, and 330 pound-feet of torque.
    • The Power Pack includes a 90 millimeter cold-air intake and a new performance engine calibration
    • The high-flow exhaust system with X-pipe crossover offers better power delivery
    • A shorter rear-axle ratio is installed
    • For Shelby GT models equipped with a manual transmission, a Hurst short-throw shifter is installed
    • Plus any visual mods, scoops, paint combo's, etc.

    All courtesy: http://www.blueovalnews.com/index.php?categoryid=12&p2_articleid=345

    So really, I wouldn't have to mod the springs, cold air intake w/engine calibration, exhaust (at least not for a few months...), gears (again not at first), shifter, or visuals (I love the scoops & stripes); which are all things I'd mod in the first 6 months of owning the car anyway. If it can be in and around a $5k markup over a GT (both cost & dealer markup), it'd be a great value in my mind. That's IMHO of course - your mileage may vary.
  4. Also Romeo the Shelby GT has some other stuff going on for it. I remember recently reading on another board that Amy Boylan (President of Shelby Automobiles, Inc.) frequents that all these FRPP modifications, as well as other here-and-there modifcations, will be covered under a Ford Warranty...that's pretty nice. She also hints at possible upgrade packages for the Shelby GT, cross your fingers on an under warranty supercharger (that may be pushing it though).

    The only thing holding me back from jumping on this when it hits the lots in the 1Q of 2007 is 1.) The price (duh), 2.) More information on the Boss.

    Either way, it's a good time to be a Mustang fan.
  5. Well said. I am chomping at the bit to get one...
  6. Figures I have seen indicate Ford will build 10,000 Shelby GTs. I'd like to see red. The first Shelbys came in red. The 2003 Mach 1 at the end of the model year had a rebate and at many dealers could be had for under invoice. I bought one new that the dealer had on his lot for a year for $24,000 tax included. I wish I still had it.
    It's my understanding Ford plans to keep building the GT 500. Why wouldn't they if fools are willing to pay so much over sticker?
    About $5,000 more than a GT is what the Shelby should sell for considering suspension and engine upgrades. More than that, and you are close to sticker on a GT500. Time will tell.
  7. Ford will continue to make the Shleby Cobra GT500 as long as there are people to buy it, or Ford/Shelby decides to come out with something bigger *hint*GT500KR*hint*. And even then, they could continue production of the GT500 as a stepping stone between the Shelby GT and the GT500KR - sort of like the Shelby GT is a stepping stone between the GT and the GT500.

    Here's the elephant sitting in the middle of the room - as long as their are finanically wealthy people out there who want in on the "leetness" of owning a new Shelby Cobra GT500, Ford will continue to keep those snakes selling at $10k-$15k above MSRP. I also expect future Mustang models to go several $k above their MSRP. Simple reason...the s197 Mustangs are red hot - they have resparked the mass interest in muscale cars. Ford knows they can get away with price gouging, because there is a LARGE crowd out there who can afford and and don't care paying over MSRP by several thousand dollars. It's simple business, and you can't blame em :( .

    They will contine to get away with this until competiton shows up in the form of the Camaro and the Challenger, competition always lowers prices. Right now Mustang once again has a firm hold on the pony car show of this era, but that will change in one to two years, and so will the prices.

    ::wants to buy more patience :mad: ::
  8. Rad, I already told you on the other thread what the larger air intake is..It's nothing more than the lower grill of the GT/CS having a larger opening to allow more air into the engine bay, so there's nothing more to figure out..There's no FRPP cold air kit included with the GT/CS I also checked with Ford racing and their current flash tool, will not work on any the 07's yet..I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is..
  9. Ease up a little Red. I checked and I posted the above Yesterday @ 11:07 am and you replied with an answer @ 7:12 pm. So when I posted my reply I did not know what the statement Larger Air Intake.:mad:

    But thats okay. I gave you your props in the other thread that I guess you have not got to yet. :nice:
  10. I still think there is a large gap between the 325HP Shelby GT and the 500HP fire breathing GT500. A 400HP car is needed to fall between the two to really complete the lineup.
  11. If they continue to make the GT500 & start/continue to make the Shelby GT, I see only one (maybe two) logical choice(s): The Boss (with a GT350 as a close runner up) as you 400HP machine.

    What really gets interesting here, is how Ford will price that many Mustangs in the line up: The V6 to GT is a decent pricing gap; GT to Shelby GT shouldn't be much; that doesn't leave much room for the Shebly GT to Boss/GT350 to GT500 price gap...of course we're talking MSRP/Invoice here...not markup.

    But I agree srothfuss, a 325HP "GT" is not much more than a stop gap measure to continue to wow the crowds (like me :D ) and keep interest in the Stang going strong. And heck, I'm all for it.

  12. We both agree...

    My biggest problem is now waiting to order said 400HP (or close to it) Mustang. It's hard not going into the dealership and walking out with a brand new Mustang. I've only owned used ones thus far. :)
  13. We may be overpricing the gap between the GT and the GT500. The shelby GT is going to carry a higher MSRP and a more than likely higher markup due to fact that it's modifications are done by Shelby. This may not be the case with the future BOSS stang if it's a mass produced vehicle by Ford. I bet the Shelby GT will go for a higher price with markups than the BOSS with markups.

    The Camaro and Challenger all have conceptual/factual 400HP+, and they are going to be priced to compete with the Mustang GT's ($25k-$27k). It would make sense to me for Ford to answer back with a very performance savy BOSS, and say to hell with the pricey luxury end of it - save that stuff for the '09/'10 Mustang. Offer a 5.0L-5.4L naturally aspirated 400 HP BOSS on the chassis of an s197 with other performance upgrades, and keep it in the park of $30k to compete with the Camaro and Challenger.

    Now why I went on a BOSS rant? Because the BOSS will be the middle stang from the GT to the GT500, not the Shelby GT. Alot of people on other forums are crying buckets because it's not 350hp, it's not this, it's not that. But it is exactly what everyone asked for, a Shelby GT-H that the public can buy, plain and simple. If you like the GT-H and have the money to pay the more than likely high MSRP and markup due to it having "Shelby magic", buy the Shelby GT. If you want to hold out until the BOSS gets more light shed on it's price and statistics (which I'm doing), then wait.

    I'm just glad our board is mature enough to see the Shelby GT for what it is, and not see it as a true inbetween GT/GT500 :nice: .
  14. :lol: I think you are dreaming here. I really hope that you are right though.

    We really really really are mature here! I tend to agree with you. I don't see the Shelby GT as a car to fill a performance void. Instead, I see it as a more afordable Stang that bears the Shelby name on it.

  15. Come to think of it, what I really see happening is the following:
    • Shelby GT is a limited run 'niche' car to fill a high demand request (2 years max)
    • Standard GT gets a bump in horsepower to compete with the Comaro/Challenger
    • BOSS is the middle group between the GT & GT500
    • '09/'10 we start all over again and completely remap the landscape

    Of course thats just my .02, but I don't think you'll ever see a BOSS made in this century that is priced for anything less than mid-$30k. Why is that? Not because Ford owns the rights to the BOSS name and can make it on the cheap vs. licenses and the what not from Shelby, but because they can price it in the mid 30's and they know it will sell.

    However, like FNG 2001 said, I hope you are right about a low priced/high HP BOSS to compete with the emerging competition!! :flag:

    (Side note: is the BOSS confirmed or merely a very strong rumor/speculation?)
  16. As far as I know Romeo, the BOSS is a very strong speculation.

    I would like to know how the Challenger and the Camaro are going to be aoa $30k, with what they are putting in them - or what is being *strongly* speculated putting in them. It's been hinted that the Challenger will be aoa $30k, and the Camaro will be priced to compete with the Mustang GT - both sources are EXTREMELY reliable.

    I agree it would be highly unlikely for a BOSS to go for $30k, more realistically $35k. The only thing that may help bring prices down when you are wheeling and dealing face to face with the dealer, is the competition on the other side. Regardless, I think it's safe to assume the Camaro, Challenger, and hopeful BOSS will all be aoa $30k - with the BOSS $32+. The big factor we can't quite tell, is the competition price dropping factor.

    The only problem I can foresee with the pricing is a bottleneck between a 400HP BOSS model, and the GT500. We all know the GT500 will sell for MSRP by the time the 400HP model is rolled out, it's even more likely you will be able to get it below MSRP. So where does that leave the pricing THEN on a 400HP BOSS model?
  17. Here is the blog that Tim did about the BOSS: Click Me

    At this point it is speculation about the BOSS, but the speculation is EVERYWHERE. Doesn't that count for something? I am not too worried about the price point being over 40K. My reasoning: there is now way someone that walks into a showroom would want to buy a BOSS at 40K when there is a GT500 sitting next to it for 42K (minus the greedy markups by this time.) That is the good thing about the Shelby and BOSS models, they'll both be in the same showrooms.

    So all we can do is speculate based on what we know right now and I think we all agree that somewhere in the mid 30's should be our BOSS. Now if we could just fast forward to next year to find out a little bit more and hear an offical annoucement from Dearborn.
  18. Dreadknaught- I couldn't get your first link to work. What is up with the Bullitt? I really liked the first one in 2001, but ended up getting a GT instead. I really have learned my lesson modding the hell out of two cars, and would rather spend more off the bat on a SE Mustang and leave good enough alone. A new Bullitt on the S-197 platform in highlander green would be sweet.

    As for the $35K price tag on the Shelby GT, I'd rather get something else. With the new Camaro, Challenger, and other SE Mustangs coming out, there should be plenty of choices for under $30K.