welp, it finally happened

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  1. x651225

    i really like the progress pics. good job:nice:
  2. VT Stage 2 N/A cams in the house
  3. i thought VT was out of business?
  4. Yeah, but CobraRed isn't:p
    Glad they got there alright, Matt.

    Oh, and CMS is still selling these cams through Jim Cushman as well.
  5. House of CobraRed :flag:

    I can't wait to get these cams in this week :D
  6. good stuff man!
  7. Progress :D I'll let the pics do the talking


    now I'm going out to degree the cams
  8. awesome build, It'll be bad ass when it's finished.
  9. So, we hit a snag. One of the main journals on the VT Stage 2 camshaft is out of spec. It's actually .030" too large for the bore on the cylinder head. We didn't discover this until we started tightening the cam retaining cap down and it cracked in half. So tomorrow I have to try out this machine shop that hopefully can machine the journal down to the proper size and then hunt out a cam retaining cap and have it machined to match
  10. Damn that sucks bullocks
  11. Holy ****! I've heard of this before from VT's reamining cams too! I should have checked them. Refer to this:
    VT Stage 2 Blower Cams!! - ModularFords.com

    I actually need to check my custom ground blower cams for that same issue now based on what I've seen.
    You know what size they are supposed to be? (I guess i can measure off my stock NPI cams laying around?)

    And let me split the machining costs with you.
  12. Here's my blower cams then stock NPI cams. both 1.060", what were yours?


  13. Nice build.
  14. that's definitely within spec. I had one journal on the driver's side, 2nd one back that was out of spec
  15. Thing is i didn't check every cam journal since i wasn't aware it was only one random journal that was that way on the bad ones(how sneaky!). Still need to check now.
  16. some pic updates. Took the head to a machine shop to have the cap machined to match. Got some pics before hand though. Motor mounts, passenger side cam and header are on. Tomorrow I pick up the cam and head and it's back to rocking and rolling.


    Started putting the intake stuff together so it'll drop right on after the motor is back in
  17. New problem: when started the process to degree the cams, while turning the crank to the proper degree, we would observe PTV contact. No matter the method we used, PTV contact would happen. So the Stage 1's will be making a re-appearance tomorrow in hopes that I can still be cammed with no problems.
  18. build13.jpg

    dropping it in tomorrow night :nice:
  19. WTF?
    That doesnt sound normal. VT stage 2's should be easier to time than comp cams 270AH's. What the heck are up with these cams?
    I'm not touching left over VT stuff anymore.