Went to the track for first time, man do I suck

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Jesus, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Because his tires are spinning.
  2. :nice:
  3. forget the mods right now, just go to the track and drive it, you can mod all you want but thats not going to help. you will have a lot more fun improving than modding and running the same ****ty times....and once you get the hang of driving, thats when it gets really fun. ask the guys at the track that are running good times for some pointers

  4. would've said the same thing.
  5. instead, you quoted god
  6. Thanks everyone for your help. I too am worried about the car not barking second. I will say this though, I cant get it to do this all the time, but sometimes when I power shift into second the car will go sideways, which I assume is in place of barking the tires. It wont do this all the time though. The weather here is changing, it had been in the low 50's but now it is moving into the 70's. Im hoping some of the problem is that the car isnt adjusted to the warmer weather yet. One can hope.
  7. i ran faster that that in a stock 98 GT auto......14.98 :D

    btw that was my only "stock" pass it started to rain :nonono:
  8. you really just need practice. As for times, mph is important but you can run a 13.5 and trap at 97 mph or run a 14.0 and trap at 101 mph. It is all in the 60 foot and traction whenn you change gears as well as what rpm you shift at. I don't think you listed a reation time and shouldn't worry about that right now anyways. You have a mid to low 13 sec car when you practice. :nice:
  9. Cool, I cant wait to get back out to the track and try some of these suggestions.
  10. Amen
  11. With those mods you should be running mid 13's at 101-103. Don't buy anything else for the car until you can get your skills to that level. Once you can, then get some more mods. Like Jackie Chan said, don't buy more mods to cover up a lack of skill. I started off running mid 14's when I first started racing and after a few months i got it down to 13.99 bone stock. Then I added the exhaust mods and now I have steeda pullies and Timing adjuster on the counter at home to be installed. Like I said earlier, get your times down to where they should be with practice before throwing more mods at it.
  12. If it makes you feel better, within a few months of buying my car brand new, i brought it to the track and ran 14.7, 14.85 and 14.979 in that order. The car was bone stock and a 5speed. I banged gears and spun down the track, i was hoping for high 13's and was pretty pissed off when I didnt get the timeslip I wanted. While I still drive like a woman, i have now managed to get the car into the high 13's with the minor bolt ons. You need to control your 1st - 2nd tire spin, and especially ride the clutch a little to control your takeoffs. If you are spining your tires, you arent going anywhere. if you can keep that in your head while shifting and letting out the clutch, you will lower your time. My 60ft time never gets any better but i think the 1st - 2nd tirespin is the key to getting down the track quicker.

    Ministry has a song called "Jesus built my hot rod". IM glad to know that its a GT.
  13. :lol:
    Can't beat me, 17.7 and 17.8 first 2 runs ever. Horrible horrible launches and 1-2 shifts. :nonono: Bad advice from friends with older Stangs. Ran a 14.9 for the 3rd and final run.

    2 visits later (4 runs later) I ran a 13.706. Practice is definately all it takes. :nice:
  14. pulleys-worthless
  15. pullies are giving as much power as your plenum
  16. i dont think so...all dynos ive ever seen of pulleys are 3-4 hp, same as a tb..barf
  17. you should be running well below that something has to be wrong or you really need some practice
  18. You're dreaming. Pulleys are a proven mod. Now...that plenum....that's a different story.
  19. I ran a 14.00 in ennis texas with open headers talk about NO low end it noged right after the launch...with the mods on my car (Gt) if i were to go back out there i should rin mid to low 13's oh yeah not to menton that i was at 21 psi and on a set of 245/45zr17 pieces of crap little little bit of tread...MANN i have seen maybe one or 2 gt run that slow and with 4.10s also gawwww i have the stock gears and i was at i think the mph was like 99 i did not have a hement so no 13.99 pass for me...Mann wanna run em JESUS... :rlaugh:
  20. uhm ryan...they are a mod that everyone does cuz everyone does it...sorry pal.

    they worked very well on 5.os cuz the accesories ate up a large chunk of power, but on a 4.6 the accesories dont really take that much to run....so you are not freeing up 10 hp like everyone thinks.