Went to the track for first time, man do I suck

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  1. p.p.s. look at any dyno of any plenum, they gain a bunch of power...pulleys dont gain crap, maybe +1hp,+1tq...sorry

  2. Hmmmm. Jackie chan...,. This is the guy who claims to run run low 13's on nothisng but "snow tires" and ":ala" ..... I'm gonna try this myself and see if it does me better thand the nitto DR, I'm gonna pick up.......!
  3. Well, I may not run very well at the track, but on the street its a different story. Tonight on the way home a couple guys in a Camaro pulled up next to me and tried to race me. The had a head start and even launched thier car (Auto I think) but I was able to pull them in first and second. I had to let off after that due to a car in front of me. I was also thinking that the car stopped chirping the tires after I installed the Pro-Chamber, so I guess that could have something to do with it. I did get it to chirp a couple times tonight, but I used to be able to do it at will. Im having the car looked at this Saturday to try and figure out what, if anything, is wrong with the car. As far as whats wrong with the driver, thats sort of a long term project.
    When I got the pullies I didnt know that the stock pullies were of a similar ratio. I just learned recently that the stockers are a more aggressive ratio than they had been in previouse years. As far as the ported plenum goes, Ben Alameda was right up the street from where I used to work, so I decided to get it done and see what happened.
    Any way, I have to say, the car feels fast, so I think most of the problem is with me. Should know after this Saturday if the car is messed up or not. Hope not, but if it is it gives me a great excuse to get some major upgrades or maybe even a new engine (hope not though) By the way, does anybody know the legality of swapping a 4v into a GT in Arizona. Will they fail me on the visual? Will they be able to hook up to the computer if it has the swap chip that one place is selling?


  4. dang, is this true? good shiot, i'm glad i didn't buy it.. :nice:
  5. yes, i have seen it. pulleys dont do crap on 4.6s, their stock pulleys do not eat up that much power. everyone made them, and everyone bought them cuz they were a proven mod on the 5.os for 20+ years.
    dude, i trap the same(if not higher) than guys with all those extra worthless mods. maf, tb, intake spacer, and pulleys.
  6. so a TB does nothing but the plenum does do something?
  7. good word good word.
  8. i'm confused.
  9. well, i personally would get the TB with the plenum. that's just me. But if you look at his times it's very good. Right now i'm either in the high 12's or very low 13's with just my mods alone..
  10. my TB is on the way right now...i ordered it last week..i was just hopeing that i wasnt screwed. but then again, he's the 1st person i've talked to who has told me that the TB is a worthless mod :shrug:
  11. :scratch:
    I'm the snow tire guy but that was before I had money to get summer tires and in the spring I'm going to get DR's.

  12. heh, don't worry bro. you'll be fine and will be pulling times just like us.. :D
  13. to be honest i cant wait to get out to the track and see what i can do :)
    its been so fun doing the mods, now i gotta see how well they work..and if i can drive..
  14. and if you can drive. that's right

    don't waste your money on JBA headers.. if it's not LT's don't even bother.
    Why are you planning on a shorty x-pipe if you're getting shorty headers?? lol??
  15. well i'll get a good deal on the headers, and since i'll be going supercharged, they'll help with the flow out of the engine. plus LT's aren't legal here as you know..and as for the shorty x, i might be getting that for a really really good deal and if i put it on i'll get some free dyno pulls out of it. if the magnaflow catted x was legal, i'd get that instead. but as of now it still isn't legal to my knowledge...damn our emissions laws suck :notnice:
  16. if you get shorty headers you need regular sized mid pipe. not a shorty mid pipe.

    Shorty midpipes only go with LT's... i'd hate to see you disappointed when you get your stuff and have it be too short. lol

  17. the shorty x welds on after the cats and before the mufflers. so that portion of the pipe is still intact and attached to the headers. and the JBA's will bolt on to the stock pipe. i think Dave and Bruce would have let me know if i was in for a big surprise :)
  18. haha ok ok.. it's just the crossover pipe then.. i gotcha.
    Usually people refer a "shorty pipe" to be the whole mid pipe itself that goes with LT's.. hehehe

    right now i'm running a MRT o/r H-pipe with my welded 2chambers.. i want louder sound!!
  19. lol yea i had just realized that. magnaflow calls it a "tru-x" or something but the guys at the shop were calling it a shorty x. normally i wouldnt bother but the prospect of 2 free dyno runs (before and after the install) is very intrigueing.
  20. hehhe nice. well, hurry and see how you do at the track once you're finished modding. i'll see yah.