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  1. I've been a member for more than 1500 days and don't have the "founding member" title. Not that I'm complaining, I like my current title better.

  2. "Founding Member" is for those who've been here forever, but haven't distinguished themselves enough to rate a custom title.:p
  3. Here it is:
  4. custom title FTW
  5. How many times did I try to get a custom title? I'm too old to remember!

    Hey Sd - did you try the discout coupon for your Depends yet?
  6. Yeah, but I returned it and asked for something I could REALLY use - like super discount coupons for Jack Daniels or Black Velvet (or even Michelob Light) :cheers:

    And it certainly goes better with your avatar! :drool:
    I just realized it had been a long time since I made any horn-dawg comments about her!

    Thanks, Ray; now when can I borrow your Hot Babes to pose around Larry the F150 - or even Dutch the 1 HP all-hoof-drive Mustang??? :D
  7. Ahhhmmm......errrrrr.....ZOWIE!!!..... okay. As soon as I get some new tires for the trailer, I'll load Dutch up and haul him back there. Can he stay in your backyard??? :p
  8. Wow, the one to your far left looks like my mortgage broker, I guess it's true what they say, sex sells. :D

  9. Woof, she looked like your mortgage broker???? Where on earth did you find a mortgage broker like her? When we re-fi'd our house we went through three different brokers (all with the same office of Wells-Fargo Financial) in six weeks.

    The first one (kinda cute in a "soccer mom" sort of way) had to take some time off to deliver her first child. :)

    The second one needed to shave almost as badly as Chepsk8 does in that picture. I don't know if she and her husband were ever gonna have kids. :eek:

    The third one looked (and acted) like he regularly shaved - his legs and back! :crazy:

    If I ever do that again - I wanna go where you went! :p

    EDIT: No offense, Dan; but an 80's spaghetti-western crew called - they were wondering if they could get their droop-stache back :lol:
  10. My local car club im in in flordia has monthly winghouse meets (just like hooters but 10x better food and girls) lol

    I must admit... i love boobs...

    Hey stang dreamin....are you saying you woulde bang any one of them?
  11. If I were:

    1.)Not happily married (or didn't desperately want to stay happily married!)
    2.) Not having a daughter that age myself
    3.) Younger
    4.) Better looking.....
    5.) All of the above

    I'd be chasin' those girls like a hound dog chases pickup trucks down a dirt road!

    But, I'm an ugly Old Fart who's been married longer than all but maybe one or two of those girls has been alive; and has no idea what I'd do without the little blonde Hungarian that's kept me around for the last 25 years. Tink calls me "Dad" because, well, I'm her father. Basically, I'm "none of the above"; so you younger guys - get on it!
  12. SD -


    Funny thing is I met a lady friend there, and she knew the one in long pants very well, and this friend is the TRUANT officer for a nearby school district, and that Hooters girl was one of her best "customers" in High School last year!

    I had just come from working a local SCCA track event, so as you can see, I was not "dressed to the 9's".....:rolleyes:

  13. "Mr. Kendall, this is the third time I've come after you for being late this week. And I checked the records and they say you graduated in 1991, so what gives?"
  14. Closet

    For those of us that are newbies, can you please explain what resides in the closet? Do I even want to know?
  15. Its a deep dark scary place......
  16. If you have to ask.............

    The number ONE Closet Denizen, a-a-a-a-all the way in the back, it comes from the deepest, darkest, most hellish recesses of everyone's minds............:eek:



  17. At least the minds of those with young, good-looking, single girl-children! :lol:

    Awww, c'mon, Boo is not frightening :nonono:

    Unless and until she slips into the EVIL OVERLORD mode :D
  18. I'm only 22... :shrug:
  19. ZOMG

    <---------------- IS BACK

    Yes, I lurked off for quite some time, but I'm back to dangle my feet in the gutter and throw rocks at the cloest door.