what does a clay bar do?

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  1. ok thanks i have first off megs #2 fine cut cleaner, megs #82 swirl free polish, #7 megs show car glaze and finally megs #26 high tech wax. Is that all a good combo for a full detail. also what pad should i use for each product. Someone said to double up the coats of the glaze or the wax is that true?
  2. I've never used Megs' line up before, but I've read great things about it and that sounds like a good line up. It kind of depends on what type of corrective work you are wanting to do as far as what pad to use.

    There are people that apply waxes and sealant's with a machine, but I don't. I do all my sealants and waxes by hand. I seem to get a more even coat without using too much product. I used a machine one time to put on a wax and I had to wash the car 5 times before the streaking went away from over-applying. I know it was probably my fault, but it's easier for me to apply by hand and you get no benifit by applying by machine like a polish. Plus, you can get by hand all of the places you can't reach with the machine.

    Do you have a lot of swirls you are trying to get out? What kind of condition is your paint in? That's what I would look at before picking what pads I wanted to use. Basically, start with the least abrasive combo you can, and work your way up so you don't cause additional marring that wasn't needed. If you have some swirls you want to take out, I would start with a white pad (very light cut, good polishing pad) and the #82 and work a small area where the swirls are more predominate and see if that does it. If not, move up to an orange pad (light cut, good at swirl removing) and try again (those colors are Lake Country pad colors, I'm not sure of the cut of the other pads out there like Meg's pads). I just went and looked up #82 and it looks like it will work fine, just don't use to agressive of a pad at first. Again, work in a small area first and then step back and examine your results before moving on to make sure you like the results or maybe even change the process up a little before doing the whole car.

    Also, you shouldn't have to ever "double up" on a coat of wax or sealant. If you apply it evenly the first time, it will be just fine. After it cures (8 to 24 hours depending on product), you could apply a second coat for added depth or shine, but don't apply a second coat immediately after. Some products are different and they say it's ok to do that, but I wouldn't.

    Hope that helps!
  3. The stang came out sweet Scott! I also used the Opti-Seal quite a bit. Truely an awesome product! I also think it has a better look than the Zaino Clear Seal.
  4. ya i have a 99 cobra and the paint is pretty good still but its not perfect so i think i should just beable to use the very light cut pad, then you just use the other pads for the others. Do alot of people put on sealents and waxes by hand or is that just your preferance.
  5. Thanks Justin, I appreciate it! The pictures really don't do it justice, well, maybe they would if I'd take some in some decent lighting! :)

    From what I've read and learned, a lot of people put their toppers on by hand. After doing it both ways, I like it better by hand.

    Wait, that didn't sound too good!
  6. I generally put liquid waxes and sealants on with a buffer and paste waxes by hand. Yes it is basically just personal preference.

  7. Hi: Doesn't polishing take off micro-thin layers of paint/clearcoat? If so, shouldn't there be only so many times you polish your car in its lifetime?

  8. I'm not entirely sure, but as little as I polish (every 6 months or so and not very agressively), I wouldn't think it would be a big deal. Justin might better be able to answer that though.
  9. If you are not using an aggressive pad / polish combo, the process is taking less than 1 micron off of the CC. A typical factory paint has 85 microns of clear on it... that translates to a lot of polishing! Of course, around the edges and corners the clear coat tens to be thinner.
  10. Thanks for the insight ScottM:nice: :D

  11. No problem at all man! :nice:

    Like I mentioned before, I'm not a pro by any means, I've just tried a bunch of different things and found what works pretty well for me, so I thought it might for others.

    I'm actually going to do a full detail of a friends new Honda motorcycletomorrow (or should I say today). I told him I'd Opti-Seal it if he helped me rake leaves and he agreed! Sucker! :D
  12. I used mothers clay bar on my Mach with great results.I used to see tiny black specs in paint but now they are gone. View attachment 357401