What does your screen name mean?

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  1. tonto, as in the Lone Ranger, is a nickname from way back in middle school that stuck. The T is short for Thomas which is my last name... Born in 77.
  2. i have wondered for a while wtf that name meant, lol, i never watched the lone ranger, so i wouldnt know that! haha
  3. sonic blue as in the color of the car.

    plus sonicb sounds like sonic bee which reminds me of a fast moving object.
  4. toxic = cant get enough of (plus it just goes with the car ) I like it

    5.4 = the motor in my car

    unique name for a unique car :)
  5. 98- year
    Black- color
    GT- guess

    I guess its time to change my name to 04BlueMach or something like that.
  6. Marine One

    I've been a U. S. Marine for 25 years.
  7. Squares-Is a mechanic that is the brunt of many jokes, he wears square coke bottle glasses. He rubbed my car once and he said it was his(this guy is like the guy on office space who always gets his desk moved)
    98-model year
  8. I had a 88 5.0. that i stripped out and built up,hence-stripped302-yeah i know the 5.0 wasnt a true 302cubes,big deal its cooler then whatever the real number is right?
  9. ive had this one since aol in 95. used it in almost everything since.
  10. Well lets see...

    Mike is for my name...

    Z28 is for the car i had back when i signed up.. a 94 6 speed black z28 striped down.. it was a fun car.
  11. i donno what mine means.....
  12. I'm just lookin to buy a convertible GT right after I finish finals May 20th. Can't wait! :D
  13. I drive an '02 GT and I have 2 (soon to be 3) kids.

  14. whoa, you posted. what have you been up to?
  15. Not much. I've been pretty busy with the kids. I haven't been able to do much with my car since I'm really pregnant now. My husband installed a plenum on my car and ran a new best at the track on Friday. :banana: I can't wait until the fall when I can take it to the track myself though.

    Have you learned to drive a stick yet? :D

  16. congrats on teh new times.

    no i havnt learned how, it still pisses me off.

    and its not stock anymore, finally :banana:
  17. I couldn't think of anything creative, so TL1000S is one of the motorcycles that I own.
  18. It's my name. :)
  19. 50000 bonus points if you can tell me who Leon Trout is...
  20. ProCharger = type of supercharger I have
    GT = deh