What is the top speed of 03/04 Cobra

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  1. No flames please here. I was on a 6 miles straight three lane highway at 1 am with not a car in sight so i just kept my foot in it in 6th...hit the 160 mark on the speedo but was only at 4500prm..how fast can it go??
  2. 155 unless you have a chip or tune that removes the speed limiter...


    MRaburn posted this back in September of last year:

    John Maffucci now holds a new C/PS World Land Speed Record with a two-run average speed of 176.516 mph set at the Bonneville 3-mile course driving a street-legal 2003 Mustang Cobra built in Dawsonville, GA. Because of the car's original cast alloy wheels, safety inspectors were prohibitive of any speed attempts over 180 mph. Despite the Saturday afternoon temperature of 100+ degrees and a 20 mph cross wind, Maffucci qualified at 174.036 mph to make his record run the next morning at 7:20 am of 178.996 mph. He held the rpms at 4800 in 6th gear from the 2-mile mark on to prevent exceeding the 180 mph safety limit. Contributors to the Mustang included Ford Motor Company, Ford SVT Division, Borla Exhaust, Diablosport, Eibach, Chris Jentzen, North Georgia Fabricators, and Satisfied Brakes. Next year Maffucci hopes to bring racing wheels to Bonneville to reach his boyhood goal of 200+ mph.
  3. 135 is my fastest, had plenty motor left, but not enough guts in my pants :)
  4. Recent magazine (Motor Trend) clocked one at 159mph before the limiter kicked in. As far as the Cobra mentioned by UM, I wonder what the mods were. A chip at least but did it change the air-fuel and timing to make more power? Anything like that would mean it isn't truly stock unless on the speed limiter was removed.
  5. Explain how making A/F & timing changes to the tune in the factory ECM disqualifies it as being stock? Using that logic if I took a brand new 1967 Mustang and rotated the position of the distributor to advance or retard the spark, it's no longer considered stock? What if I changed the jets out in the stock carberator to richen or lean out the A/F? Not stock anymore?

    It had Eibach springs to lower it, a Borla exhaust, Diablosport chip, aftermarket brakes. He was running in the "Stock" class according to the rules so that's stock enough for me! No, he wasn't 100% BONE STOCK like the car just rolled off the showroom floor, but it wasn't highly modified either! Most of the changes made were for safety and to eliminate the speed limiter.

  6. You know as well as I do that changing the air-fuel or timing can increase or decrease hp/tq. The tune is no longer stock even though the car might be considered stock. We all know what a chip, cai, or just cat-back can do to wake up these Cobra's. Sure, it's still almost "stock" but hp/tq has been added to the stock capability of the car. Now how much does 20, 30, or 40 horsepower or torque add to the top speed of a car? I certainly don't know. I would think it would take a lot of power to increase the top speed of a car by even just a little bit. So maybe his mods have done nothing for the top end. You tell me.
  7. Oh, don't get me wrong man! I'm just stating that for all intents and purposes, and by the laws of the governing body that oversaw his speed record, he was stock. The mods he had were within the rules for his stock class :)

    I guess we have differing opinions on what is considered stock and what is not. I feel that adding an aftermarket chip, or a flash tune does not make your car "non-stock", it's no longer showroom stock I agree, but it's still stock. You are merely fine tuning the very safe factory parameters in order to extract the maximum HP/TQ from the engine Ford provided.

    The computer has the ability to change the A/F and spark advance or retard all by itself any ways! So our cars make more power when it's cold out thanks to the ECM's ability to automatically make the proper A/F adjustments based on the current conditions.

  8. Actually I don't think I'm disagreeing with you, entirely at least. I believe the car to be a basically stock car but it has to have more power than a stock car with its few mods. But does that extra power (probably no more than 30) affect the top speed? I'm guessing but if those were his only mods, I would think it wouldn't increase top speed but only how quickly he got there.
  9. On a different note...how safe are the speed ratings on the tires...is that the MAX safe rated speed, or Max the tire can handle before disinagrating!! lol

    (that flashed through my mind as i was "puttin" along) I also now know what happens to a bug at 160, not pretty, or very clean!....lol

  10. Hey Meat. I bet you wished you did'nt include that quote from last Septmember in this thread anymore. HUH? Just kept the 155 limiter in there only. :D
  11. Yeah, but you know what's really funny? We still don't know what the top speed of these cars are when dressed out in C/PS level trim! I'm wondering if 200MPH is truely possible?

  12. Meat. It is possible. but with no rear trunklid spoiler and side mirrors. I know a guy who got right over 195mph out of his 03. KB blower set up and unsafe tune. He and my friend who is a cop clocked it on radar at 196-197 mph. He has P-Zero tires. I dunno if they factored in any wind speed or conditions. They did it an hour outside San Diego somewhere.
  13. I have seen 178mph. I think it still had some more but aerodynamics started to get shaky.
  14. Anyone who would run a late model Mustang at those speeds without a rear spoiler is a lunatic! I don't care if they were going for a speed record or not. That's why the "R" spoiler looks so hideous. It's the only design that gets a wing into enough "air" to produce the required downforce to keep these cars on the track at high speed. Above 160 a front splitter would be a smart move too.

    I'm still interested in seeing what the top speed of these cars is in sanctioned trim over a flying mile. No offense marcus95, but I wonder how accurate police radar really is at those speeds?

  15. Meat, I agree with you it's no smart move at those speeds, but who says everyone who owns a Cobra is smart. Hell, I've owned one.
    They tell me this particular car would'nt go that fast with the mirrors or the spoiler on.
    And with a big wing it would'nt go over 185, so they spent a few runs at it. John has a red trunk lid with an "R" wing on it on his garage floor.
    As far as stock trim I just dunno. I too would like to see what an un speed limited sanctioned trim car will do. Oh yea, I don't know how accurate their equipment is at those speeds either?
    I believe them though. I would'nt want to be anywhere near them or in that car at those speeds, splitter, wing or not. I did have a chance to watch them get his Yamaha R1 over 200mph though. Those guys are nuts.
    One thing is for sure. I do love the sound of that car with the Kenne Bell blower on it though.
  16. I started experiencing front-end lift so I backed out of it at 178. I used a GPS Garman plus 3 to get my speed-readings. They are accurate to within one mph. I have no aerodynamic aftermarket accessories just stock, and I would agree that a chin splitter would be the best add on for driving at those speeds.

    The other interesting thing was the door windows started to pull out from the molding.