What Kind Of Top End Kit

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  1. What top end kits are out there for my 94 gt 5.0? I know the trick flow top end kit is pretty good and its around 2200 $. Is there anything else out there that has the same power gains but is cheaper? Right now I'm leaning toward the trick flow top end kit but if there's something better and cheaper or equal in quality but cheaper I would like to know about them. I found an edlebrock kit but I don't know anything about it or how mu h they run. Can anybody help me out?
  2. i believe the edelbrock top end kits come with carburetor intakes, not EFI. American Muscle sells a top end kit that comes with GT40x heads, comp xe264hr cam, a pro products typhoon intake, valve covers, and all gaskets for $1589.99. not as complete as the trick flow kit and won't produce the same numbers, but if money is an issue, it may be an option. also, there is a straight Ford Racing top end kit that comes with a Cobra intake, GT40x heads, and an E cam, but again, won't put out the numbers that the trick flow kit will. i believe the all Ford Racing kit is pretty close to the price of the Trick flow kit too, which makes it even more less appealing.
  3. Yeah I dint know the edlebrock kit was carbed. And for the price for the american muscle kit ill wait a little longer and spend the extra 6-700 bucks for the trick flow kit. Thanks for the reply
  4. I wouldn't mind having the ford racing kit if it were significantly cheaper lol. I guess I'm gonna save fpr the tei k flow kit. It looks cooler more power, it just soumds like the way to go
  5. This topic comes up about once a week and has been discussed many times. I am sure you will get both pro and con views of the kit.

    The TFS kit itself is very complete and does offer some good value for someone that wants to buy everything at one time and bolt it on. If you try and piece it together you will spend more than the kit. It's a decent entry level setup except IMO the cam in the TFS kit is not what I would call the best choice.

    That being said, what is your goal/use and what is the rest of your setup like- injectors, MAF, gears, etc. Are you looking for a budget build or willing to spend some money for a set of heads, rockers, and a cam that are built for your application?
  6. The cars a dd . I want about 300-350 hp. 373 gears 5spd full exhaust bbk longtubes. And when I do the kit I'm gonna do all the suporting mods 70mm tb new maf injectors etc. So what should all that with my stock block and the complete trick flow kit make to the wheels. I want to buy the whole kit at once.
  7. Am I gonna have to uprgade the fuel pump?
  8. This is where I strongly advocate an explorer engine. It will be just shy of your goal at about 275-280hp but it is cheap to build and has all the street manners of a stock engine. You wont have to upgrade the fuel system either.
    Talk to @Rick 91GT . He can put together a decent combo for likely less than you can order a kit.
  9. Yeah I've been talking to rick. I really would like a rebuilt engine in my car. So are you saying put the explorer engine right in my car from the junkyard? Or rebuild the explorer engine? What's different about it just the gt40 heads and gt40 parts?......the only thing is I really like the way the trickflow kits look the black intake mani looks awesome lol. But what would an explorer swap run me $$ wise?
  10. Other then the trickflow kit. Or any kit for that matter. What would be a decent throwntogether combo? Something that would get me close to 300rwhp? Can I get there on gt40 heads (maybe ported and polished if possible) ?
  11. I had mine swapped and running for 500. If you really want the TF intake sell the explorer unit and use the money towards a street heat, but honestly you wont feel a difference between the two. Theres a bunch of stuff you need to swap over from your fox engine and you will need to upgrade the valve springs. If you can find the engine at a u=pull it shouldnt run you that much. I run an explorer combo because I solely intended it for street use as an occasional daily. It's not a rocketship but it pulls hard and will rape a stock 5.0
  12. I think you've already answered yourself. Have the engine rebuilt and either find/redo some gt40 setup and/or buy the tfs kit or piece together your own h/c/I by other manufacturers. Or buy a crate engine
  13. If you are sold on 300hp the trickflow kit is the easiest way to get there. Gt40 combos have done it in the past but it takes a lot of work and by the time you sink that money into them you could have purchased aluminum heads.
  14. I don't have a fox. Its a 94. But if its that cheap to get it installed and running well that's worth it. What would that run abiut a grand? I can prob swap the two with my neighbor. So install costs is thrown out the window. Then I could sell my original 5.0 because it runs good lol and use that and theexplorer intake setup to get the money fpr the trick flow stuff. Atleast the intake anyway. I think its about a grand for the trick flow intake.
  15. Or I can just save myself the trouble save fora couple months and deal with wat I have now buy the tfs kit let it sit in the boxes and save for a rwbuild and throw the tfs kit on then. I just want a rebuilt engine with the tfs kit on it...is the effort worth it though is the car going to feel any diferent then now?
  16. This is gonna drive me nuts haha. I guess well see what I do when I have the money. Im just trying get a plan going but I keep changing it every hour. Way too many possibilities. :bang:
  17. I wonder what would happen if someone put the teickflow setup in there explorer haha
  18. is your car running fine now? if so gather the parts you want and shelve them until you have everything you need. Will a TFS top end feel different? Absolutely. you are going to add over 100 rwhp to your ride. short of forced induction thats hard to beat.
    your best bet on a budget is to get a list of what you need and scour for deals. they come up and come up often.when you have everything you need start putting it all together.
  19. 300hp explorer :shrug:
    maybe less the explorer doesnt really have room for a good exhaust. it will choke the engine.