What type of gas do you use?

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  1. Regular, plus, or premium. I have a question, I have a bone stock 12' mustang gt stick, people say to just use regular gas but on the Ford site, listed under specs....it says that the mustang gt gets 10 more hp and torque with premium gas is this true? I have no mods, should I use premium gas just to get a little more hp and torque? i have the 3.31 gears
  2. Fuel gives you no HP. Octane is just a rating system of how easily the fuel will predetonate.

    I use 91 MINIMUM. Nothing but the best in my baby!!!:D
  3. do you have mods? like a tune or whatnot, why do you use 91
  4. I didn't expect the owner's manual to recommend premium without a tune, but they do.

    "Octane recommendations (5.0L V8 engine)
    Your vehicle is designed to run on regular fuel with an octane rating of
    87 (R+M)/2 or higher. For best overall performance, premium fuel with
    an octane rating of 91 (R+M)/2 or higher is recommended."
  5. Octane

    Just run the recommended octane otherwise you are just wasting money.
  6. Just cold air, exhaust, and ported and polished heads. I hate Ethanol (89) and it will spit a little once and awhile running 87 so I just go full premium.
  7. "spit once in awhile" meaning the car will feel like it wants to shut down? like it would idle at below-average rpm?
  8. Just running regular. Ive tried premium a few times and noticed
    absoulutly no difference. I want to try some pure gas with no
    ethanol but they dont sell it anywhere near me.
  9. Im tuned for E30, which is 95 octane. 323 to the wheels- non-conservatively
  10. The new 5.0 engine does run better with premium. The difference is just a few dollars per fill up. If you can afford a 2012 GT, why cheap out on a few bucks per fill up?
  11. My 5.0L not only runs better on premium (93 octane around here), it gets better gas mileage... :nice:
  12. Idle is a little rough and will hesitate when I get on it.

    Exactly my thoughts!
  13. I use Sonoco 93 because I'm tuned for it. Dekk70, are you living under a rock? The last two generations of Mustang have been able to adapt to better fuel from the factory and optimize performance. Maybe you should know what you are talking about before you spread BS.
  14. All I said was MINE dosn't run well on 87. I don't know why and I really don't care. The extra couple bucks per fill doesn't bother me. The OP asked what others ran so I told him and my reasoning for it.

  15. That's what you said. You are wrong. It is getting old with new members spreading disinformation on here all the time.
  16. I'd be willing to bet the difference is more than 10hp. The ratings are 402 vs 412, but everyone knows that 412 rating is a bit conservative.

    I usually run premium, because in my area, it can be had without ethanol. The fuel mileage boost from pure gas combined with not having it pull timing make it cheaper per mile than regular.
  17. Premium, can't go wrong with the good stuff for a few extra bucks per fill.
  18. Midgrade here.......
  19. Higher octane fuel, in a motor that can optimize its octane level, will produce more power because higher octane levels reduce early detonation, this in turn allows a motor to pull more timing without early detonation. Computer controlled engines can adjust to octane levels so they can run on low, mid and high octane fuel.The amount of hp is increased with the increased octane levels and decreased with lower octane levels.