Mach 1 Whatcha guys think of my new front license plate

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 93 teal terror, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Excuse the dirty car and poor lighting but I think it looks pretty good. The Ford dealer was nice enough to screw their front plate into the bumper so I already had four ugly holes in the bumper. I also realized when I took the dealer dummy plate off that someone before me hit a trailer hitch so it's covering that up as well.


    Before....its not a fair comparison though since the car has been washed and waxed in this one...

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  2. Doesn't look to bad....but probably a little too much for me.... oh well, it's not what I like that matters, it's what you like since it's your ride :nice:

    But hey, I LOVE the color of your Mach :hail2:
  3. I like the cemetary backround. :rlaugh: Personally,I'd just use your regular license plate, and leave the Mach 1 plate for car shows if you go to them. Nice Mach though. :)
  4. If it was legal in my state I wouldn't run a plate at all.

    So if I had the option I wouldn't ruin the clean look of the car with a plate.
  5. My front bumper is clean. No drill marks or anything. Your suppose to have 2 license plates here, but I've had no front plate for 2 years now. I'm not drilling any holes till I get busted. So far, so good. :D
  6. Yea stupid Maryland, I'm required to have a front plate. And it's all warped now, I need to get a frame or something to help it out.