1. Thank you sir.
  2. I always liked bullitts on a Fox. I never ran the setup, but occasionally tried out a spare wheel I had.


    One day, I'll put these on
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  3. W one of the lower price tags bullitts flooded the market
  4. bullitts are hot on a fox too:nice:
    someone on here has that silver coupe with them on, looks sick:drool:
  5. Sorry for the bump didn't want to make a new thread. I've been thinking of getting some cheap wheels so i can have some left over cash to spend on other areas of the car. Digging the turbine wheels for some reason. Do you guys think someone would trade for ponies? which are usually sold for more as a set? Mine are 16's (225x50)
  6. I would trade my turbines for ponies in a heart beat IMO they look terrible lol.
  7. Anyone with turbines would trade. Turbines really?
  8. Yeah idk i like the look lol.
  9. image.jpg Still like the Cobra R's
  10. Hey guy, sorry for the long delay in responding. I have been out of town, tied up with guest, and just flat out busy.

    The fender swap is not that hard at all. You just need the parts and consider any paint issues with having them matched to your color. If you are repainting the whole car, a good time to do a fender swap would be before paint.

    Fenders are not all created equally: OEM is best if you can find a good set w/o rust - the metal is said to be stronger. Know that there are big swings in pricing on aftermarket fenders - IDK what the differences are between each product, but if it's anywhere like the quality of the Chinese stuff being shored, you may want to invest in straightening and old set of OEM pieces.

    Buy some rust converter spray in advance as you will see spots of rust even on garage kept cars - you can scuff it and spot spray the rust then.
    Take pictures of your setup before you start, down to where the bolts go before you start the project.
    Take a grease pencil and mark along the edges of the fender location under the hood - this may help in the alignment of the new fenders.
    Disconnect the battery in case you rip a wire or something (just precautions).
    Start unbolting stuff and lay it out in order of removal.
    reassemble everything in reverse order just swap in the replacement parts.
    everything will bolt right-up without any modifications to the parts.

    LMK if you need more help.

    BTW, 18's are doable in the front as well.

    I'll keep you posted. I will make them fit even if I have to go to plan "B." I'll post the result either way. You're in a better position than me, you can just change fenders on your 88. My 86 has no options for fenders...
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  11. Wow! It looks like the rear of the front fender is going to be tight with the 18"s on the 86. Your run dia looks close. I think I may have to go to plan "C," - Installing the 90-93 fenders and then modifying the 86 fender splats to fit. A lot of work, but we will see at mock-up. I'll report on my findings, may just run a lower profile tire...

    I just got a set of 5lug wheel & tires from an 04 v6 donor that has a lot of rubber to push the total dia to the max. It will be a few weeks before I start though, I'm waiting for more parts. I'm pulling the rear and doing my torque boxes at the same time as the 5lug conversion.
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  12. Wow! Talk about and exposition of Fox Ford wheel selections, and they all look great!

    It's a tough one to choose the ones I like the most, but for now I'd have to say I'm stuck on Drifts...

    But the True Forged's are growing strong on me.