Wheels-Tires Wheel/tire Combos Known To Fit

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  1. I thought it would be helpfull to have a list of combos that users have personally tried and know work

    Beware all IIs are slighly different and may have different fitment issues than yours

    Fox 4-cyl polyglass with 185-70R14 slight rub @ full lock
    Fox 14x6 steel wheels with 205-60R14 no rubbing
  2. 14x7 rim 4 inch backspacing, 26x9.5-14 tire this is only for the rear

  3. finally found the receipt for my wheels.
    centerline convo pros
    rear 15x7 3 3/8 backspacing with 235-55-15
    front 15x4 1 3/4 backspacing with 185-60-15

    fronts are very close to the fender flare portion of the chin spoiler - there are a few rub marks. rears fit perfect. my king is at "factory" ride height. i can send pics if anybody needs them.

    when i had the factory king cobra wheels on the car
    13x5 1/2
    rear 205-70-13
    front 195-70-13
  4. 195/70R13 on 13x5.5 OE wheel :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    225/50-15 on 15x7, 4" backspace ("0" offset)
  5. 245/ 60 /14 7in rim 3 1/2 backspacing, rear only..
    lays down some thick marks, will have pics this weekend.. :nice:
  6. Front: Weld Draglites, 15x3.5, M/T Sportsman fronts, 26x7.5-15s

    Rear: Weld Draglites, 15x6 with 3.5 backspace, M&H Racemaster G60/15 Muscle Car Drag DOTs (26.2 tall, 8" tread, 11" section width)

    This combo clears all factory parts, and also clears SSM traction bars.

    For those who are into traction :nice: .
  7. here are a few photos of the rear tires. they are from last fall.

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  8. Is there a verdict on 15x7 "Turbines" off of an 87-93 Mustang GT?
  9. I know someone who's running 15" turbines with 225/50R15's on his II with no problems.
  10. What is the largest wheel dimensions that will fit on the front and rear of the II that is still feasable for daily driving? Also I found a set of Wheels 13x7 4" back spacing. Do you think these would work with my 74 ghia?
  11. I picked up some 14" steelie rims off of an 84 LTD (paint them gloss black add trim rings and chrome lugs with white letter tires, looks good), put some 245/60/R14's on, a slight rubbing on hard turns, keep in mind real hard turns and its very slight. Front rims are next, I'll let you know what I turn up.

  12. 15x7 Turbines with 215/70/R15s fit great on the rear (fills the wheelwell up nicely, no rubbing) but they're just a little bit too wide for the front (some rubbing with the wheel turned hard).

    (Just put mine on my II this week)
  13. What is the backspacing on a Turbine? How much space do you have between the back of the tire and your leaf springs?
  14. Usually when dudes put fox Mustang wheels on a II they use 1/2" wheel spacers for the front.
  15. I'm not sure what the backspacing is, but it looks like there's plenty of room between the springs and tires (a few inches I beleive, the car's at home and I'm at the library right now, so I'm not sure).

    I'd use wheel spacers up front, but I keep hearing so much flack about using them that I think I'll just live with having a little wider turning circle.
  16. {{{15x7 Turbines with 215/70/R15s fit great on the rear (fills the wheelwell up nicely, no rubbing) but they're just a little bit too wide for the front (some rubbing with the wheel turned hard).}}}

    The largest tires you can run up front with the turbines is 205/60/15 with very little rubbing. The largest in the rear is a whopping 235/60/15.

    I currently have 225/50/15's all the way around (Im the one that 1BADII was talking about) they dont rub unless you Lock the wheel. I just dont like how thin the tires look.
  17. The 78 that I had I ran the big and little combo

    15 x 3.5, and 15 x 8.5 w 4 7/8 back spacing... centerline autodrags

    The rear wheel wells had to have the inner lip rolled up, and that was it.
    I had the Mickey Thompson sportsman pro's 26x10.5 tires. Fit great

    Gawd I miss that car.
  18. fatties

    It would be nice if you had some pics of the back end of that. Maybe some wheel well snap shots. I'd like to see how those fit.


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  19. Now we are talking! I see alot about 225 and 235 60 x 15's. I know you can fit alot more meat than that. I have 245/60/14's with lots of room to spare on the inside. I would like to get a 26x10.5x15 tires under mine. How tights is a 10.5" tire? (if you lower air pressure at the strip, car sit level, etc.) Did they stick out any? I have no beefs about triming up the lips on the wheel wells, but I will need to leave enough to hold the trim on (I will relocate trim screws if needed). Otherwise I would roll them.

    I would like to use a Weld draglites or a Crager Superlites which have backspacing in 1" increments. 3.5, 4.5, and 5.5 on the 15x8's in 4 lug. Any chance the 5.5" backspacing would fit? Sounds like too much, but 4.5" sounds like it would be giving up some space even if we are only talking about 3/8". Who else has put some fat tires on their II's? Strlegal, any pictures? Didn't Partho stuff some good size meat under his? Where's the beef?