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  1. I was just looking for a little advice on purchasing a new Mustang. I will be graduating soon and looking to buy a new vehicle. I currently have a 2000 GT that is getting some age and wear. I initially thought I'd buy a brand new 2010 GT when they arrive possibly with the factory supercharger. Then I got to thinking about buying a 08 or 09 GT500. Then I got to thinking about waiting for 2011 for the rumored engine change. Then I thought about waiting until 2012 for the rumored restyle. It will be a daily driver too. Thanks for your comments
  2. the gt500 weighs right at 4000 lbs.

    weight ruins everything.

    the GT with blower should be around 3500. if you can have the same power with less weight you'd be crazy not to take it.
  3. No restyle in 2012. :shrug:
  4. 2014 is the restyle. While the GT500 is heavier, it'll also keep it's value much longer, and of course is capable of much more power. Out of the options, that's what I would chose. Otherwise, I'd wait till the 2011.
  5. i'm hoping they offer this ecoboost TT v6 with the same running gear as the GT. i like the sound of a modern SVO :)
  6. whats funny about that?
  7. So would the shelby be practical for everyday use with the ceramic clutch and supercharger and all? What about a blower for everyday use anyway?
  8. i wouldn't daily drive a special car like the shelby and i wouldn't want my special car to weigh two tons.

    if you're spending big money buy a saleen and be happy with a car that is better in every way except for the "shelby" bragging rights.
  9. GT 500

    the Gt 500 is a little heavy at 3900lbs but it handles very well i n fact in a head to head test it out did the Corvette going through some corners on a road course plus it is very fast that would be my choice.
  10. For an immediate deal, get an 08 or 09 GT and put a twin screw on it. If you want to start with the most power (other than the Shelby), wait for direct injection and a possible 5.0 modular with a rumored 400 h.p. to come out in the next year or so. Of course knowing Ford, it will be an overpriced, undermanufactured quantity labeled as a Boss or something. D.I. is supposed to be the next big power boost, not bigger engines or blowers.
  11. Plan A: The Circle of Life

    1. Live in your parents' house.
    2. Graduate from school in June. Find work.
    3. Work for 6 - 12 months and save some money.
    4. Move out of your parents' house.
    5. Get laid off.
    6. Go back to school and prepare for a career. Acquire debt.
    7. Meet a woman. Acquire more debt.
    8. Finish school. Start a career. Get married. Have kids. Buy a house.
    9. Debt, debt, debt.
    10. Work, work, work.
    11. Finally, at last, buy your dream car, a 75th anniversary 2039 Mustang GT.
    12. Give your brand-new Mustang to your whining youngest offspring for graduation. Offspring not happy, wants a blue car.
    13. Offspring promptly wrecks Mustang, insists you use insurance pay-out for downpayment on blue Z06. "It's okay Dad, I'll make the payments."
    14. Finance company repo's Z06.
    15. Mid-life crisis strikes. Your wife gets everything in the divorce settlement.
    16. You move back to your parents' house. It's the Circle of Life.

    Plan B
    Screw Plan A.
    Buy a new leftover 08/09 Mustang ASAP!! :nice:
  12. This may be a stupid question but how would a blower perform on a daily driver? Will it cause problems sooner than if u didn't have it?
  13. *facepalm* buy a camaro.
  14. yes, but when it is set up right and driven properly, you'll be fine. my past 4 cars have had blowers on them and they were just fine.
  15. thats great. LOL so true too

    definitely go for plan B

  16. info

    go to ford and get some info! Not everyone on these forums knows as much as they think they do!:nonono:
  17. Buying a NEW mustang is like buying a new Computer, If you wait 6 months, there is something newer and better, but then you don't have one.
    Mustangs and computers have been evolving since 1965 and there is no end in sight. Get what you can afford as soon as you can afford it and drool like everyone else when something new comes out.
  18. Great Post! But why would you get an 08-09 when the 10 has a much improved interior, sync, and better handling + some power? Unfortunately, I am stuck somewhere between step 7 and 10 on plan A. The 2011 might just be my early step 11.:D
  19. A shelby out performing a corvette? I would like to see the info on that. In What areas the shelby out perform the corvette?