Which one to pick?

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by ponyboy_239, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. I'm 56. Go for plan C. Buy a 2010 GT ASAP.
  2. I originally thought about buying a new car but then I quickly realized that after all the money I would spend with the financing and loan payoff, I could just put that into my 04 gt and have one badass twin turboed 800-900 hp street driven car!
    Think of what you could do to your 2001 mustang gt with the $25k plus money you'll spend on that new car! :jaw:
  3. It depends on your budget. But definitely if you have then 2010 GT is the best out of there.


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  4. To be honest with ya you better go buy as GT now cause they ain't gonna be around fo ever. Trust me, my bottle of rum is speaking loud and clear. yuk yuk :)
  5. Ford has approved the EcoBoost for the 2010 Mustang. It may not be available during the initial April 09 release so you may need to wait until 2010. Since the way they worded it was "which ranges from 300 - 415 HP, I'm not sure what that rating will be.


    We know the Taurus SHO EcoBoost is rated at 365. I'm going to wait for this engine myself. They just announced on the 18th that they have already upgraded the drive train. New Transmission/torque converter and larger rear end gears.

    I guess you can't be too surprised since the EcoBoost is going into the 2010 Ford F-150 truck line as well. I love the Six Speed select shift transmission with manual mode. My stang has the 4R70W tranny and after I installed a performance torque converter, tuned the torque modulation, shift points and firmness it's like a new transmission. This new transmission shouldn't need a better torque converter from what I've read.

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    You have to admit, that Ford is dedicated to this engine since they've announced that 90% of their line-up will have this combo available in the next 5yrs.


    Bottom line here is that if this EcoBoost is capable of 415HP coming from Ford the internals must be capable of that power as well. I like the weight to hp ratio as well with the V6. The mileage is a good thing as well. Pwr of the V8 ! w/V6 Mileage = what I need. My son may get my stang after all, if the test drive with this EcoBoost goes as well as I think it's going to.

    My .02 worth
  6. So, all in all, would u guys go with a 2010 GT and add some bolt ons to get in the 400 hp range or simply wait for 2011?
  7. Also kind of curious as to everyones' opinion of the glass roof option
  8. How is a Saleen better than a Shelby? It has a weaker motor, smaller motor, and less hp all while costing more.

    To the op

    I say pick up a used Shelby for low 30K. That is the best bang for the buck car you can buy. The 10' GTs will be in the 30k range and only have 315hp and the 11' will be around 400hp.

    The Shelby is stock at 500hp and can make more power on the stock motor than any GT will ever make. Not to mention a pulley, tune and intake and you got 525-550+rwhp car.
  9. the sum of a car is not its engine or its horsepower level.
  10. The 2010 is a quick car, 0-60 in 4.9 seconds 1/4 in 13.5 seconds. Those numbers are with the optional package that includes the 3.73 gears. It's actual faster then the 08-09 buillit. Put a CAI and tune on the 010 and you will be getting to 60 in 4.5 seconds. You can probably push 350hp (crank hp) with not much difficulty (exhaust, 93 oct tune, CAI).
  11. I love the glass roof, reminds me of my t-top Camaro I had on high school.
  12. Uhh to people that drag race, the motor and hp level have a lot to do with it. Especially when the 05-07 Saleen Extremes cost OVER 70k new and the new Extreme cost over $90k. And since I know you are going to throw up the whole weight issue that you have no clue about the Saleens are a whopping 200lbs lighter than a Shelby.
  13. I thought the 2010 already came with a CAI and a mild tune.
  14. It has a basic CAI and revised tune but nothing like an after market one. You put a better after market CAI and 93 OCT tune you will have one fun pony.