Which part makes the exhaust so loud ?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by slay2k, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just bought me a modified 99 SVT Cobra to supplement my TT 350Z. This is my first post here and I don't have much experience with Mustangs. The car is too loud for my taste, and although I've searched and read other threads I'd like to pinpoint which part of the exhaust the loudness is coming from, so maybe you can help. Here are the existing engine/exhaust mods:

    Jba Shorty Headers ($650)
    Bassani Cat-X Pipe ($550)
    Magnaflow cat-back (This exhaust combo sounds KILLER) $395
    Dense Charger Cold Air $385
    Pro-M 85MM MAF
    Ported/Polished 2001 Cobra Intake $550

    Is it the Magnaflow ? Or the Bassani pipe ? Or something else ?

    What would you recommend I do to quiet it down ?

    Thanks much for your help.

    PS: Do these Cobras normally make a quiet supercharger-like-whine from the tranny or does that mean the tranny on mine has been abused/damaged?

    Take care,
  2. Its a combination of the exhaust parts. I would say the magnaflow is a good part of it, the headers too. Easy way would be to change the catback out I would think.

    The tranny, is it an aftermarket shifter? tri-ax or pro 5.0? They tend to make more noise with aftermarket shifters.
  3. Most of the sound is probably from the x pipe because in stock trim it has 6 cats and now you only have 2, but you do realize that you will loose power if you try and quiet your car. Why in gods name do you own a cobra if you want to quiet it down??? Yes the tranny noise is normal, you probably just have an aftermarket shifter in there. When I first read your post I thought that this must be a joke but if not, I hope you realize the import bashing you are soon in for. I thought you like the horrible sound of a loud fart can, whats wrong with an actual nice sounding engine/exhaust??? I just dont get it
  4. It seems from my experience that even with headers and higher flowing mid-pipe, the mufflers are the culprit in determining the final sound you get as that would stand to reason. You can put stock mufflers back on the car and while it will be louder with the other pieces, the cruising noise will be substantially cut down.
    I had a 95 Cobra a few years ago that I put long tubes, high flow cats and Dynomax cat back on. Because of poor fitment with the catback, I resorted to having the stock catback welded back in and guess what? For me, it actually sounded better. It had a truer Ford muscular V8 sound at idle and being revved, but sounded almost stock at cruise.
  5. Why in gods name do people like you exist ? Not a single person has bashed me and has no reason to since I have not insulted anyone or any car. You're the only retard coming out with the dumb comments. Perhaps when you grow up you'll realize that some people just love cars and don't really give a rats ass about the whole domestic vs import thing, or about immature dimwits like you.

    And for your record, there's about 30 other threads on this subject, and I've yet to see anyone except you respond like a dweeb. Thanks for nothing.
  6. It's your midpipe (in your case the X-pipe). The mufflers give it the rumble, but the midpipe will give it the extra drone that you hear while cruzing, and drastically increases the volume.The Shortie or longtube headers do nothing but give the overall tone a deeper sound, not volume. The reason people are giving you such a hard time, is because 99% of mustang owners love the sound of thier muscle cars, and or don't understand your want to quiet it down. The sound is one great thing that mustangs have over other muscle cars (camaros, vettes etc..) :nice:
  7. Thank you for the informative reply, SWT.

    Basically I have nothing against the sound of Cobras, I love it as much as the next guy. Stock they sound great, and I could even take it a notch louder/meaner. But the mods I've purchased this one with make it EXTREMELY loud, comparing to one I test-drove that was stock. To each his own, I suppose, and I would like to preserve my hearing while enjoying the car.

    Thanks again,
  8. :rlaugh:

    The mid pipe is most of what makes the exhaust loud. Not sure what you can do here except put the stock H-pipe back on with all 6 cats. Drive it around for awhile...you might get use to it.

    The tranny noise is most likely from an aftermarket shifter. This is good because the stock peice is crap. You will get use to this as well.

    Enjoy the new ride. :nice:
  9. Mufflers, mufflers, mufflers... :D

    Keep the rest if you want...no harm no foul. It's all gonna' be in the mufflers you choose.

    These kids...sheeesh!
  10. Magnaflows are one of the quieter aftermarket exhausts....that's why I have one on my '03 Cobra Bassani makes removable baffles that you can put in the end of Bassani or Magnaflow systems that quiets it considerably and doesn't cut HP.......check to make sure they fit your application. :nice:
  11. :shrug:

    Take two cars with the same mufflers, but one has an o/r mid pipe and the other has a catted mid pipe and tell me which one is louder. Mufflers are only part of it. :bang:
  12. LOL, trust me, you're nowhere close to being EXTREMELY loud. :p

    If you want it quieter, either put the stock H-pipe back on, or put the stock cat-back back on, or get some baffles, or get some quieter mufflers (like the stock ones).

    Nice Z BTW. :nice:



    If you put on some stock mufflers, (yuck), Your car will sound stock.

    My Cobra has 6 cats with 4inch resonators in place of the mufflers and its WAY WAY WAY WAY louder then my WS6 T/A with a Magnaflow and NO CATS!

    I had a 95 GT and put my OR-Pipe on before I did a catback, and guess what it sounded like...? STOCK!

    Kids these DAYS I tell ya!

    BTW, Welcome to the board and don't mind any dumbazzzz posts about imports. Unfortunately there are a LOT of uninformed members that like to try and bash people for owning them but they just end up making themselves look like foooooools.
  14. Noise

    I have a 99' Cobra too and when I added Flowmaster the car got a bit louder mainly just a deeper tone then I added the same headers you have and the sound didn't really change much the biggest difference came when I added my X pipe. My pipe is a little different it has no cats what you might want to try is keep the pipe just put the stock mufflers back on if that does't work you are going to have to swap the the X for a stock H. Good luck! :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot:
  15. Another option is to install Bassani baffles in the tail pipes. With my LT headers and o/r x-pipe, my Magnaflow catbacks were off the chart. The Bassani baffles reduced the sound by at least 25%, especially the high ear piercing notes. You can order the baffles directly from Bassani. Just give them the measurement of your Magnaflow tailpipes.
  16. I will never defend imports but come on, quieting his cobra will only loose him valuable power that he paid for even if he can't stand the awsome noise of a 32v all american, all aluminum v8. I have a great idea, why dont you give your jba headers, Id love to have them. That will help quiet it just a lil bit, or better yet why didnt you make sure he had the stock exhausts parts to go with the sale of the car. those exhausts parts are not cheap at all and those headers can be a bitch to install. and by the way not all people that hate imports are retards, afterall you are the one that bought the z in the first place, but im glad you came around and are finally driving a real car. my appologies for the original post, i just read your post real quick and replied even quicker but my info was all right...odds are you have an aftermarket shifter, and if put a stock h pipe back on there that will quiet it down alot, the catback may be the main thing that is annoying you. magnaflow sounds crappy if you ask me, put a bassani on there and you can control the tone and have more power and a better sound!
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  18. Sounds like a pretty sweet sounding setup. You may get used to it if you give it some time. By the way, is the cobra faster than your z?

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    Anyway now that I got that out, try putting a catted X or H pipe on (your choice) That will help a little bit. Also, does it still have tailpipes? I had my ravins dumped and while it sounded exactly like I wanted and made me cream my pants everytime I drove it, I had to put tailpipes on for winter because inside the car was almost unbearable. That is a nice Z by the way, good choice on the rims.
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