Why are there ads in threads?

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by akd67, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Why are there links for ads in peoples threads? I thought I was looking at a pic of a bad spark plug in the "My engines dead thread" and I end up doing a search on ebay for spark plugs. Thats annoying as hell. :bs:
  2. you can place an add in your signature, but not create a new post or make the subject of your post to advertise something for your own financial gain.
  3. Oh, great moderator. WE, the posters, are NOT doing this, it is $tangnet it$elf that is not living by the rules. :notnice:

  4. Thats what Im talking about. Some how words are being turned into links by the forum not the poster. One thread had "mustang" underlined, click it and it takes you to a ad for insurance. :notnice:
  5. Test:

    "mustang" "insurance" "truck" "performance"

  6. Hmmm. Doesn't look like your words in quotes got picked up by the ad virus. Maybe we should just start putting all of our words in quotation marks. :shrug:
  7. Check my post again. I didnt do that mustang or insurance.
  8. Sam, guess again....the word truck is a link





    mustang gt








    I think its hit or miss with some words
  9. I was wondering how that happened. I didn't click on one, but I moused over a link, and thought it was pretty darn wierd...
  10. I see what you guys are meaning now. It's a $ generating aspect for Pro3i (i.e. stangnet) that is part of the new forum advertising software.
  11. so how do we cheat the system? any ideas anyone?

    can we start advertising in our posts too? i mean ads are ads are ads. will there be some nice popups soon? maybe some links to **** sites?

    i notice also that the system has slowed back down, is that a new feature too? lol

    i'm just kidding guys. don't get all defensive.
  12. Yeah, I noticed this the other day too, doesn't seem to be happening in this forum though. Is it turned off now, or is it a tech thing only? I guess that is why we have pic limits now, to free up some ad software space. :rolleyes:

    Of course we do gain the option of one additional personal pic being added to our profile now. Well woop-de-freakin-do. :p
  13. i seen on that had ads for toyota's.
  14. I have yet to witness this phenomenon. :shrug:
  15. Your source of free entertainment has to be paid for somehow or another. Perhaps you all would prefer that SN charge a annual fee for the ability to use it? I can always suggest it to Mike.
  16. Hah! Yeah, it'll be pretty hard to pimp the Pro3i and MRT stuff on a pay site with a dozen people on it. :lol:

    <- makes a habit of not complaining about free stuff. :D
  17. lol, ya, I clicked on one too. Got me once, but never again.
  18. Wow, ever since you've got your own forum to monitor you sure have changed. I still remember the good ole days when you would side with us on these type of things. :nonono: Yet another soul sells out to the man, tsk tsk, what a shame. I thought for sure you'd be one of the last to pull a judas. :stick:
  19. Why do you think there is a classified forum now? Because I was such a pain in the ass about it.

    I still side with members for almost anything that is worth fighting for, but this is not one of those things. Don't think of it as selling out to the man, think of it as not biting the hand that feeds us.