Why does ford keep letting GM beat us?

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  1. You got me Im a Ford guy!

    but Im still just having fun. :nice:

    BTW I dont hate Chevy's I just wouldn't buy one.LOL
  2. :nice:

    Meat, I know you are a Ford guy - and that's cool. I am a Chevy guy (when it comes to trucks). It's nice to find someone on the forum you can joke with and 1) they are not offended, 2) they don't take it personal and 3) they don't launch personal attacks.

    Have a great week!
  3. Its a big step for a chevy guy to buy a Mustang!

    Welcome to the darkside! :banana:

    take care!
  4. Also those LS1's were underrated on HP from the factory and with just cut outs in the airbox's were running very, very low 13's.
  5. I agree with you on how reliable american cars are (at least in the recent years)
    The most reliable car my family owned is a geo metro believe it or not and the worst has been my current car, a vw gti
    So far I have only owned imports (until i can get the new mustang gt) and have had problems with all of them
    Before I came to this site, i felt like a lot of other people
    American cars suck, they hold no value blah blah without even doing any research on the matter
    its mostly ignorance I think

    Of course, ford and gm have thier share of bad cars but no one ever talks about the bad ones honda and toyota have
    and whats funny is you always see mustangs and camaros reliability compared to like a honda civic or toyota corolla, never an acura nsx (although much more expensive then either) or toyota supra

    anyways, sorry for my little rant
  6. You made a good point it seems when any of the imports have recalls no one heres about them, but if the big three have one its on every damn News station from coast to coast.

    Its kinda like the crash tests were they mislead you to beilieve your better off in a honda civic than an F150 during an accident(just an example). Take an f150 and run it head on into a honda civic who do you think is gonna walk away.

    During all the roll over hype a local news station compared roll over rates between an Explorer and a freakin Rx7 not a joke!
  7. The Geo Metro was a rebadged Suzuki :)
  8. For the 1997-2003 F-150, you would be better off in the Civic. The 97-2003 F-150 is one of the least crashworthy vehicles on the road.
  9. I agree with you when driving into an immoveable concrete baracade (thats the crash test) the civic would be better, My point was vehicle VS. vehicle Ill take the F150.
  10. I agree that foreign sales are rising, but think about it, the # of people immigrating to this country is rising, these people appear to be very loyal to their roots. I don't mean to sound racist, but how many people of Asian desent do you see driving domestic vehicles? I think this is where you're seeing the majority of the sales market #'s coming from. And as far as trucks, Ford vs Chevy, I was a Chevy man for years....3 trucks in a row. When I needed a truck for heavy towing, Chevy dealerships wouldn't deal, "we only get 3 of these a month". So, Ford Super Duty, great deals, just bought my second one, F350, 6.0 diesel, Crew Cab, Lariat with EVERY option; dual alternators, power moonroof/sliding rear window, adjustable pedals, built-in tow command module, upfitter switches, tow boss-highest payload/towing capacity of ANY 1 ton p/u, dually, leather, power seats, heated seats.....blah, blah, blah, all for $41,800 OTD. Power...forget it, unbelievable, I raced a lighter hoped up Duramax and he couldn't lose me. Of course he had about $2K of aftermarket performance. My only loyalty lies with me, and Ford gives me the most bang for my buck. Now in my sandrail...small block Chevy, old school with EFI....can't beat the value there! I'll be ordering my new GT very soon :)


  11. Ya i guess you got a point there although domestic brands are still dominating the US market so they must be getting quite a few immigrants to buy the cars as well

    Today in my auto class we had a little discussion about why GM and ford are in financial trouble and one the main things thats keeping them from regaining their reputation they once held is the preconception american vehicles suck (as I stated before)
    Even though apparently a lot of Gm and ford vehicles have been getting good marks in reliability
    Even my teacher (who works for toyota) says american cars have just about caught up to imports in reliabilty (although i don't think they are quite there yet)

    But it seems ford is heading in the right direction with all these new changes to their line up and qualty standards they set for themselves

    btw just a little fact that might surprise a few people is that the ford f150 is the biggest selling automobile (including cars) in the US
    the toyota camry is the biggest selling car but still falls behind

    Just thought that was interesting since I never would have guessed that
  12. In comparing :flag: Chevy / Ford vs. Imports reliability / build quality and how the American cars always get the bad rap in the news - it's nice to see our competition (good old dependable, SAFE, run for ever Toyota) has a few MAJOR PROBLEMS to deal with as well :) :D

    "March 18, 2006 - TOYOTA, Japan (Reuters) -- Toyota Motor Corp. has said it will recall about 880,000 sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pickups worldwide, mostly in the United States, to fix a defect in the front suspension that could hamper steering."

    Hope nobody has gotten hurt, though.
  13. :) How did you get a Reuters report from the future? I must know, please...

    Anyways, on the whole subject, the line of seperation between foreign and domestic is just as skewed as the conception of quality and reliability. Most people buy from what they "hear" or have experienced in the past as well as just plain old loyalty hoopla. Too many variables to consider really, but in the end hopefully you got what you wanted and got a good deal in it...

    Probably going to be flamed by people that dont stop and think about it, but I dont care which company wins, that is democracy and good old "American" commerce for you. When it comes down to it, companies from Ford to GM to Toyota to Honda to Nissan to etc, make a lot of jobs and money entered into the economy of the US and other countries everywhere. The world is a smaller place and hopefully the best product wins. But with all the working with this company to produce that product and the reverse, it isnt so one sided anymore...

    I on the other hand try not to buy into the fanboyism of "well it's a brand X, of course it's good" in ANYTHING... I might consider it might have the tendency to be a better product, but I certainly dont close my mind to the idea. Sterotyping something before you know for sure is exactly what is wrong with this. It all comes from ignorance in whatever is at hand. Giving a little bit of thought into the purchase might just land you a good product sometimes. Of course, everyone has their priorities and that will always be the deciding factor in the purchase. For some people it is looks, others want it to be a tank, etc. Hopefully you can get all that you want in the product. But dont sit there and not consider something because you are afraid it might be better than something you idolized before...

    I drive a Mustang not for anything else than my priority of a machine that is fun to drive. If I could afford something I found more fun to drive I would. And that is what I buy in my cars... Others are different... Viva la difference...

    Dont get me wrong, I support American of course, it just isnt the only thing out there and more and more I feel we should all try to think globally and not take sides to take sides. Considering all points as stated in a lot of the posts, there are some things that will come to the table from different people... Hope everyone just gets along and just lives... Life is short... :banana:

    Sorry for the long rant... Just my 3 cents...
  14. No flames from me:) Competition is a good thing. I just wish more people would educate themselves on advancements in American cars and other products made here. If our citizens would, let's say, buy just 5% more American goods it would do our GDP a great service, as well as our unemployed. Just my 2.5 cents :) and -- great point -- life IS short, way too short :banana:
  15. Try doin some research................................................... :rlaugh:

    GM/Pomtiac didn't slap anything into anyhthing.

    The GTO is a rebadged Holden Monaro from Australia (and also available in the UK as a Vauxhall Monaro).

    So in financial terms it cost GM nothing to develop a new model. As for the name GTO? Well it must be an American thing, as if you say to someone anywhere else in the that you drive a GTO they will think one of these:

    And as for the looks of the Monaro, well if you really think it looks bad then maybe an eye test is in order :D . It certainly is not a Stunner or a beuty but it does have an agressive understated big coupe feel. If you think its ugly then the XR8 Ford Falcon (its direct competition in Aus) must also be ugly, as it too doesn't look like the classic Falcons from the 70's (remeber Mad Max!!!!).

    And lets face it the original Pontiac GTO was no looker, it was a very large sqaure box shaped car, would you really want a new car that had all the areodynamic capabilities of a house.

    No. The Monaro may not be the best car out there, but don't dis it just because you have some dilusional and unfounded bias against GM.

    Both Ford and GM have built great cars, but they both build some dredful ones too.
  16. Personally I don't like the GTO. Not out of any bias from it being GM. I find it boring looking. But I also tend to like the retro look in some things. If they had built this as the GTO. One would be parked in my garage right now. http://www.fedrelandsvennen.no/amcar/news.html
    As for the Falcon. There are thing I like about it and things I don't. And not one of them has to do with a Ford badge.
  17. I think the GTO is a great car, but it is over priced which seems to be the GM way, and the looks are just ok. It doesn't bother me that it a little plain looking.The original GTO was plain looking as well so one could argue that it is keeping with the spirit of the orginal. It doesn't bother me that it is not retro. What I don't like is that in my opnion the relationship between the quarter windows and the rear quarter panel and wheel opening seems all akward, it doesn't flow. Like they are going off in different directions.
    That's my 2 cents
  18. You do have a point there, and I beleive (but please correct if not) that this is due to Pontiac. The Monaro to me always looked the sleeker car, either as a Vauxhall or a Holden. But do to it popularity in the US as the GTO (the biggest market for the coupe now. That the Aus and UK variants are based on the GTO. The GTO has a pitifully small boot due to a relocation of the fuel tank, pre 04 Monaro's didn't and where the much better for it.
  19. High paid workers producing low qualiy cars = GM & Ford both bankrupt before 2010. Prepare for your new master, Toyota.
  20. before you attack someone back,, make sure you can spell first

    sorry, no such word as interllect