Why fellow fastback People so frumpy?

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  1. I live in Santa Barbara currently but used to live in Agoura Hills and traveled all through out the valley and I have come to gather one thing. MANY and i sincerely mean MANY other fastback owners give me the cold shoulder or the to cool 4 u nod. WHY?! Any time i see a a fellow stanger (especially vintage, and fastbacks) i speed up to wave to them or give them a thumbs up. I'm a friendly mofo when it comes to you folks, but i'm never returned the favor. IE: I'm on the freeway today, 6 cars up ahead of me i see another shiny red 65 fastback enter the freeway. Totally stoked, I gradually make my way through traffic to meet him eye to eye. I pull up and give him a big goofy grin and the courtesy thumbs up. What does he do? briefly (too cool for you)nods, looks away, and that's it..... :bang: So i was like FINE, I'm going to mind my own business, and slowly pull away. A mile down the road i see him coming up two cars back and here this high wind(stupid windmill wind(fan)), he gets next to me and floors it from 40mph in the middle of traffic. WHAT, WHAT the hell was that?!?!?!?! He gives me the cold shoulder then tries to show his car is better than mine? That was it, I can't take this S**T NO MO! So I catch up to him, right as i'm creeping by him i drop it into secondand PEG 5 grand and floor it through 6300 past the dick head...i'll tell you one thing....you don't want to be an arms reach away from a roaring fastback with a grudge!!! He stayed WAY back in traffic for close to 5 miles...I'm satisfied to know he was hard of hearing for some time. :uzi: OK guys i'll be quiet for a week or so now. later.
  2. You live in California....land of the stuck up arrogant treehugging dumbass so what do you expect? He is the one with the problem so be happy knowing you are not an ass. There are a lot of people like that in Cali so you need to learn to ignore them or move......I'm sure glad I left that place.
  3. Hey, not all fastback owners are like that. If someone gives me the thumbs up I return or say thank you. If they can hear me that is.
  4. Mines better than yours anyways so why should I give you the thumbs up. :D :rlaugh:
  5. hey hey... lay off cali, we might be liberal but its still the best damn state in the country, and don't make me list the reasons why becasue i have other stuff to do :p

    jon... i live 10 minutes from agoura (thousand oaks) and i have a friend that goes to UCSB, and i'll be visiting him a few times over the next 2-3 weeks, now that school is out. maybe we should meet up?

  6. I'm with mustang70 i have a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 and i always get the thumbs up, but i make sure to atleast acknowledge their kindness. I will wave to any classic mustang owner or give them a thumbs up if i see them going down the street. Even if its a rusted up 67 with half primer and half rust. I'll always wave to a fellow classic mustang owner. But thats just me, ilive in utah. Nobody here has a fastback. This is a coupe state im one of few mach's in the state.
  7. I'll be honest, I never return the wave :(

    It always seems like both my hands are busy whenever someone waves at me, either with my stereo's remote, or holding onto the wheel but I think I have returned like one wave since I moved down to *drumroll* Santa Barbara */drumroll*
  8. Here in Minnesota, I wave at most classic cars I see. They're pretty rare here. Corvette owners are usually stuck up, but most anyone else will wave.

    I think you're right, there must just be too many classic Mustangs in CA, everybody's arm is tired from waving... :D
  9. Sounds like you need to sic the governator on those guys. :D

    It is pretty much the same way in Texas. I'm always excited to see other mustangs on the road but their drivers usually try to ignore me when I wave at them. It is worse with the late model mustang drivers, but I guess that is because they know their stangs are not as cool as mine.

    The local car club does a cruse in at the Sonic here on Thursday nights. I sometimes go up there to check out the classic muscle cars, but I don't try to talk to their owners anymore. They aren't to friendly with none club members. All I wanted to do was ask them stuff about their cars but most of the car owners treat me like I've got the pleage. :shrug:
  10. Wave!

    I wave or say thanks to everyone. My car gets tons of attention, and I know that's just part of owning it. If someone is nice enough to say nice car or give me the thumbs up :nice: its not gonna kill me to smile and wave. I usually can't get out of the gas pumps without one or two people coming over, so I know never to stop if I'm running late! :D


  11. I don't wave or look at anybody. I think you look like a goofy retard or a couple of cheerleaders who haven't seen each other since high school. All that waving and excited smiling chit. I just be cool. If they catch me looking, I just slighly grin and nod my head in respect... then move on.

    We can check out each others cars at the local burger joint. When I'm behind the wheel, it's business.

    Maybe I'm just a prick.... :)
  12. I won't give you too much flack, but It only takes a second to wave dude.

  13. Ahhh Liberal treehuggers... You guys in california PLEASE keep those idiots there. Although I might add get them into rural america and the general population will eat them alive, so that probably explains why they stay there. IMO they have no clue... just deep pockets.
  14. That isn't a problem here in my little piece of heaven. :shrug:
  15. Actually I think it would be funny to flip them off after they wave at me....... and look at the shock on their face as to why'd I do that? Mess with people... :)
  16. That seems to be a common conception of 'vette owners here in MI too.

    I always get geeked up when I see a nice, unique car (read: muscle car) on the road, but I never give the wave, 'cause I don't want the dude in the other car thinkin' I'm some sort of dork...maybe I should start showin' my appreciation :shrug:
  17. I usually wave...as long as Im not reaching for my pistol ;)
  18. It has definitely changed over the years. It used to be everyone exchanged nods/waves/thumbs up, but now it seems like they want to pretend you aren't there. My car gets alot of respect/interest from the general public, but other classic owners are too cool I guess. Doesn't bother me. I appreciate/respect other classics (although I admittedly have no love for Corvettes). I don't belong to any clubs and I've heard, as someone else posted here, they are arrogant a$$es.
    If anyone is in the Chicagoland area and ever needs a hand or just talk shop, I'm game.

  19. S--We're all dorks, waving or not. If we had any good sense, we'd drive cars that get 40+ MPG, had ice cold AC's, didn't leak various fluids, and had techology that was less than 30 years old. :D

    Of course we're dorks. We just happen to be dorks that love our old cars. (We could have any number of vices that are WAAAAAAAAY less healthy, you know.)

    I happen to be a wavin' dork, too. We wave here in Louisiana. Just about any muscle car, except 'vettes. They sneer at you. That's ok. Our parts are much less expensive!

    --Paul :banana:
  20. Yeah I'm a waving dork. Being friendly has never gotten me into any trouble even the time I talked to a cop.