Why fellow fastback People so frumpy?

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  1. Sorry, guys, but I also own a '79 Corvette. And WE have a problem with the late-model Vette owners not waving back to us. Probably because they're just leasing their cars until the newest "cool" thing comes along. But amongs the classic Vette owners, we've managed to keep the wave alive. :D

    In fact, I was doing rally chase vehicle duty in my Vette last Sunday when I got waved at by the driver of a '66 Mustang vert. So I guess that means we're all cool around these parts!
  2. Living here in SoCal, waving a hand or finger can get you in big trouble, so I just usually smile and nod my head in approval to any classic car, in any shape. You may know what finger you waved, but the other guy may mistake which finger you flew. I try to voice my opinion at the other driver as other drivers have done to me.
  3. I give a quick wave to nice cars, and I wave back when someone waves at me. I don't speed up in traffic to catch them though. I sure have noticed that a lot of people come up to my 69 fastback and rev the engine. Had a guy in a mid-seventies Corvette do it on the way home from work last night. He then took off, thinking I may race.

    He should be thankful I didn't bite. Many Corvette guys have fragile egos, and he had no idea what he was getting into.
  4. That's fair--I retract my previous statement. Now that I think about it, most of the Vette jerks do drive the newest vettes. Don't tell anyone, but I really like a splitwindow. . . There is one Vette club I've seen that is infamous for going to shows, putting their Vette chairs in a closed circle and talking only to each other. They almost all drive brand new cars.

    I guess my thinking is that if you restored it, or keep it running through the thick and thin and didn't just buy it off of the lot, you are ok with me.

    You know, growing up in Durham, NC in the middle 80's, the split was between the Camaro guys and the Mustang guys. I guess now we figure that a gearhead is a gearhead.

    --Paul :banana:
  5. I wave to everyone who happens to drive by that waves at me. I even ‘try’ to wave at the Vette’s that wave at me (but the Vette owner needs to wave at me first. They don’t deserve my time of day!) Every Vette owner I have met is an arrogant a**hole. Over time it doesn’t take long before they all have a bad rep. I have friends that drive Dodge Viper’s and they all think the same way I do.

    MUSTANG :cheers: VIPER

    As far as the original comment of the mustang driver. Let it go, he’s a mama’s boy, he was given that car from mom and dad, and probably don’t have a clue what a spark plug is. It’s not worth the headache of whether or not someone noticed your car.

    for all the Liberals out there... Sure, save the forest!!, Wipe your a** with a owl!!​
  6. I'm in agreement with 2nd Mustang. I live in Simi Valley, close to carnoob, SadbutTrue and Jon350. Although I have no problem with smiling and nodding at someone, or saying Thank You (if they can hear it), waving or giving a thumbs up can be dangerous. Just like looking a prison inmate in the eyes, you can invite trouble pretty easily in the wrong places.

    I figure it's best to just acknowledge, smile and move on. Now, should we bump into each other at a diner...well, let the benchracing and drinking begin! Am I right? Can I get a witness!?
  7. Man, this is just plain sad. Y'all can't throw a complementary wave or thumbs-up to someone without worry that they'll whip out their gat on ya?

    Sounds like y'all might need to change your lattitude. :D
  8. A kickin' engine can get you out of alot of tight spots. Mine saved me from a lady talking on her cell phone in a suburban just the other day. I guess it's pretty hard to talk and drive straight at the same time.
  9. It is because all of us coupe owners are so damn green with envy .NOT!!!!! :lol: Fastback owners drive around with a hard on all day as if to say "looky at me...I sure am special." :notnice:
  10. Coupes suck...

    admit it.

    You're all jealous. You know you wish you had a fastback....

    ha ha... let's see what kind of a chit storm THAT stirs up!!!! :)

  11. ,,|,, > < ,,|,, :D
  12. Hahah! That's right coupe-boy. Now get the heck out of our thread!

    <- Turns nose up like I know mine don't stink

    :p ;)
  13. Prick....I'm not a Fn high school punk with a Fd up smile, it's called repsect and courtesy. Should try it some times instead of shirking the rest.

  14. Yeah. Totally!! Do you coupe guys like apples?
  15. Now HERE'S a guy with a sense of humor!!! Not only doesn't he "get it", he thinks he deserves it!!

    Ah, too funny.... thanks for the laugh!

    Tree hugger....


  16. Coupes are for fancy-lad dentists!

    There, I said it. There, it's out there.
  17. I came, I lived for 6 months, I left with a sigh of relief.

    I hated living there.
  18. The whole time ive lived in california i have yet to see someone hug a tree. I own a fastback and drive like an ******* most of the time but ill allways give any other mustang a wave. If you had a bad expierence with ONE jackass fastback then im sorry, drive by me and ill wave :D But i think we should be more worried about the moms in califronia with escalades with dubs and what not who run a red light, cut you off, and then when i reved my engine (horn not workig) she flips me off..... err.
  19. Guys come on relax. Quit taking out this sh** on eachother. We're all mustang ownere none the less :flag: . You always meet pricks in life, just go on and live your life. Or give them the bird and hit WOT and leave them in the dust. nonetheless quit arguing with eachother go back to talkin about vette owners or something.
  20. ha, i give waves back, jsut remember that in socal classic cars are as common as it gets, and some people probably can't wave that often. I don't get a whole lotta waves because a 66 Coupe, even if it is relatively nice, doesn't stick out, there are just so many. But I'll wave, and I'll get a good number of them returned.

    and if you don't like cali, thats fine, you're opinion. IMO we have the best of everything (more nice cars of every type, nicest mountains outside Colorado, nicest beaches, some damn cool cities, forests, etc etc, standard of living is great, best public college system in the world, hottest girls, etc....), say what you want but you won't change my mind.

    edit: aaaaandd if you guys ever see a Signal Flare Red 66 Coupe rolling around with a relatively loud exhaust... thats me : ). Flag me down!