Why fellow fastback People so frumpy?

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  1. I saw a pretty good quote on a prospecting forum I visit.

    "I wasnt hugging the tree, I was measuring it for my chainsaw" :D

    personally SoCal is to congested with people for me. I usually do not wave at people, but I do manage to give a big goofy grin.
  2. even though my mustang is still being restored i wave to every 'classic' car i see... sometimes i don't get a wave back but that could because i'm driving my parents car.

    either way, i wave, although sometimes its only with one finger.
  3. Here in K.C., there are a handful of classic cars. There's nothing like watching everyone turning their head slightly as to act like they aren't looking at your car. But I always wave though. I don't just wave back, I initiate it. Even if the car isn't perfect (like mine, by far) people notice it. Not everyone gets to have a piece of history like that. All classic cars are nice ones. Like stated before, whether it's half primer, half rust, it's still a classic. All the car owners, especially classic car owners here seem to be realyl friendly.

  4. TALK!!

    j/k :banana: :banana: :banana:

    I don't see too many other classic Mustangs here, but I always get compliments when I take it out. Usually I either roll the window up or crank the AM radio to drown out their babbling, or both. Peasants. :D
  5. reply

    I agree California is the best state in the U.S.
  6. Man, I think you're expressing similar feelings to what I had when I read Bad67Fun's post. However, can't you do any better than that?

    I don't think swearing at annoying people makes them suddenly realize and change their ways. He just has to figure it out for himself, or not.

    Let me say though, I agree with the spirit of your post - if I'm interpreting it correctly. I try hard to project a welcoming and friendly attitude in all my public dealings. I sure don't always succeed, but I think I make the world a better place. And that makes me feel good.

    There really is such a thing as karma. Don't doubt it.

  7. Strong words from a guy with a vinyl topped MAVERICK as a sig pic!! :D

    The last guy I saw in a maverick was an overweight cashier in his 40's from Tractor Supply, he carried a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol in his car to defrost his windows cause his heater didnt work...LOL .
  8. dude thats really not something you should joke about. i mean sure some people have coupes that want FB.. but thats really not something to complain about.. and sometimes they just can't afford to shell out the extra 10k for a nice FB. i mean thats just stupidest statement to make even if it was ment in a joking manner, hell, even if you weren't jokeing i have a coupe... why? because i like them better than FB, not that i don't like FB, but i would rather a coupe if i had to choose.

    funny how FB were ment to be for the rich, ironic how they still are isn't it?? a FB was the "pretty" mustang, a coupe was a worker.
  9. If I see a nice car, especially a classic, and I happen to catch the drivers attention, I will nod 'nice car',

    But, if I am at a red light, or in traffic....

    I do not look around to see who is looking at my Stang. Not trying to be a snob, I just dont think attention seeking is necessary. :shrug:
  10. This is my last post for this. Bad67Fun you may think your cool for making fun of me but it's all a thin facade, don't judge or you'll be knocked back down B4 you know what you did. karma's a b***h.
    The rest of you i'm sorry for being so aggressive it's just that i was fed up with people not being friendly anymore. And it's not just Cali, i've been through NY, Jersey, north/south carolina, virginia, and Texas, and none of these states are better than the next. I live passionately and am not easily treaded upon. fyi:Saying Cali people are tree huggers is like saying boy scouts are old lady walkers. All i know is as an Eagle i shot more of an arsenal at the age of 13 than most people have seen by the age of 28. Tree huggers are the few. not the majority.
  11. Can't we all just get along????
    theres something famous said in crazy Cali

    Havent we lost sight of the real enemy here?
    -people that cant nod or wave, most of em have a stick up their 'tailpipe'. and vettes. oh, and ricers. dang imports. went cruzzing in Bakersfield with my buddies 12-sec Nova and got beat badly by a Dodge Neon SRT though. But the Neon was running 30psi of boost on his turbo.

    And theres nothing wrong with a coupe, sure they made a few million of them, but the same amount of craftmanship and labor can be put into em.
  12. I wouldn't get to haired up over other people's actions. Look at it this way: some people are just a-holes, right? Now you give that person a fastback, do you really expect him to be a nice guy? No, now he's an a-hole with a fastback, no more, no less. As far as the coupes vs fastbacks thing, get over it. It ain't what you start with, it's what you end up with when you're done. I've seen some awfully nice coupes and fastbacks alike. I think we've all seen examples of both we wouldn't be seen dead in also, right? I looked long and hard for a nice fastback, but after I found one, I saw a super nice '66 coupe in the local college parking lot (red, lowered a touch, polished 5-spokes) that made me think that I could've had a nicer car for less bucks. Don't EVEN get me started on California. While it may seem nice when your 20 and a walking stiffy 24/7, it changes when your 40 and struggling to pay car license fees, extra high insurance for living here, killer property taxes and you can't take your dog to the beach or ride a dirt bike without being branded an outlaw. We pay the highest gas prices, yet if you paint your car in your own garage, you face killer fines. I work for a lumber company and can't count the number of times our company has been in the news because of environmentalists trashing logging equipment, chaining themselves to trucks, blockading themselves in our main office, etc, all without fines or jail time because of this states liberal views. Think that crap would fly in Texas? Not likely. If I found a machinist job that paid the same in another state, I'd set a new U-Haul speed record leaving this hole.
  13. So true, the only legit thing to bi*ch about california in this thread.

  14. and end up in a traffic accident, dont ask how i know. i dont wave at others when i am driving, sorry but that is the way it is. if you catch me at the gas pump, and i have the time, i usually talk to people.
  15. you cant drive with one hand? thats kind of scary.....its not like your on a race track
  16. I used to ride streetbikes and pretty much all streetbike guys would exchange waves on the freeway. Then when the Evolution Harley came out, Harleys became "the" bike for yuppies, wannabe bikers and women and all of a suddne they became too cool to wave to a non-Harley guy. I always figured the same thing, that their riding talent was so limited they probably couldn't take a hand off the bars for fear of the bike going into a tank-slapper! :D BTW, my brother is in a wheelchair and his cars are hand controlled. That means one hand runs the throttle/brake and one steers. Guess which one he uses to wave? Scary but true...
  17. LOL. some people are taking stuff way too seriously.

    I don't see what the argument is between coupes and fastbacks...doesn't it come down to personal taste?? As for me, I like the coupe body style the best....and although I also admire fastbacks and could afford one, I have no desire to own one.

    Peace, brothers and sisters of the steed. I'm off to the garage to finish installing my new UCAs.
  18. its an easy thing to figure out. most* people like being the center of attention. so here they are driving down the road, everyone is starring at them, they feel "cool", and all the sudden, heres another stupid fastback and his is louder and nicer and so the guy gets all "here i was the only one getting attention and now hes got it all" the people that wave are secure, the peopel who dont are insecure.
  19. I don't look around to see if people are looking at my car. To me, it's jsut a car. But it's mine. My car is no better than any other cars, but other people just like to look at them more. And as for waving again.... I wave jsut because I feel like a jerk when I don't. Like if you see someone wave, and they already drove past you, and it's too late, I just feel like a jerk. Maybe it's just me. I like to be friendly.

  20. I hate when that happens! Oh whell....